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Name Carlo Ancelotti
Gender Male
Ethnic Italian
Job Italian Football Coach
Desc ‘The Diva Whisperer’, football’s great avuncular uncle, Carletto’s legacy (beyond winning a boatload of trophies) is his man-management skills. From Milan to Madrid to Munich, it seems almost no-one has a bad word to say about Ancelotti. He is the manager the very best love to play for. His detractors might say he has been in right place at the right time (with the right squads) but Ancelotti’s great trick is managing the highest of high profile names of the last two decades and nearly always getting the very best out of them. Having the best team on paper, as football history shows, doesn’t always guarantee success. Having Ancelotti as your manager pretty much does


Club as Coach Bayern Munich
  Real Madrid


Son Davide Ancelotti
Assistant Paul Clement


Twitter @MrAncelotti

2009 10 17 Retrieve

[Chelsea defensive lynchpin John Terry can play on into his late thirties, in similar fashion to AC Milan great Paolo Maldini, Blues boss Carlo Ancelotti has claimed] He [Terry] can continue until he is 39 or 40 years old. He has no physical problems, and a lot of passion, those are the most important things that allow you to continue. The careers of Maldini and Terry are very similar, not just in terms of their play but in terms of their professionalism. Like Maldini at Milan, Terry was born in this club. Like Maldini, he came through the academy first and he has a very good feeling for this club, which is so important. These days, with the preparation and the physical training we put in, and the work we have done on prevention [of injuries], the age players can play to will go up. When I played, 33 or 34 [was the end]. Now players can play at 36 or 37 without a problem. Maldini used his body very well. He was a very quick player, strong also but very quick. And I don’t see a big difference between him and John Terry

2009 12 15 Retrieve

[Chelsea are having a wobble going into Wednesday’s game but manager Carlo Ancelotti has insisted that his team will stop conceding set-piece goals. He gave his support to under-pressure goalkeeper Petr Cech by saying] I think Petr is at the same level as Gianluigi Buffon and Iker Casillas

2010 11 06 Retrieve

[Carlo Ancelotti on Steven Gerrard] Obviously he’s one of the best players in the world and I’d like to manage him one time in the future. If you can manage the best players, it’s easier to win. I don’t know him as a person. I think he’s a good man. But the reason I would like to manage him is because I’ve managed a lot of fantastic players, and he’s one of the best players. In Italy, when I played, there were players like [Giancarlo] Antognoni at Fiorentina, Rainer Bonhof in Germany. Today, Gerrard. Full stop. He can be a holding midfielder. He has fantastic shots, passes and skills. He is the complete midfielder

2013 09 29 Retrieve

[Carlo Ancelotti on Isco vs Zidane] Comparing Isco to Zidane isn’t ridiculous. He is very close to Zidane in terms of ability, they have a lot of similarities. Zidane is obviously in a better position to judge, and he said Isco isn’t there yet but could come close in the future

2013 10 20 Retrieve

[Carlo Ancelotti on how Real Madrid will neutralise Andrea Pirlo] I’m going to put two mastiffs on him

2013 10 26 Retrieve

[Carlo Ancelotti on spaniard] I love living in Madrid. People here are like Italians – they are positive. The French are more negative

2014 01 Retrieve

[Carlo Ancelotti on Roberto Baggio] I said, ‘No, you have to play striker.’ Baggio went to another club. That year Baggio scored 25 [actually 22] goals – for Bologna! I lost 25 goals! Big mistake

2014 10 19 Retrieve

[Carlo Ancelotti on Steven Gerrard] He’s one of the players I would have loved to coach, and I thought about him so many times in the past when I was at Milan. But it was impossible because he was very much linked with Liverpool. We had sounded him out but Gerrard’s bond with Liverpool was unbreakable. I don’t remember exactly what year it was but we did try. Of course, I wanted to pair him up with Pirlo, it was a fantastic combination. Putting Gerrard in midfield with Pirlo. It would have been fantastic

2015 02 14 Retrieve

[Ibrahimovic’s former coach Carlo Ancelotti tries to redress public perceptions of the Swede] He jokes and he is a very happy man, but he’s just kidding around. But the image that people have of him is all wrong. He loves to joke and that is just the way he is, but inside there is a great professional

2015 03 13 Retrieve

[Carlo Ancelotti on Steven Gerrard] I have an incredible admiration [for Gerrard]. When I was at Milan we tried signing him, but it was not possible

