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Carlton Cole
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Footballer
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Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player West Ham United

2019 08 07 Retrieve

[Carlton Cole says Lampard inspiring English coaches as well as Chelsea youth] It shows how far we have come that he got the chance. Hopefully they do us justice! Otherwise, no one is going to touch an English footballer again saying that went wrong! He has already done well at Derby, almost getting promoted. I am happy with how it worked for him. I always knew he would be a manager. It is in the blood. You could see it when you played with him. He studied the game a lot. He is very intelligent, I mean very intelligent. When you talk to him, you often find you come away having learned something. That’s why it is a perfect job for him. It is at a great time. There is less pressure because he can’t buy, but he has got the players.

He has Jody Morris next to him as his assistant to help with the youth. The boys absolutely love Jody. It has just come at the right time. He has a year cushion and then he will be judged. You can’t judge him too harshly this year but, hopefully, he still does well. He can learn in that first year. I do not doubt that he will do well. He is a top man, I love him as a person and he has a great backroom staff. You can’t get relegated with that team. It is just about getting the right chemistry with the young boys being added in

For Jody, you have to understand that the kids absolutely love him. He has an affinity with them. He has won stuff with them. He knows them inside out. To be coaching the first team just shows you there is a pathway not just for players but coaches too.

Dream big, you never know, but it could be you who gets there. That’s why I have started my career to achieve a lot. Hopefully, in four or five years I will progress. I want to learn and be up there like they are. I see the hard work and graft they have put in, so I am definitely going to take a leaf out of his book

2019 08 13 Retrieve

[Carlton Cole hopes Tammy Abraham will take his big opportunity to impress as Chelsea’s No.9] I wish I was coming through at Chelsea with a transfer ban. This is an excellent chance for Tammy Abraham. When I was out there, I was fighting for my life. Hopefully, these boys from the youth team can grasp this chance to make a good account of themselves. They have to have the desire to realise what a big chance this is. I would have loved this chance when I was back there. Can you imagine if I had an opportunity like this? I never had that. You need a run of games to show what you can do.

You will see that these boys will definitely get their chances, the next question is, will they take it? For Tammy, he knows this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I hope he will take his chance. He is a good player. He still has a lot to learn but where’s the best place to learn it? Under someone who believes in you and who thinks you can do well for him. The thing is that Lampard also has no choice but to believe in him. He is in a win-win situation, Abraham, but he must believe in himself. He has to do something for Chelsea by the end of the year. This is a big stage. He was brilliant at Aston Villa but this is a promotion. This is the big time

[Cole went on a series of loans at Chelsea before signing for West Ham in 2006. Manuel Pellegrini splashed the cash to sign Sebastian Haller from Eintracht Frankfurt in the summer and Cole is confident that the Frenchman is capable of being a bit hit in the Premier League] From what I have seen of him so far, I think he is a top, top player. I think Manuel Pellegrini has bought very well there. I think he can fill the void that we have been having over the last couple of years. Andy Carroll hasn’t been fit to play. He would have been our main go-to guy to hold up the ball and bring others into play. We were missing that. We know we have a focal point of attack and we can build off him. We have other players like Manuel Lanzini, Pablo Fornals is a great signing and prospect. Jack Wilshere is like a new signing. Declan Rice will keep improving and Mark Noble spurring on the boys. So listen, we are looking good. Our defence is not too shabby as well

2019 12 06 Retrieve

[Carlton Cole says Tammy Abraham can break the ‘curse’ of Chelsea’s No. 9 shirt] Tammy has the self-confidence to succeed. There was a curse on the No. 9 shirt and that’s the one he wanted so that shows me that he has the confidence to believe he can come in and do a job for the team. He’s doing that at the moment. Tammy right now doesn’t compare to [Jimmy Floyd] Hasselbaink and Drogba because they were class for their era. Hasselbaink had his days as a No. 9 doing his thing; a renowned goalscorer. And obviously Drogba did so well at every level right up to Champions League. He is very different to the number nines that Chelsea usually have. I don’t see him as a big, powerful No. 9. He can move to the left and right and could easily play as a No. 10. He’s that good. But he’s being used as an out-and-out striker and he can do that job as well. He loves to score goals. He loves to get into the penalty area. He’s not one of those guys who will shoot from outside the box: he’s a goal-poacher

[The doubters are being silenced] It’s high pressure, I’m not going to lie to you. When you’re playing for a team like Chelsea some players grasp pressure different to others. Some players are comfortable being the main man and doing a great job for the team. As a No. 9 there hasn’t been the right man to take the club forward and hopefully if Abraham can continue doing what he’s doing and progressing he can definitely get that number nine curse wiped off

2019 12 07 Retrieve

[Carlton Cole says Manchester United and only other club planning an approach for West Ham midfielder Declan Rice have been told to get their hands off] Rice is a massive player for us and we are so proud of what he’s done. He’s got England caps and is one of the main guys for them too, so he is massive for us. We’re keeping him so everybody needs to get their hands off. He isn’t going anywhere and we’re looking to build a team around him. That’s the main thing for us, to retain our talent. Declan raises himself to everything that is put in front of him. What a guy and what an achievement

Maybe he has lost his way just a little bit because he’s not getting enough support around him. It reminds me of my time back in the day when I’d get the ball and there would be no-one around me. I’m seeing similarities in that but he will get used to it and used to shouldering the responsibility on how to lead the line. It is up to the manager to get the best out of him because he’s got all the qualities of a proper solid number nine. I’m a big believer that you make your own luck so if you work hard and the crowd can see you chasing down the balls and defending that alone gets them on your side. Then your luck starts to come because everybody is willing you to score. Showing that heart and love for the game and love for the club takes you over the line psychologically when maybe you’re not scoring as many goals as you want to. The fans will help you through and that’s where they play a massive role. But Haller must work hard and it will come for him. Just work hard and he will be fine

2020 06 11 Retrieve

[Carlton Cole backs Rooney Rule to help improve diversity within football hierarchy] We might have to just take that and then prove ourselves to make sure that we are looked at in a serious way and we can do a good job. We need some evidence of us being able to do it. When I say us, I mean the whole footballing community moving in the same direction. I don’t mean us as black, I mean us as white, black, whoever’s involved in football - to say there is evidence now to say this can happen. If the Rooney Rule is the only way that we can actually get in front of an owner so we can convince him I am the right man for the job, then so be it.