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Cedric Soares
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Arsenal FC

2020 01 31 Retrieve

[Arsenal sign Cedric Soares from Southampton] It’s a dream come true being here, and being able to play for Arsenal is unreal. Arsenal is a top team. They are a very, very good club, with fantastic fans as well. They are known to be so well supported and for me, it’s a pleasure to be here. Like I said, it’s a dream come true because I always thought about coming here and imagined it, and seeing it happen is really amazing

2020 04 24 Retrieve

[Arsenal loanee Cedric Soares says Arteta is a very complete coach] London was a city that I already knew, and I feel very good here. Arteta is a very complete coach. I’m still getting to know him, but he’s shown many qualities. He’s concerned with all areas, both psychological and tactical. Arsenal are a huge club, and I have a better idea of that being inside. It’s a club that, from a very early age, I liked a lot, because I followed the Premier League and liked Arsenal. There was a time when the club won practically everything. Being at the club has been very positive. The players have treated me very well; since I arrived, they have been very cool with me.

[The Euros have been officially postponed until the summer of 2021] Of course, it’s with some sadness that we see the postponement because we were all anxious to play. But, on the positive side, we will be champions of Europe for five years. It’s a Euros in which all Portuguese players want to be present and, of course, I want to be there, it’s my goal. I’ll do my best for the club and then play for the national team

2020 07 15 Retrieve

[Cedric Soares interview: Defender making up for lost time at Arsenal] It was silence. There is not much to say after a defeat. I think we played well and we tried our best, so it was a tough one to take. I think the whole team had the same feeling. The atmosphere in the dressing room was of disappointment, but we need to be ready immediately for the next one

We know it will be a very tough game. They are champions and that means something. It means they have a lot of quality. But it is not impossible to beat them and we will definitely try our best. If you leave everything on the pitch, you cannot demand more

It was a tough period. You move, you want to help the team, and you want to be at 100 per cent. Of course I expected to play sooner, but the support of the staff and all my colleagues was great. They were talking to me every day and that was very positive. Injuries are part of football. Sometimes things happen for a reason. Now I feel great, I’m trying my best and I’m ready to help the team.

Last year, there was the possibility to come in January. It didn’t happen and I ended up going to Italy [where he spent six months on loan at Inter Milan before returning to Southampton], but it was very clear this year that I could join in January and it was a very easy decision for me. I had another option for a move, but there was never any doubt when Arsenal appeared. It’s something I really wanted

Everyone wants to do more and do better and that’s something that the coach has helped us a lot with. He has been great with everyone and given the club and the players the energy that we needed. He has been very, very positive with all the players and I think everyone is improving and working harder. I have learnt a lot in two or three weeks of training. Immediately after I joined full training on the pitch [after returning from injury], I was commenting to my friends that I was growing and learning a lot with him. He has clear ideas and he tries to be very fair with everyone. He respects us all, first as people, and after that as footballers, which is very important. This is a process and it will take time, but I think in the future the team will have better and better performances. I hope he stays at the club for a long time because I think he will be a great manager.

First of all, he wants me to defend well. In my position, of course, I need to know how to do that. If I can go forward and help the team as well, then it’s definitely something he likes, but it’s about being in the right positions, you know? He wants active players, players who give everything for the team, and I think that’s what we need as well.

Everyone has been working really well and I’m trying to do what he asks of me. I’m trying to adapt quickly as I can to his idea, and it has been a very good experience so far. I am learning and I am growing, so that’s positive. Overall, I think he was happy with the attitude of the players against Tottenham and the ideas that we tried to bring on the pitch. But like I said before, the most important thing now is how we react to that result. We need to have a good reaction in the next game