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Name Casemiro
Spelling Carlos Casemiro
Gender Male
Ethnic Brazilian
Job Brazilian Footballer


Org Brazil National Team
Club as Player Real Madrid
  Porto FC [Loan]

2015 06 08 Retrieve

[Casemiro on winning U20 FIFA World Cup in Colombia] I gained a lot of experience playing for the youth sides of the Brazilian team. I developed a lot as a professional and as a person. That title was very important for my career and for that whole generation

[Casemiro on quarterfinals of the Champions League, Porto losing 7-4 on aggregate to Bayern Munich] All defeats have a bitter aftertaste. Nobody likes losing. But we have a calm conscience, because our team did not lack desire to win. We tried to do our best. It was a positive season, but it lacked a title as a crowning achievement of our work. I managed to have a sequence of games and I could develop my football even more. It was a very positive and productive season for me, both from a tactical and technical point of view

[Casemiro on his approach to being part of the Selecao] A player has to approve every minute at the Brazilian team and always do the best he can do, be it in training or during games

[Casemiro on playing a role for Brazil during the Copa America] The Copa America is one of the most traditional tournaments in the world, with a very big representative value. We have to think in terms of doing our best in each game with the motivation of winning the matches and fighting for the title. I am with my head with the Selecao, thinking about having a good performance at the Copa America

[Casemiro on unforgiving Brazil 7-1 defeat at the World Cup against Germany] The shirt of the Brazilian team has always been respected the world over. That defeat won’t change that. The best way forward is to work a lot, because work gets you good results, wins and titles. I think that Brazil is on the right track to have a good Copa America

[Casemiro on Dunga and Brazil the Copa America in 2007] Dunga formed a very strong team and won the title. Robinho played very well

[Casemiro on Copa America 2015] Colombia had an excellent campaign at the World Cup. Venezuela have grown year by year and Peru always present quality football

2016 10 11 Retrieve

[The 24-year-old Brazilian speak about the affection he now has for Real Madrid] I’ll never play in Barcelona, because in Spain I am a Real Madrid supporter. Real Madrid is much more than I expected. I love waking up in the morning and going to Valdebebas [Madrid’s training base]. I love being with the players, joking, working, learning. I try to live football every day. Real Madrid is my life today

2017 03 20 Retrieve

[Casemiro comments on Luiz Suarez suspension. The Barcelona striker has scored 31 goals in 41 appearances for his club this season but will miss the Brazil game after picking up a yellow card in Uruguay’s last World Cup qualifier, a 3-1 defeat by Chile] We can’t deny it, of course it’s better playing Uruguay without Suarez. Suarez is a great player

2017 07 22 Retrieve

[Casemiro tells he was intimidated by coach Zinedine Zidane when he first arrived at the club] At first, I was embarrassed to speak to him. Nowadays, it’s more natural. Sometimes, when we are missing a guy, he participates in the training matches and ends up being the best player

2019 02 11 Retrieve

[Casemiro says Vinicius can get even better] He is showing that he is really good and he can fit in perfectly at Madrid. You have to have patience with Vinicius. We can’t put too much pressure on him because he is so young. Until three months ago, he was playing in Segunda B, and he isn’t 20, he’s only 18. But it’s obvious that he’s quick, has quality and when he plays he surprises people. If he plays like this at 18, imagine what he can do in a few years when he is 20, for example

2019 03 22 Retrieve

[Tite has said he will use the matches to test new players, with AC Milan playmaker Lucas Paqueta and Barcelona midfielder Arthur among those expected to be handed opportunities] They are young players coming into the team and they’ll need time to adapt. It will take time for us to gel, which is normal. But they have a lot of quality and with training [our chemistry] will improve

[Casemiro on becoming Brazil Captain] First, to represent the national team as captain is undoubtedly an honor and a reason for immense pride, because of the greatness of the Selecao and the level of our players. And I’m going back to the stadium [Estadio do Dragao] where I grew a lot as a footballer

2019 03 23 Retrieve

[Casemiro talks about Neymar and Vinicius Junior] We started talking about Neymar here. Let’s spend the whole afternoon talking about him. For me, Neymar’s in the top three and has everything to be the best in the world. In the last two months Vinicius played at a high level, at a level of one of the best in the world. What he’s producing at Real was not normal, for someone who’s 18 years old. Being bold in the shirt of Real Madrid is not easy

[Neymar is recovering from a fractured metatarsal after suffering injury in January while Vinicius has damaged ankle ligaments] We’re talking about two great players, two players who are exceptional. It is up to the coach to talk about whether they can play together or not. There’s no doubt they are great players. Of course, they can play in any team in the world

2019 03 30 Retrieve

[Casemiro talks about the return of coach Zinedine Zidane] Our coach is an icon of the club. Not only as a player but also as a coach. [Zinedine] Zidane has shown that he is more than a coach. For the team, Zidane never left - he left his way of playing. He surely suffered with us at this time and that’s why he returned. Zidane hadn’t left

2019 10 02 Retrieve

[Casemiro said Real Madrid shouldn’t ask for forgiveness because we always try our best] In the first half we didn’t do well. I didn’t see the fans leaving [the stadium] angry and in the second half they supported us a lot. I haven’t seen them supporting us as much as today. We have to play like we did the second half, and we should never ask for forgiveness because we always try to do our best

[Casemiro believes Eden Hazard is still one of the best players in the world] Hazard is trying, but football is [about] goals. We know he is among the world’s top five [players] and it is normal to have a period of adaptation

2020 06 29 Retrieve

[Benzema’s backheel assist is one of the plays of this season] What Karim did, for me is normal. We all know that the qualities he has aren’t of a number nine, but of a number 10. I know him, I know how he plays and the quality he possesses. I asked for the ball in space, and his backheel pass was incredible. It’s Karim’s goal. It’s the backheel pass of a number 10 and you have to congratulate him