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Name Casey Stoney
Gender Female
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Football Coach
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Org xxxx Women National Team
Club as Coach Manchester United Women [Head Coach]

2019 09 08 Retrieve

[Casey Stoney believes Manchester United sent a statement of intent to the rest of the FA Women’s Super League despite losing their opening game to rivals Manchester City] It doesn’t get any easier that’s for sure. We’ve got to play Arsenal next Monday so we recover very well – we’ve got a few knocks so we assess how they are – and we talk about the positives we can take from the game, and the learning points as well. I think, personally, other clubs will look at today and go, ‘they’ve had a go and they’ve competed’ and therefore I think we’ve given ourselves a bit of respect within the league. It’s bittersweet isn’t it

I think the sweet part is that you know you’ve competed, and I think it’s given the players a real belief now that we can compete. But it’s obviously bitter because you’ve lost the game

[Stoney believes there should be no rush for her team to play at Old Trafford, with the focus on getting people through the gates at their own home ground, Leigh Sports Village, first and foremost] My opinion, and it’s only my opinion, is that we stay at Leigh and we consistently try and get good crowds. We need to sell out Leigh before we even look at Old Trafford because it becomes a one off. You think about the size and the scale of Old Trafford. You put 30,000 in there and it’s still basically empty. I think it’s about having our home ground as our home ground, making sure that people know where it is, when it’s on and getting people through the turnstiles there first. I think it shows how far the women’s game has come that 31,000 show up, want to watch the game and hopefully they will have found it an entertaining game and will want to come back

2019 09 28 Retrieve

[Stoney had stressed after 1-0 defeats to Manchester City and Arsenal that the main thing her team needed to start doing was take their chances] It was a repeat of not taking our chances. We had a good chance in the first half, a good chance in the second half and I just said to them it’s about fine margins, it really is.

2019 09 28b Retrieve

[Manchester United boss Casey Stoney praised Lauren James after her contribution to the team’s first ever FA Women’s Super League win] [Lauren James can be] as good as she wants to be – with the right work ethic and mentality. We scored a goal because the 10 players behind her do their job. They give her the ball and work back. She was good today and I think that was one of the hardest working performances I’ve seen from her. She knows what she is capable of and she has had great inspiration from her brother during the week. She is 18 tomorrow so we need to be patient with her, not put too much patience with her. Yes, she’s very composed, we know what she can do with the ball but for me, talent wise, she is one of the best in her age group. But there’s areas of her game we need to work on with her and she’s more than aware of and is very hungry to do that

[James started the game after striker Jane Ross suffered with illness during the week] What Lauren gives you is she draws two defenders, every time. Where she draws two defenders it gives our wingers a bit more time and space, it gives our midfielders a bit more time and space. Because she’s got the ability to roll out of trouble and to take people on, she’ll beat one and draw another one so then it’s about how you use the space. She’s had a good day but second half everyone had a good day

[Stoney and her players admitted they were not at the races in the first half] There was a lack of intent in the first half. We spoke about that. It’s about making sure we keep our standards really high. If we can match what we had against Man City, we should be better against Liverpool. That’s no disrespect to Liverpool it’s just about keeping our standards high. The players knew at half-time. They didn’t need me to tell them that.

I always leave the players for three, four or five minutes – depending on the state of the game. They need to have their voice and be able to solve problems. When they are out on the pitch I can’t solve everything for them. They need to be able to have that time. They always do. They weren’t saying anything different to what I was going to say anyway!

[Stoney was delighted for her team, with her believing the reward was overdue after 1-0 defeats to Man City and Arsenal] They deserved it. They worked so hard and in the first two games they were unlucky not to come away with something. I had a feeling that it could be one of those days. We hit the bar a couple of times and had lots of chances. We just needed one to go in. When it did, we all relaxed a little bit, moved the ball really well – it’s what the players deserve. They always execute what we ask them to do. There’s relief but we can build on this now

2019 09 29 Retrieve

[Casey Stoney says Manchester United have the best left winger in the country in Leah Galton] Leah Galton is the best left winger in the country for me. [She is] naturally left footed, powerful, strong, goes past people and is playing with a smile on her face. When we [signed] her she was out of the game and wasn’t interested in the game. For us to get her playing, get her smiling, get her enjoying the game that she loves was the most important thing, and now she’s flying.