2015 05 05 Retrieve

[Ancelotti spent two-and-a-half years in charge of the Bianconeri between 1999 and 2001 but was sacked after successive final-day failures to win the Serie A title. The nature of his dismissal added to a string of former rivalries the coach had been a part of, and led him to reveal in his autobiography] Juventus is a team that I never loved and will never love. I could only see them as an enemy

2015 12 21 Retrieve

[Speaking about Messi’s return to the team following injury during the 2015/16 season on Messi, Suarez, and Neymar] It’s true that Suarez and Neymar are doing very well but clearly Barca with Messi are something else. Messi brings goals, quality … He brings everything! He brings enthusiasm to his team-mates, who know that they have by their side a player capable of unlocking any game at any moment. It’s obviously better to play a Barca without him. Messi’s presence will only relegate Neymar and Suarez to the background in terms of media coverage, because on the field they do certainly not reside in the background. They had an extraordinary finish to last season, finding a special chemistry that allowed Barcelona to win everything. I don’t see them suffering with Messi, neither Neymar nor Suarez

2016 05 21 Retrieve

[Real Madrid Coach Carlo Ancelotti on Cristiano Ronaldo] He’d be taking an ice bath in Valdebeb at three o’clock in the morning. Even though he had Irina Shayk waiting for him at home! He does not care about money, he just wants to be the first

2016 06 18 Retrieve

The thing about Ibra is this is a guy who always wants to win. I hear people saying that in some games he looks like he isn’t trying. Trust me, this guy would chase the last pass in the last minute of a training session in July if he thought he could get the goal that won the eight-a-side … I know that he is 34 years old but anyone who has ever worked closely with footballers – and knows a thing or two about their fitness and their stamina – can see that Ibra is not your typical 34-year-old.

2016 07 16 Retrieve

[Bayern Munich boss Carlo Ancelotti feels his style at the Allianz Arena will mirror that of his predecessor Pep Guardiola] I’m not here to make a revolution because the job that Guardiola did here was fantastic and I would like to follow his style. I don’t think our style is going to change a lot compared to last year. The system will be more or less the same

2016 08 05 Retrieve

[Bayern Munich boss Carlo Ancelotti in an interview] We [Paris Saint-Germain] went out of the Coupe de France on penalties against Evian, and we had played really, really badly. I was very angry – so much so that I broke a door. I also kicked a box and it landed on Ibrahimovic’s head. He didn’t react

2016 08 05b Retrieve

[Bayern Munich manager Carlo Ancelotti praising UEFA EURO 2016’s Young Player of the Tournament Renato Sanches during a press conference] I think he is a fantastic player; he is really young and we have to take care of this but he has a lot of quality, a lot of potential. He is a good signing for us and I think he will help us to complete a fantastic squad

2016 08 06 Retrieve

[Quotes on Zlatan Ibrahimovic] He jokes and he is a very happy man, but he’s just kidding around. But the image that people have of him is all wrong. He loves to joke and that is just the way he is, but inside there is a great professional

2016 11 12 Retrieve

[Bayern Munich head coach Carlo Ancelotti believes the Juventus and Barcelona stars can replace Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo as the best players on the planet] Paulo Dybala can make history at Juventus over the next ten years. He is unique, you cannot compare him to any other player. Dybala and Neymar can become the heirs of Messi and Ronaldo

2016 12 17 Retrieve

[Bayern Munich head coach and former Real Madrid head coach Carlo Ancelotti discusses Real Madrid coach and The Best FIFA Men’s Coach 2016 nominee Zinedine Zidane, in an interview with Diario AS] Back then I could already see that he had the makings of a fine coach. All that he was lacking was experience, but that’s something you get by coaching day in, day out, working and talking with the players. Zidane has knowledge, charisma, personality…He has it all. Experience isn’t the most important thing

2017 01 28 Retrieve

[Carlo Ancelotti on learning about bears while living in Canada] They go to sleep in late autumn in a special hibernation den and they don’t wake up until the spring. Their metabolism slows down, their daily patterns change and they just fall asleep! And when they wake again, it’s front page news in the local papers!

2017 03 08 Retrieve

[Quotes on John Terry] John Terry is the captain of all team captains, he was born with the captain’s armband on his arm. Even without the band, it’s as if he wears it anyway, and that’s how it ought to be. He’s different from all the others, Chelsea is his home, it always has been, ever since the youth squad.

