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Name Christian Pulisic
Gender Male
Ethnic American
Job American Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org USA National Team
Club as Player Chelsea FC
  Borussia Dortmund

2016 09 09 Retrieve

[Midfielder Christian Pulisic tells reporters his 18th birthday plans after USA’s 4-0 rout of Trinidad and Tobago. Pulisic became USA’s youngest ever player to start in a World Cup qualifier in that match] I’m going to a Justin Bieber concert on my birthday. I just got them [tickets] actually, so I’m excited

2017 07 29 Retrieve

[Christian Pulisic speaks about his hopes for the upcoming season] We’ve got a big chance to win the league this coming season. Last season was a good step in my development. I want to build on that. I don’t feel the pressure from the fans or media. Only I can put pressure on myself, but I’m trying to keep a lid on things as much as possible

2017 11 18 Retrieve

[Christian Pulisic reflects on the Stars and Stripes’ failure to qualify for Russia 2018] And I am sure of this: The path to the U.S. winning a World Cup - it doesn’t start with having ‘more talent’. It starts with developing the talent that we already have, in the right way

2017 12 23 Retrieve

[Christian Pulisic on being named USA men’s player of the year, the youngest player to receive the award] It’s amazing, something I’m very proud of. It’s been a crazy journey. I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen in the next few months. I’m just really excited about starting the new year. I think I’m ready to make another step, and hopefully some success will come with that

2018 05 26 Retrieve

[Christian Pulisic talks about USA’s failure to qualify for the FIFA World Cup for the first time since 1986] There could be a lot of small pieces. It’s hard to say exactly. I think we put ourselves in a good spot and we made a mistake in the final game. That’s how it went. We weren’t focused. We weren’t ready to come out and finish the job. That’s really all there was. It’s my biggest dream as a soccer player, I always wanted to play in the World Cup. You can imagine how I feel about that

2019 01 12 Retrieve

[Christian Pulisic speaks about his decision to move to Chelsea FC after the conclusion of the current season with Borussia Dortmund] This was a big dream of mine, and I feel this was the right time to make this step. I’m excited to go be able to speak my first language on a day-to-day basis [laughing]. Something as simple as that, you don’t notice it, but it’s nice at times

2020 01 02 Retrieve

[Pulisic would welcome January arrivals at Chelsea as he bemoans lack of killer instinct] It is normal, teams look to improve their team and if players do come in there is competition, that is how it goes. So we’ll be ready for that and hopefully we’ll have players that come in and want to help us

It is both [mental and technical]. It is doing a bit more to keep going, attack and create chances and just have that killer instinct. We are missing that a little bit. I can do better as well. Just being more clinical in the final third, finding the right pass or shot and scoring the goals. After we scored the first goal it was just about continuing and just not stopping there, making it two or three and putting the game to bed. That was it, we said at half-time that we had the chance to kill the game and we just weren’t able to. We couldn’t get the goal and in the end they found an unbelievable goal. It was not just us that were tired, it was the same for them. It’s just about being clinical, experienced and knowing how to manage a game

I’ve heard of the FA Cup, it is another competition and we want to win it so we’ll give everything and I am really excited for it. It is another opportunity for a trophy and that is why we are always going to fight and try to win that

2020 01 11 Retrieve

[Pulisic living the dream under Lampard at Chelsea as USMNT star targets top-four finish] It’s awesome, with me being a youngster as well. Being able to play with these guys and all learning together, and we have some more experienced players as well. It’s a really great mix and it helps us to learn a lot and we push the old guys too!

Obviously Lampard was a big player at Chelsea. I watched him growing up so finding out he was going to be my coach is pretty cool. It’s been great. He’s very intense, the training sessions are very intense too and I think that shows in our style of play - high pressing, hard to play against and that’s what we want to be. We want to finish in a top-four spot. We want to fight for that, always be successful and finish as high as we can. That’s the goal, we want to win every game, take it match-by-match and try to get results

It was a big jump me going to Germany. It was my first time away from family, being in Europe and not speaking the language. All those experiences are what I believe helped me to get here so I’m really happy. London is an amazing city. Coming from a slightly smaller town like Dortmund to London has been big. Getting to see the culture, seeing how big football is - the Premier League is incredible and it’s huge here. It means everything to me. To be part of this club, this team to be in the Premier League where I always wanted to be - it’s a dream for me

2020 01 15 Retrieve

[Pulisic: I never expected to come in and score 10 goals in my first game for Chelsea] You know, everyone says I’m going to go into the Premier League, it’s a big change, it’s tough. It’s a league where there’s definitely a lot of games, a lot of stuff going on, and it wasn’t easy for me at the beginning, of course

I think I’m really proud of how I pushed through things and then I got my opportunity, and I felt I was playing very well recently, and I’m proud. It’s been great. I’ve been enjoying it so much. You know, the football culture here is amazing, and I’m really happy, and I’m so excited to finish off the season strong.