[It’s a big compliment for Stoney, who admits she is learning every day and has had a few surprises in her time in management so far] I was surprised by how much you have to manage off the pitch as opposed to how much you manage on the grass, and that’s a challenge for me and I’m learning all the time on that. I have to make sure we’ve got enough support around the players, well-being coach, support from the club, support from the staff to make sure, no matter what, that player has got somewhere to go if they need it

[When asked how she has created an environment for Galton to do well, Stoney elaborated further on her man-management] We invest in the people. They’re footballers at the end of the day, but they don’t know how much you know until they know how much you care, that old proverb, and it’s so important because she fell out of love with the game. We needed to take the pressure off, get her back in love with the game, and keep the pressure off. Just go and express yourself, do what you do, one vs one, be positive, get her the ball and build her up. Because I think, again, she can be whatever she wants to be. We need to keep her there. She’s very important to us because she gives us something that no other team has got

2019 10 18 Retrieve

[Casey Stoney has insisted she will not approach this weekend’s clash with Manchester City any differently] We dominated the game in the first half. No one in a million years would have thought that we’d have done that. I think we surprised ourselves a little bit in terms of the level of performance that we put in, we definitely surprised them, but it gave us a lot of confidence. We’ve created chances against them when other teams haven’t. You’ve got to take them though and we have been wasteful in front of goal. We were wasteful on Sunday [in a 3-0 win over Tottenham Hotspur] but it’s something we’re really concentrating on to make sure we’re really clinical in that final third

[Stoney is delighted with the impact the summer signing, Jackie Groenen, has had on her team so far] With the power that we’ve got in the wings, having Jackie on the pitch with the ability to play forward it makes a difference to us – and her energy, the way she gets around the presses and stops the opposition playing. She’s non-stop talking. She is fantastic. She went and played with the academy last week and the coach fed back to me the night she went to the game. She said she was amazing with the young players – and she’s no different here. She’s incredible around the players. There’s a reason we were talking to her so early last year and I identified that she was a player that was key to moving us through

[It was forward Lauren James who claimed the Player of the Match award – announced just as she was picking up her second yellow card in stoppage time] She’s actually gone for the ball and she’s got it wrong. I’ll criticise her if she doesn’t tackle and she doesn’t work back, so I’m not going to criticise her for working back and then making a mistake because she will learn from it. She was devastated, she hasn’t come off the pitch and enjoyed her man of the match [award]. She’s absolutely devastated because she feels like she let the team down because she’s not available on Sunday. But if she’s not available, it gives somebody else an opportunity and it gives us the opportunity to put some real good work into her and get her ready for the Reading game next week

2019 10 18b Retrieve

[with United having reached the semi-finals of the cup last year while still a second-tier side, manager Casey Stoney is in no rush to see Continental Cup leave her team’s calendar] I can understand that you can’t get any continuity in terms of growing your crowd. We’re lucky. We’re at home and we’ve got a derby so I’m not complaining! But I can see when you’re trying to grow momentum it’s difficult. I remember when we came back after the 2015 World Cup and we [Arsenal, her former team] wanted to capitalise, but we didn’t have a home game for nearly eight weeks. There are things that still frustrate but I actually think it terms of league scheduling it’s probably the best we’ve ever seen it and that’s probably because there’s less international windows as well

[The cup] was brilliant for us last season. We needed it because it meant that we could play better teams. We’ve got a really difficult group this time. It still gives us a great opportunity to play Man City three times, Everton three times. Unfortunately, the other groups are slightly weighted the other way. I can understand where [Hayes is] coming from

2019 10 19 Retrieve

[Stoney herself went into detail about how involved she is at the club this week] I manage my recruitment, my scouting, every player a scout I meet. I know my budgets. I talk to marketing, social. It’s not that I want control over everything, I’m not a control freak, but I think we want to be represented in a certain way. Your team reflects you. I’m keen on reflecting myself and this football club in a really positive way