One word from him, and the locker room holds its breath. He’s the first one to sit down at meals, the first one to stand up. Being part of this club is his mission, that’s how he was made. He pays close attention to the performances of the youth team, he keeps up, he knows all the scores, he misses nothing [. . .].

He works twice as hard as everyone else, he has the sense of responsibility of someone who runs a company, a people, a philosophy that above all has to win

2017 03 09 Retrieve

[Quotes on Didier Drogba during the 2009-10 season] There are leaders that speak a lot. Before the match, he can do this, but then he leads by example with the way he plays. This happened from the start for me. I did not have to talk to him; straight away he was like that. [. . .] I know some see him as a prima donna, but the difference between a prima donna and a leader is a centimetre. The leader uses his talent for the team, the prima donna for himself, but Drogba has never been a prima donna for me. He reminds me of the great players, the way he has been this season. If he is feeling a good sensation about the game, if he is confident, he is impossible to play against

2017 03 10 Retrieve

[Quotes on Didier Drogba] There are a lot of players with fantastic technique, but they are not leaders. They have not made the most of their careers, because they do not have a strong character, personality or courage. You need all of those as much as technique. Didier has it all. When you find a player who has talent and is unselfish: hai vinto. You’ve won

2017 03 11 Retrieve

[Quotes on Frank Lampard] [A] magnificent example of English leadership – when I see him on the field, it makes me happy

2017 06 09 Retrieve

[Sagnol returns to Bayern as Ancelotti assistant] Having lost two of my assistants with Paul Clement leaving during the winter break and Hermann Gerland leaving at the end of the season, I expressed to the board my wish that a new assistant coach be appointed. I’m very much looking forward to working with him [Sagnol].

2017 09 27 Tweet

[Carlo Ancelotti tweet after parting ways with Bayern Munich] It has been a great honour to form part of Bayern’s history. I would like to thank the Club, the Players and it’s amazing fans

2017 09 28 Retrieve

[Ancelotti sacked by Bayern Munich after defeat to PSG] I know I will get criticism, that’s fine. I thought it was a good line-up for this game

2018 02 03 Retrieve

[Carlo Ancelotti talks about the favourites for this season’s UEFA Champions League] Let’s say that right now, Manchester City are favourites. Compared to the past, it’s going to be even harder for everybody to win the Champions League for one simple reason: everybody is getting better

2018 12 12 Retrieve

[Virgil van Dijk Defends Tackle on Dries Mertens After Carlo Ancelotti Comments] From the video it is a red card. There are a lot of questions about VAR, but when VAR comes in the Champions League it will be too late

2018 12 29 Retrieve

[The Senegalese was sent off in that game, with Ancelotti blaming the player’s loss of temper on the taunts, and was suspended on Saturday] The show of affection for Koulibaly was exceptional. ‘It’s true that we didn’t play a great match and, above all, we didn’t keep it under control. But we have shown character, otherwise we wouldn’t have won it

Our season is going according to plan and we have had an excellent first half of the championship although it hasn’t looked so good because of Juventus’ extraordinary campaign. But we are closer to first place than to fifth

2019 12 20 Retrieve

[Quote on Zlatan] The thing about Ibra is this is a guy who always wants to win. Trust me, this guy would chase the last pass in the last minute if a training session in July if he thought he could get the goal that won the eight-a-side. When he says that he is getting better, he means it. He’s certainly better than any 34-year-old footballer I know

2019 02 18 Retrieve

[Napoli head coach Carlo Ancelotti has said Arsenal loanee and goalkeeper David Ospina will stay at the Serie A club next season] Ospina was meant to play on Thursday in the Europa League, but wasn’t feeling up to it, so I switched things around and used him [against Torino] instead. Ospina will remain at Napoli next season, regardless of how many games he plays.