I didn’t expect to come here right away and have everything be perfect and come straight in and, you know, score 10 goals in my first game. I came in, and I wanted to do that right away – of course, everyone does. But I came in, and it was realistic, and I wanted to continue to earn my position.

The beginning, it wasn’t always easy, and I wasn’t always in the line-up, but I just kept working. I put my head down, and I just kept telling myself, ‘My time will come.’ When you do that, and you just keep working, it does. I was really happy with kind of how things went

I’ve watched him (Lampard) a lot and obviously respected him so much as a player. Now to have him as a manager has been good, and I’ve just been taking it all in and learning, kind of seeing what he has and what he offers to this team. It’s been fun to work with a lot of these young players as well. So I think it’s been a really good mix. He’s told me to just keep enjoying it and be myself.

I’m still learning. It’s my first season now, kind of halfway through, so I’m just kind of learning to take it day by day, game by game and just focusing on the next opponent and just getting ready and healthy for the next game because it’s always right around the corner. It’s just a lot of competition, I think, in every game, within your team, and for every game, it’s just been great learning from some of my teammates. And yeah, just being here in London, I’m just kind of taking it all in.

I think the soccer culture here is what I’ve noticed (the most). It means so much to these people, just in the country in general, just how your team is doing. Not to say that’s the case in Dortmund because that was some of the most passionate fans I’ve ever seen, but just the culture of the whole country, what this game means even around the holidays. Everyone’s always talking about football. That’s definitely impressive

2020 03 21 Retrieve

[USMNT star Pulisic announced that he and team-mates Weston McKennie and Tyler Adams have all donated to charity to help feed the huge number of Americans who are struggling in such trying times] I know it’s been some crazy tmes out there. I hope you guys are all able to stay safe. It’s a really important time that we all need to come together and help those that are most in need. Before the coronavirus there were already 37 million Americans with food insecurity and obviously with this virus going around that’s just going to grow substantially. It’s a really important time and I would just like to announce that I’ve donated to Feeding America, who already support over 60,000 food banks all over the country and do such an amazing job for so many people. I’d like to challenge my colleagues, my U.S. Men’s National Team team-mates, U.S. Women’s National Team and any of you guys who are able to donate anything. Every penny counts. Let’s stick together, let’s do this

2020 04 17 Retrieve

[USMNT star Pulisic assesses his first season at Chelsea] It’s been a really fun season for me, it’s been awesome. It’s been a big change for me coming to Chelsea and having to get to know a whole new team, a new league and stuff. I’ve been really proud of the guys and although we’ve had our tough moments, I think overall we’ve been pretty solid. I love playing with my team-mates and we’ve had so many exciting games. I’ve really enjoyed it and we just want to give it a strong push to the end of the season, if we are able to resume

It’s definitely cool to have other guys at a similar age to play with and you can probably relate to those guys a little more, but I think generally we have a great mix. We’ve got some really exciting young players and then those guys with more experience that are great to learn off. It’s almost the perfect mix, I’d say

The Premier League is more physically demanding because of the sheer number of games and the run of the schedule. You play so many different competitions in a short space of time, so it’s quite demanding and you learn quickly about that. It’s a physical league in general. There’s been a lot to learn but my Bundesliga experience has helped me in that sense, as it’s not totally different to the Premier League

2020 04 17b Retrieve

[Christian Pulisic says he is raring to go again at Chelsea] It was really tough with this most recent one. I think that a lot of people didn’t realise how serious it was. It was a really freak injury in how it happened. It happened in training out of nothing really and it put me out a while. But I’m feeling good now, I’ve been training a lot and I’m just really excited to get back out on the field. It feels like it’s been a long time without football for everyone at the moment, but certainly for me because I had the injury on top of everything that’s going on now.

[Pulisic is looking to fill his time in other ways] I’m just trying to find new hobbies to keep myself busy to be honest! I’m getting my training in every day but that doesn’t take up the whole day, so I’ve got on TikTok to help pass the day. I’ve always liked dancing and doing fun things, other things aside from the game. I know some people might not like this sort of stuff but I really don’t care because I’m going to carry on doing it anyway! I think it gives people chance to see me a little better. No one really knows who I am, they just see me as a footballer, so hopefully it gives them a little insight into my character

2020 04 21 Retrieve

[Pulisic would love to play with Messi at Chelsea and names Figo as his idol] That’s tough, man! I mean Figo was my favourite player growing up but I definitely wouldn’t mind having [Lionel] Messi on my team. Can I choose both?

