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Name Chris Coleman
Gender Male
Ethnic Wales
Job Wales Football Coach
  Wales manager


Org Wales National Team
Club as Player xxxx


Wife Charlotte Coleman
Father Paddy Coleman

2012 03 01 Retrieve

[Gary Speed’s son praised players in Wales dressing room after friendly defeat] Ed Speed has come into the dressing room and given a little speech which anybody would have been proud of – not a tear in his eye – amazing. Strong as an ox. Brilliant. An absolute credit to Gary

2016 07 02 Retrieve

[Wales manager *Chris Coleman reacted to his side’s quarter-final victory over Belgium to secure the nation’s first berth to the semi-finals a major international tournament] Don’t be afraid to have dreams. Four years ago I was as far away from this as you could imagine. I’m enjoying it, it’s great and we deserve it. If you work hard enough and you’re not afraid to dream then you’re not afraid to fail. I’m not afraid to fail. Everybody fails. I have had more failures than I’ve had success

2016 10 01 Retrieve

[Wales manager Chris Coleman rules himself out of the England manager’s job] My answer to the England job would be a big fat no. I think the next England manager should be an Englishman. It shouldn’t be anyone from overseas; I don’t care what his record is. Unless you’re from that country you can never ever know what it means to represent that country. You’d never see Germany, Italy or Spain looking outside. Why should England look further afield? Gareth [Southgate], Brucey [Steve Bruce], that’s where they should be looking. Certainly not a Welshman. Certainly not this Welshman

2017 03 22 Retrieve

[Paddy Coleman died in December 2013, aged 74, and it was an emotional journey that his three children made to Dublin to scatter his ashes on the river Liffey] I took my two sisters over and Charlotte [my wife] came with me when we did it. It was his request. He always said: ‘Make sure that you do it there.’ So we did it outside the Brazen Head pub next to the river Liffey, which is the oldest pub in Dublin. It dates back to 1198 and the history is incredible and unbelievable. I thought it was poignant

He lived in Swansea for 50 years, he still had his Dublin accent and never changed. I used to take him back most summers for a few days. He would have a little roam around where he was brought up.

No, he never ever [wanted me to do that]. He always pushed me to play for Wales Under-15s, in my day. If you had shown a bit of talent then, you would play for south Wales against north Wales. It was all about playing for Wales. There was talk about [Ireland] when Jackie Charlton was manager of the Republic and there was a tentative phone call that came my way. But [my father] was always Wales

He was a huge football man – he loved football. He was a good parent, a great father and brilliant with me. I started playing football at the age of seven and he was one of those who never raised his voice; he guided me. I watch parents sometimes on the touchlines at youth games and they are screaming and shouting, which is not the way to go. He was the opposite to that. He was always a quiet talker but massive for me as a youngster coming through. I wouldn’t have got to the different levels I got to without his guidance

He passed away three years ago and unfortunately for him it was going wrong for me with Wales [at the time], so he never got to see us at the tournament

[The fixture in Dublin on Friday will evoke memories of the family tribute in Ireland a few years ago, with Coleman now in a position to be able to smile about some of the traditions they followed that day, right down to pouring a pint of Guinness in the river Liffey] That’s a done thing there, especially where he is from. I wasted a whole pint – it was €8. If I’m honest with you, I did have a little drop first. I’ll have a pint of Guinness after the game definitely, and that will be remembering him. But beforehand it will be business

2017 11 11 Retrieve

[Chris Coleman on Ethan Ampadu capability] He’s capable of playing both [positions]. His frame, athleticism, and understanding of the game, he’s a great communicator for someone so young. So at the moment it’s a tough one to call. He could end up playing holding midfielder or as a centre-back

He’s got a long way to go before you can liken him to someone like Rio Ferdinand but I remember him coming on at West Ham in midfield, he gravitated into a centre-back. Probably, in the last 20 years, Rio has been the best centre-back in the Premier League

Your modern day centre-backs start play and you need to be confident in possession. He’s [Ampadu] a good communicator and a good all-round player.

2017 11 21 Retrieve

[Aston Villa 2-1 Sunderland] It’s a bit doom and gloom at our place at the moment, bottom and with 10 first-team players unavailable. No excuses, we’re bottom of the league and sometimes that happens, you have bad news after bad news. It’s only us who are going to get our of it, by hook or by crook. Overall, they had a go and at 2-0 down they could have melted and they never did. In these moments this is where team spirit comes from. It’s only us who can fight the fight, no one is going to come and help us