[Napoli attempted 26 shots without finding the back of the net as they slipped 13 points behind Serie A leaders and reigning champions Juventus] From what we see on the pitch, from a mental point of view, the team looks very motivated, very focused. We play very well, but we are not able to score the goals that we should score. In a match like this you are supposed to win for the way you performed. But if we didn’t win, we can’t put the blame on anyone else but ourselves, because in two matches [against Fiorentina and Torino] we had 18 chances and we didn’t score a single goal

It is a bit funny the fact that we find ourselves here complaining about a draw when the team performed very well. The team performed well in Florence, they did very well tonight. We should have

2019 09 16 Retrieve

[Carlo Ancelotti on Koulibaly] He belongs to the class of [Paolo] Maldini, [Lilian] Thuram, Thiago Silva

2019 12 21 Retrieve

[Ancelotti post match after Everton and Arsenal share points in dull] It’s brilliant, fantastic for the club. I can’t wait to get started working for him. I’ll get a few bottles of red wine in him tonight and maybe convince him to make me co-manager or something

2019 12 23 Retrieve

[Ancelotti laughed when he was asked about Ibramovic] He is a good friend and if he wants to come to Everton he is welcome, but not to play

2019 12 24 Retrieve

[Carlo Ancelotti says he wants to play attractive, aggressive football at Everton] I want to put attractive football in here, showing a good spirit as the team did in their last four games, and play good football, attractive football, offensive football, aggressive football. Aggressive means to put pressure on the opponent.

I liked the football they played [under Ferguson] and I think Duncan did a good job in the short period that he was here. He did a fantastic job in my opinion. They had good defensive organisation, I liked it. I have to speak to him, of course, but he will work with me and we can talk every single day about this.

[The new boss’ immediate remit is to improve their current league standing but, with final designs now submitted for a new 52,000-seater stadium, he was convinced to join by an enticing long-term vision] Farhad [Moshiri] asked me to come here and use my experience and my knowledge to improve the team, to make them better. I was convinced by the fact that they really have good ambition, they really love this club. I spoke with Farhad and also Bill Kenwright, the chairman who is really passionate. It was really nice and they were really kind with me on Saturday and the day before

So I am really excited to be here because I knew the atmosphere here at Goodison Park was already there and it can be really tough for the opponent manager. But also the passion of the board to try to improve the team, to give happiness to the supporters who really love the colours.

2019 12 28 Retrieve

[Ancelotti highlights Ferguson impact as Everton winning run continues] I am happy. The team played well. I am pleased, it was a difficult game. We started really well, Newcastle pushed a lot but we won showing a good performance. The team is improving and that is important

The players are trying to adapt, they want to change a lot. The job Duncan Ferguson did was fantastic. The spirit was strong when we arrived. Dominic Calvert-Lewin is playing really well. The second goal was a big part of Richarlison. It doesn’t matter if you score or not it important to work as a team and they did

We want to play games, good games, try to play well. This is our goal. Of course the table is important but we have to focus on the next game. We need to have confidence because we have won. The last result for the team was good. We have to try our play our best

2019 12 29 Retrieve

[Ancelotti has managed the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Robert Lewandowski, Karim Benzema and Didier Drogba during his career – so he knows what it takes to become a top-class centre-forward] [Calvert-Lewin] is a fantastic striker in my opinion – fantastic with the head, clever in the box, and sharp. But he’s young and for this reason he has to improve. He is a humble guy and he doesn’t talk a lot. I think he is going to be at the top in England and in Europe. He has all the qualities to be a top striker

The spirit of the team is really good, they fight for each other, they enjoy to work hard. So this is the key; now we are going to have more time to work and play better football but some parts of the game were really good, in my opinion. I really enjoyed the result and the performance. We had difficulties, also, in the second half of the first half, we suffered a lot and lost control of the game

In the first 25 minutes we did really well, played really good football and [had] good opportunities. Newcastle came into the game and it was difficult to avoid their pressure. Fortunately, we didn’t lose control in the second half, we were in more control of the game. It is true we conceded a goal but it is also true that the reaction was really good

2020 02 08 Retrieve

[Pickford was not the only one who failed to impress for the hosts. Everton manager Carlo Ancelotti was not happy with his team’s display despite the win, which keeps them in contention for a place in Europe next season] The best thing today is the result as the performance was not good. It was a difficult game with a lot of interruptions, so we were not able to keep the intensity. The target since I arrived was to get into Europe - now we have a possibility to think about the Europa League

2020 02 20 Retrieve

[Hammers fans wanted Ancelotti in 2011 interview] I would coach West Ham – why not. The atmosphere at West Ham is amazing

2020 02 22 Retrieve

[Everton manager Carlo Ancelotti on his coaching philosophy] I like to treat not only the players, but all the people who work with me at the Club, as a person. It’s funny, if you ask a player, ‘Who are you?’, they say, ‘I am a football player’. No, you are a man that plays football