2019 10 30 Retrieve

[Casey Stoney has said that a player’s needs come first after reports emerged that winger Leah Galton had rejected an England call-up] Most people are aware that Leah took a break from football in early 2018 before she joined Manchester United and had fallen out of love with football. Since joining the club we have been working collaboratively with her to create an environment where she can be happy and enjoy her football again and as I’ve said previously I believe she is one of the best wingers in the country. Playing for your national team is something that Leah and other players dream of, however I am strong on a player’s needs coming first and seeing them as human beings. Leah is just starting to fall back in love with the game again and I fully support her in not being ready for that next step yet

2019 11 08 Retrieve

[Manchester United manager Casey Stoney has agreed a new three-year deal which will extend her stay at the club until 2022] I am extremely proud to be involved with Manchester United and I’m honoured to be the head coach of such an incredibly hard-working and talented team. I’d like to thank the club for the fantastic support they have given me since we started this journey and for the trust in what we are building here.

I’d like to mention the fans, whose support has been incredible. Our job is to put on performances for them and keep them coming back week after week, and they continue to do so in their numbers singing loud and proud from the stands. Lastly I must give thanks to my players and staff for the high standards we have set during the last 16 months both on and off the pitch. We have a special group that epitomise the values of Manchester United, and there is a hugely exciting future ahead

2020 01 04 Retrieve

[Narrow 1-0 defeats to all of Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester City have had countless positives, as did the 2-0 win over the latter in the Continental Cup] The excitement for me is that is a very young team - some of them have never played WSL football before. We develop them as players and people and make sure they can go out there and perform for this club

[Katie Zelem dictates play while protecting the defence, Hayley Ladd is the gritty but instrumental workhorse, and Jackie Groenen is capable of conjuring up magic for the front three] There’s a reason we were talking to her so early last year. With the power that we’ve got in the wings, having Jackie on the pitch with the ability to play forward it makes a difference to us

[it’s also about making sure the players are well-supported too] I was surprised by how much you have to manage off the pitch as opposed to how much you manage on the grass. That’s a challenge for me and I’m learning all the time on that. I have to make sure we’ve got enough support around the players to make sure, no matter what, that player has got somewhere to go if they need it.

2020 01 08 Retrieve

[Man Utd boss Stoney against technology’s introduction to WSL] I don’t like it. We aren’t resourced for it, for a start. We’re lucky if we get one camera, let alone 15 - so we’re not resourced for it. I like the drama of football. I like the fact that a ref makes a mistake because they’re human, and if I’m sitting in the crowd, I want to be able to celebrate a goal and not have to wait two minutes to see if it’s onside, offside, if it’s touched someone’s fingernail or [someone’s] toenail is offside.

I thought we were going towards, years ago, the advantage for the attacker to make it a more entertaining game. It seems to have gone completely the other way now. So, no, I don’t want it in the women’s game at all and I don’t think we’ll ever see it because I don’t think we’ll ever be resourced for it. There’s not [enough] money in the [women’s] game. We can spend our money on far better things than VAR

[One form of technology Stoney would like to see implemented, however, is goal-line technology] That’s black and white, isn’t it? You know if it’s in or out. [At the] 2015 World Cup, I would have liked goal-line technology to not be there. Sometimes, especially in the men’s game, it can win or lose you a game, or keep you your job. I would like to see that in the women’s game. I don’t see why not on that one

2020 01 10 Retrieve

[Emma Mitchell’s loan move from Arsenal to Tottenham was controversial, but the ex-Gunner explains why she’d have no issue loaning a player to a rival] She’s not playing football. She’s a football player and she wants to play football. Maybe she doesn’t want to move out of London. Maybe it’s the best move for her to actually play time in, time out.

