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Name Christian Fuchs
Gender Male
Ethnic Austrian
Job Austrian Footballer
  Austria captain
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Leicester City

2016 04 09 Retrieve

[Leicester City defender Christian Fuchs on his aspirations to one day make a move from football to…football] I have this ambition to be an NFL kicker. If NFL managers want a footballer in their team, I know I can kick a 60-yard field goal. Let’s see, if you don’t dream you won’t achieve anything

2016 05 07 Retrieve

[Leicester City defender Christian Fuchs on Chelsea midfielder Eden Hazard’s equalising goal against Tottenham Hotspur which sealed the English Premier League title for the Foxes] I could kiss him. I could really kiss his feet

2016 06 18 Retrieve

[Austria captain Christian Fuchs on the prospect of going up against Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal on Saturday at UEFA EURO 2016] I know him, I had a few games against him with Schalke a few years back. You can never really defend him for the whole game. You have to defend him as a team. You have to avoid one-v-ones and get two-v-ones or more players. Then there is the problem that you might forget the other players around him. This team is not just Cristiano Ronaldo

2016 10 29 Retrieve

[Christian Fuchs writes about his experience winning the Premier League title] Most of that night was a blur of emotion, but I remember one moment so clearly. I will never forget it. When I was leaving my house to go to the party, I turned to my wife in the kitchen and said. … I’m getting goosebumps just remembering it. I turned to my wife and said, ‘I’ll be coming home tonight as a Premier League champion’. I kept screaming for 20 more minutes. The boys were going crazy. Then in the 83rd minute … 6af792493189b1c708c07a9bb30206ee. Eden Hazard: Wow. Thank you, man. I’ve been watching football since I was six years old. I have never seen a more beautiful goal. When Hazard curled that ball into the top right corner, I couldn’t believe it. It was an impossible strike. Two weeks later, when we played Chelsea in the final match of the season, I walked up to Hazard after the final whistle and said, ‘May I kiss your feet, sir?’ He laughed

2019 05 09 Retrieve

[Christian Fuchs reveals reasons for Leicester City u-turn] I’m very happy to be here for another year. I know I’ve expressed my wish to go to America several times, but you know what? Everything we have experienced in these last couple of years, with all the ups and downs … all the way up, all the way down, it just brings us together. Not only the players, but the staff, the coaching staff (and) the manager… we’re much closer together. I didn’t want to miss out on that yet!

Also with Brendan coming in and expressing his satisfaction with me and saying that he wants to keep working with me obviously meant a lot to me as well. I can tell that, even though I’m already one of the older ones, I can still learn from him and that’s something that I don’t want to miss out (on).

It’s special, very special. Not only the reaction after it was announced, but also before…the people were sending me letters, pushing me to sign for another year!

It clearly wasn’t their decision, but it’s nice to see the support. Also with the goal of the season award that I got (from) the supporters…as a defender, it means a lot to see how appreciated I am.

I’m not in the same position anymore, but I understand that Chilly (Chilwell) is playing a really good season, that he’s the future of Leicester, and that’s also where I see my role

That’s what Brendan expressed, that whenever there’s a need I’ll be there. I’ll be here to support the team as much as a I can and support Chilly in his development as well. I can’t tell you how happy that I am that I have another year here

[Winning the title] has a lasting effect on the club because it is building step-by-step. Every year it’s getting better, and I think there’s a really good opportunity to challenge. The way we’ve played lately, the character that we’ve shown, and also the good football that we’ve played - against bigger teams as well - that shows there’s real potential. If we can nurture that and have a good pre-season now to the upcoming year, I think there’s a lot possible

2019 10 27 Retrieve

[Christian Fuchs compares current Leicester City side with title-winning team]</b> It’s the mentality Brendan gives us - we want to go in every day and work. No one is letting anyone down. Everyone is extremely happy. We want to be successful. It was very important he had a pre-season with us. You could see last season that our game improved a lot

Where we are right now, our game is on a different level to when we won the Premier Leauge. It’s two different teams. This one is built on possession. When we won the Premier League, I think we had 25 per cent possession. It’s crazy. Brendan is right up there as a manager. He wants us to understand why we are doing certain things on the field.

You see the effects of the learning process. The way we are playing I think is impressive. Man management is a big thing. A modern manager should know how to deal with his players. My contract was over. He told me he wanted me in the squad. It’s a great feeling. It gives you confidence

2019 11 27 Retrieve

[Christian Fuchs reveals x-factor common to 2019-20 Foxes and title heroes] The run itself is very similar but it is early doors. There are so many more difficult games ahead. It feels very similar [to 2015-16] but it is a completely different set-up. I think what is very similar is the humbleness. We just take it game by game. That is always the secret. You don’t think ahead. That doesn’t help you anyway. We just take it game by game and try to do our best. I have no clue about what is in the media. We don’t read them. It doesn’t affect us

The fans are allowed to dream. They give us great support, especially at the King Power Stadium. It is an amazing place to play our home games at but also away as well, they have been tremendous. They are always allowed to dream. They dreamed in 2015-16 when we went on that great run, but for us internally whatever happens outside the squad and the training ground doesn’t affect us at all

2020 01 10 Retrieve

[Leicester City defender Christian Fuchs is expecting a much tougher task against Southampton this time around] They’re a good squad. My fellow Austrian (Hasenhuttl) is doing really well. It was simply a game that probably happens once in a decade. To go away and win 9-0, nobody ever expected that and nobody will expect that ever to be repeated any time soon

There, we showed all the qualities that we have and that we continued to show in the games which followed. Everybody knows that it was a one-off. It doesn’t really reflect the quality of Southampton. They’re a much better side than what the result shows and we’re aware of that. The second we rely on ‘okay we won there 9-0 and it’s going to be easy’ then we’ll be on the wrong path and obviously Brendan [Rodgers] will never let that happen