2020 03 01 Retrieve

[Ancelotti defends confrontation following late VAR disallowed goal] I asked for an explanation [on the VAR call] after the game. There was a misunderstanding and I was sent off. I spoke to the referee after the game, but that will remain private. I didn’t disrespect him. We will see. It was a difficult decision. It was a situation where Gylfi was offside but in our view he didn’t affect the vision of De Gea. As I say, the vision was clear but it was offside - you have to decide if the vision [of de Gea] is affected or not and everyone knows the decision can be viewed differently

I hope [I’m not suspended], I didn’t disrespect the referee but if I am banned I will go in the stand at Stamford Bridge. I have to speak but it is not a big problem if we prepare for the game well. We played really well, I’m happy for this, we have to continue, no complaints, and we have to look forward. The performance was really good against a really good team and we were competitive all the time

2020 03 14 Retrieve

[Toffees boss Carlo Ancelotti also denied earlier that Everton were in quarantine] We’re not really self-isolating at all, but some prevention measures did come in after a player had a fever, but his temperature has dropped now and that’s the most important thing

The Premier League did stop eventually, and it’s about time. It was the right decision faced with the scenario. We couldn’t continue. Health is the most important thing for everyone: teams, fans, media, everyone who works in football

In theory, we should get back to work on March 22, but if the general situation worsens, how can we even think of that? If the coronavirus is still spreading rapidly, football cannot resume

2020 04 25 Retrieve

[The Everton manager is known to some for his enthusiastic singing, which has been on show in recent years as Ancelotti serenaded fans to celebrate titles won at Real Madrid, Chelsea and Bayern Munich. Ancelotti confirmed that was no different after Milan’s 2007 triumph in Athens] I definitely sang somewhere, perhaps in some holiday resort with [former Milan CEO Adriano] Galliani, but I definitely sang. It is something nobody can take from me after winning a title! I didn’t sing at the stadium because I seem to remember there not being a celebration, but I certainly sang

2020 06 27 Retrieve

[Everton manager Carlo Ancelotti has declared he’s ready to continue coaching for a whlile yet as clubs continue to seek his services] I can’t tell you now if Everton will be the last team [I’ll coach], certainly I would like to carry out a long-term project with this club, not a short or medium-term one. I will carry on coaching as long as I find a club that will give me that possibility. That’s the basis of everything, there are two conditions: that you want to coach and you find someone that lets you coach. Clubs continue to give me that possibility, so as long as there are these two conditions I will carry on coaching

2020 06 27b Retrieve

[Everton boss Carlo Ancelotti says Jurgen Klopp has built a mighty red machine at Liverpool] I have a great relationship with him. We met last week when everything was virtually decided and I congratulated him. Klopp is the architect of this success. Not only for this victory in the Premier League, but for everything he’s managed to achieve since arriving five years ago. With patience, he’s succeeded in building a perfect machine

Will Everton be the last team in my career? I don’t know. But honestly I’d like to make a long-term plan with this club.

2020 06 30 Retrieve

[Leighton Baines: Everton boss Carlo Ancelotti hopes left-back will sign new contract] Leighton Baines extended his contract until the end of the season, for one month more. After that I think we have time to make a decision and wait for an answer. I hope [he will sign]. Leighton is an important part of this squad and, above all, of this club. We have a lot of respect for him as a player, as a professional and as a man

[Ancelotti revealed defender Yerry Mina is back in contention to face Leicester after a thigh injury but said Djibril Sidibe, Theo Walcott and Fabian Delph were still out] Only Yerry Mina is back. Sidibe will be back Friday and Theo Walcott will be back in training on Monday. Fabian Delph is still injured and having individual sessions. Now we are starting a period where we are going to have a lot of games and it will be important to have all the squad available

2020 07 03 Retrieve

[Dominic Calvert-Lewin: Carlo Ancelotti praises hard-working Everton striker] It’s true he didn’t score but I think the most important part is the work he is doing, also defensively. I think the fact we did well defensively counts to the work that all the players were able to do - the striker first, and Richarlison and Calvert-Lewin did a fantastic job. I never had strikers honestly with this kind of energy defensively. I appreciate this a lot. It doesn’t matter if he didn’t score because he will score again without a problem. I never asked my strikers in the past to score goals. Work well, work for the team, be humble - Dominic is doing all these kinds of things and I am really happy with this. Richarlison didn’t train today [Friday], but I think he will be able to train tomorrow and is not going to have any problem to play on Monday. I think he will be fine. He has to train tomorrow and Sunday but I think he is recovering well from the knock