[Asked whether she would have any issues loaning a player to Liverpool] No, I wouldn’t see any reason not to. I think the rivalries in the women’s game aren’t as historic and ingrained as in the men’s game, but because we’re having the crossover of fans now, which is great, you do get some of that coming across. If it was the right opportunity for my player, and it was the right club, the right philosophy, and the right way to play, I wouldn’t hesitate, because it’s the right thing to do for my player. They would just have to turn [their phone] off for about six months!

I think it’s a very difficult job for Vicky Jepson at Liverpool. She has had a difficult start, but they have improved so much. You look at their results recently and they are losing by the odd goal. They got a good draw against Chelsea before Christmas. She is a good person so I’m really hoping they stay up. Liverpool Football Club is a massive name for the women’s game, so we kind of need them to stay up

[Stoney had no problem with banter between rival fans and players] I think it’s brilliant. I like it. People get too sensitive because you’re calling someone a reject? It’s what they do in the men’s game, and we want to transfer fans across. Now, don’t get me wrong: we don’t want foul and abusive language in our stands, because it’s a family game. But I think the little bits of light-heartedness, the songs between the teams – as long as they’re not negative towards a person or previous part of the club that’s gone on, I think it’s great.

Do we just want clapping every time someone passes the ball? There’s no atmosphere. That’s not what the players want. We’ve had some great games here where the fans have been to-ing and fro-ing, and when we went to Chelsea it was a great atmosphere, especially when the grounds are quite tight. We want an atmosphere, but we don’t want to discourage families from coming at the same time, so it’s a bit of a balance.

The women’s game is unique. We’ve got a unique selling point in terms of the engagement between players and fans. I think we have a family atmosphere. I wouldn’t take my kids to some men’s games - not a chance, because the language and the feeling on the terraces sometimes isn’t great. We don’t need to copy everything from the men’s game; we need to make sure that we keep doing what we’re doing to keep the women’s game honest, to keep it pure, to make sure that fans keep wanting to come back. But I like the rivalry: I like the singing, I like the banter, I love all of that

2020 01 12 Retrieve

[Manchester United boss Casey Stoney insists increased criticism for her team is a positive] I don’t see it as a negative at all. We have incredible fans, and they’re there to judge me. I actually see it as a positive because they’re judging the game now, and they’re treating me the same way as they treat Ole. It’s just preparing our players now to have a mindset to be able to deal with it and have the resilience to be able to cope, and maybe strategies where they just don’t read it sometimes, so they don’t get affected by it.

I always say, you criticise anybody, they take it personally. It doesn’t matter what you’ve said. Players are human. They’re not multi-millionaires, and even if they are, they’re still human. It’s my job to protect them, but we can’t protect them from that if they choose to read it, so we do a lot of work, a lot of education, and we work as a team to try and protect each other. We want visibility and we want people to judge the game for the game, rather than saying, ‘Oh, unlucky’.

It’s a football game, and we don’t want to be treated any differently to the male players. The difference is: the male players are used to it. The women’s game isn’t used to it, and it’s a big wake-up call for a lot of them because they read it. I don’t have anything in terms of social media. I have literally turned everything off. I did that this summer: I learned a very quick lesson to just turn it all off, because a player leaves - it’s my fault. We lose - it’s my fault. Someone kicks the ball in the wrong direction - it’s my fault. That’s absolutely fine. I have responsibility for this football club. It is a big club with a huge fanbase – I see that as a huge opportunity to be able to showcase the women’s game and build the women’s game

We’ve had social media training several times. I always say to players, you’re only ever as good as your last game, so if you didn’t play well, you’re going to get it on [social media]. They also need to realise that, externally, people don’t know what I’ve asked them to do. For me, and what I’ve asked of them in that game plan, they could have been a 10 out of 10, but for a neutral watching, maybe they didn’t get forward enough. Maybe they didn’t get on the ball enough

[The scrutiny is something that is helping Stoney, who is in just her second season as a head coach, to grow too] I’m learning the buck stops with me and it should always. Every time there is a defeat, I need to look back at what our preparation was like, what were my key messages, did everyone know their roles and responsibilities? Because if they didn’t, then it was on me. Sometimes players have an off day. They are human. Unfortunately, under me, they are not allowed an off day! But we all have them. The weight of the badge comes with an expectation to perform no matter what. I see the weight of the badge as an opportunity and I’m trying to get my players to see it as an opportunity, and not a threat, because it can change their lives. They don’t ever go out there to play or perform badly, knowing the scrutiny they are under, but you have to move forward quickly and learn. It’s then how you pick your players back up and give them the confidence to believe they can go again in the next game and win

[for Stoney, it’s about more than just the short-term successes] I know internally what we’re working on. I knew whether players stuck to it or not. I know where we’re going long-term and the vision, and I know we’re going to have bumps. I think people forget we are 18 months into a long-term plan

2020 01 30 Retrieve

[Manchester United boss Casey Stoney was furious with the standard of refereeing in her side’s Continental Cup semi-final defeat to Chelsea on Wednesday night] It could have been very different if we’d have been given a blatant, obvious penalty. When [my players] work hard, and they go out there and they perform, they deserve a better standard of refereeing. We have to do something, as a game, to improve that level. For me, that’s not a semi-final performance from a referee, with two top sides. They’re big moments that change games. We’ve been on the wrong end of two decisions over the last two games

All I want is for my players to be rewarded for their hard work. We maybe lack a bit of clinical edge in the final third, which we have done all season, so that’s not different. But Jess [Sigsworth] is through on goal, one on one. Why would she go down? That’s a game-changing moment and a potential goalscoring opportunity

[It was another very close defeat for newly-promoted Man Utd] It’s encouraging but frustrating, because we need to try and turn those fine margins into our favour. I’ve got a fantastic group of players who I’m extremely proud of. On a different day, maybe we come away with a different result, but we’re growing, we’re learning, we get stronger from these losses, we definitely do, we learn so much from them. There’s not many teams that would come into this league and six months in, be able to put on the show they did against Man City and have the resilience to come back and then put on that show against a very good Chelsea team. I’m really proud of the players and how far they’ve come. Hopefully, maybe at some point, our luck will turn

2020 04 15 Retrieve

[Casey Stoney has called for a unified approach to save the women’s game during the Covid-19 shutdown] I’d be naive if I said I wasn’t concerned that some teams won’t survive this. We don’t have the finances or resources and this is having a massive impact on the economy, not just the women’s game. When I was at Charlton when times got hard financially, when the club got relegated the first thing to go was the women’s team, so of course the pandemic could have an impact, I pray it doesn’t but, unfortunately I think it could have a huge impact on the women’s game. There needs to be a unified approach, the clubs, the PFA [Professional Footballers’ Association], the FA because if big clubs are struggling you can only imagine how that’s affecting teams lower down the pyramid. A unified approach to help is what’s needed.

I cannot speak highly enough of the club and the way they have dealt with this. We have a senior leadership meeting every week and the information from the top down through me there’s never been a mention of furloughing and the support has been incredible. They have led the way and shown their class throughout it. I’ve had messages from [executive vice-chairman] Ed Woodward checking in and making sure I’m okay with the family and stuff. Things like that go a long way

2020 04 17 Retrieve

[Casey Stoney: Life in lockdown as Manchester United manager] I need to realise not to give myself a hard time. I’m trying to parent, home-school and work at the same time. It’s pretty impossible so, I’m trying to do what I can and make sure the kids have a positive experience and come out of it knowing they had a good time at home with mum

My day starts around 6am before the kids get up and then I’ll carry on with work after they’ve gone to bed at 8pm. I’m a control freak at work and I can’t be at the moment, so I’ve had to learn to delegate to my staff and they’ve been incredible. It’s taught me how adaptable I am as well and that’s pleasing

[Weekly cooking tasks, which Juan Mata judged last week, wellbeing tasks and competitions on a Sunday help to keep everyone sane and on task] It’s not a quiet time. We are doing really well to try and get to know each other on a deeper level so that when we come back, we can be more connected

Mentally it’s tough because it’s the uncertainty of not knowing when we will come back. But, what we’ve tried to do is be as transparent as possible. It’s important. They’re training and putting the hard work in so it’s important they have all the information that’s available to them. The biggest thing is self-discipline and motivation and I’m proud of how they’ve adapted and stuck to the programme

I don’t think we will have the luxury of a mini pre-season. What we have asked for is for a 14-day build-up period on grass to build back up, because we want to minimise soft tissue injury coming back. We’re going to have to play three games a week and what we have also asked is that in that first week we don’t play three, so we can get the players used to playing again

I think we have a strong enough squad to deal with the programme when it hopefully returns, we will just have to keep a very close eye on it in terms of their loading and where we’re at. If we get those injured players back it’s less load to the squad

I think we would have to be happy. If someone said you finish fourth in your first season in WSL you would have taken it. We set our standards very high so we’re still disappointed with some performances this year, but we’re also pleased with some performances. It’s our first year, I need to be patient more than anything and realise we are still growing, but, finishing fourth in year one would be a good achievement

2020 04 22 Retrieve

[Manchester United sticking to their promise of fully integrating women’s team even during lockdown] The reason I took this job is because they told me they don’t do anything unless they can do it properly and already they have fully integrated the team within the club and I have been at a lot of clubs where that hasn’t happened

2020 05 08 Retrieve

[Women’s football’s ‘existential crisis’ isn’t now] When I was at Charlton, when times got hard financially, when the club got relegated, the first thing to go was the women’s team. So of course, the pandemic could have an impact. I pray it doesn’t but, unfortunately I think it could have a huge impact on the women’s game

2020 05 25 Retrieve

[Manchester United Women’s manager Casey Stoney said the decision to cancel the season was disappointing, but the correct call] Our focus now moves to our development for next season, which we have been continuously planning for throughout the year, and we can’t wait to be back on the pitch again when it is safe to do so. I’m so proud of how hard my players and staff have worked throughout the season and how they have adapted to the last 10 weeks of training away from the club, their determination and drive has been incredible to witness. We’ve enjoyed our first season in this league, exceeding expectations whilst staying true to our values, but we still have big ambitions for how we want to move forward as a club. I’d also like to thank the fans for their incredible support this season and for sticking by us through these uncertain times. We can’t wait to see you again, whenever that may be, but for now, stay safe and continue looking out for each other

2020 06 11 Retrieve

[Scotland forward Lizzie Arnot will leave Manchester United Women when her contract with the club expires later this month] I would like to personally thank Lizzie, another United history-maker who also scored our first ever competitive goal nearly two years ago. She is a fantastic character and a real hard worker who contributed so much to the group; I wish her the best of luck in her career

2020 07 09 Retrieve

[Lucy Staniforth wants to ‘make history’ at Manchester United] I’m thrilled to have Lucy join United; she is a fantastic player who will add great depth to the strong midfield department we have built at the club. Lucy has so much experience in the women’s game, having made her senior debut at 16 years old, and I know she can utilise that experience for us both on and off the pitch. We’re really looking forward to working with her ahead of the new season

2020 07 15 Retrieve

[Siobhan Chamberlain leaves Manchester United by mutual consent] I want to thank Siobhan for her time with us. Aside from her obvious goalkeeping abilities she has been an incredible leader and role model within the team, and a fantastic mentor to the talented young goalkeepers we have at United. On a personal level, I have played with Siobhan for a number of years at various clubs and also with the national team. We’ve shared so many experiences together and I consider her a friend. As a head coach it’s my job to evolve the squad each year and after discussions with Siobhan on our plan to give our younger goalkeepers more first-team experience, it was agreed by both parties that now was the right time for Siobhan to move on and pursue her career elsewhere. On behalf of everyone at the club, I wish her the best of luck for the future

2020 07 17 Retrieve

[Martha Harris commits to Manchester United for another season] Martha is a fantastic player who has been an important figure in our back line over the last couple of years. She is another hard working and competitive player who also brings great enthusiasm and character to the dressing room. I’m pleased she has committed to the club and I’m looking forward to developing her further throughout the next season