My first footballing idol was definitely Luis Figo. He’s someone I looked up to when I was younger. The first shirt I owned was a Luis Figo jersey and I remember wearing it when playing football with my dad in the basement at home back in Hershey. In fact, my nickname then was actually Figo! My dad started it and sometimes he even still calls me it now

2020 04 25 Retrieve

[Christian Pulisic speaks about his footballing idol] My first footballing idol was definitely Luis Figo. He’s someone I looked up to when I was younger. The first shirt I owned was a Luis Figo jersey and I remember wearing it when playing football with my dad in the basement at home back in Hershey. In fact, my nickname then was actually Figo! My dad started it and sometimes he even still calls me it now

2020 04 30 Retrieve

[Chelsea ask player to return to the UK ahead of possible Premier League restart] I’m back in the United States and it’s definitely good to be back with the family at this time. They are all doing well; they are all healthy so it’s good.

Obviously in the US the virus has definitely been growing in certain spots but the town where I am is actually not too bad. There are a couple of cases but nothing like the scale of other places. Hopefully, things can start to slow down anyway

2020 05 09 Retrieve

[Christian Pulisic admits he will be forever grateful to Jurgen Klopp for giving him his big break] The craziest thing is people don’t realise I started out in the youth teams over there. I was just working hard for that one opportunity I could get. I was going to German school over there and I will never forget that one day I was in class and I looked at my phone and it was a text from my youth coach saying you are training with the first team tonight. The rest of the day I wasn’t even paying attention. I couldn’t think of anything else. I’m getting ready, going to training and it’s just unreal I was 16 or 17 and I’m going in the warm-up and there’s huge names at the time. There’s Aubameyang, Marco Reus, Matts Hummels, Mkhitaryan. All these guys and they were just in the Champions League final the year before. It’s like I’m going in and I’m just this 16-year-old kid. I was thinking just do my best. I was just so excited and I’m just thankful to Jurgen Klopp that he gave me that opportunity. I’ll take that with me forever and I’m really grateful

2020 05 11 Retrieve

[Christian Pulisic has revealed that nobody noticed him on his first day at Chelsea] It was all pretty crazy what happened. I had to fly straight from my summer break right after the Gold Cup. I had one week off and I didn’t really get a summer. The team had already started pre-season in Japan so I flew straight there and I had to literally fly by myself and then meet the team who had flown from London. I had to go straight to the hotel and the next thing on the schedule was to go straight to training. I was tired, nervous and didn’t know what to think but, ‘I’m at Chelsea and this is insane’. I got on the bus, they had just arrived as well. Everyone is half asleep, I go and sit on the bus and nobody even noticed me. Nobody said anything. There were maybe one or two guys who said ‘hey, hello’ and I was like, ‘what’s going on here?’ Those first couple of days of training I was nervous. You know how it’s like when you move to a new team. They’re nice guys off the field but to earn that respect you have to show on the field you have that ability, that’s just how it is. I had to go in on day three when I had a really good training, scored some goals, had some nice plays and assists and then I felt the guys coming and talking to me and getting their respect. It’s interesting how it works but they’ve been great guys and I’ve enjoyed it

2020 05 12 Retrieve

[Christian Pulisic says Jadon Sancho has done ‘an amazing job’ at Borussia Dortmund, with the Bundesliga giants continuing to provide a stage on which young talent can thrive] It’s one of the big reasons why I was really drawn there when I was very young. I think they give younger players opportunities and it’s a great club to go and develop. He (Sancho) was given an opportunity, just like I was, at a very high level, and they show you right away that they trust you and they’re going to give an equal opportunity to all the players. He’s done an amazing job since he came in and has obviously shown what abilities he has.

2020 05 12b Retrieve

[Pulisic reveals the two key areas he’s working to improve at Chelsea] I want to learn to be even more clinical in front of goal to continue to boost my numbers, get more goals and assists. I want to be stronger on the ball, being able to hold off players and those are two areas that I’m definitely working on

I think it’s great to have friendly competition. They’re all great guys and it’s great to be learning from them and also getting to play with Callum (Hudson-Odoi). It’s a strong area of our team

2020 05 14 Retrieve

[Christian Pulisic admits the opportunity to link up with Chelsea in 2019 was too good to turn down] I always wanted to play in Europe. Going to Dortmund was definitely a perfect first step for me. It was awesome, and I learned so much. I grew up there – I went over there when I was 15. Now, to be here and come to the Premier League when I was 20, I think it all worked out very well so I’m really happy with the path. I was confident and felt like I had a good couple of years in the Bundesliga, and obviously with the opportunity to come to a club like Chelsea – it was just something I couldn’t turn down. I just felt like the timing was perfect and I’m really happy that I made that choice.

The intensity, especially the schedule when you get to that winter period where you are playing games all the time. Every couple of days it’s about recovery it’s about tough games where you’re fighting for everything. It’s something I wasn’t 100% used to.

I do really like playing on the left wing and also in that 10 spot centrally behind the forward. I’d say those are my two favourite positions

2020 05 15 Retrieve

[Pulisic didn’t take injury seriously but USMNT star is ‘100 per cent fit’ and ready for Chelsea return] I didn’t take it as seriously as I think I should have. It was one of those you felt you could do a lot of things but you try to push it that one extra step and realise it’s not ready yet. It was very tough and frustrating going through times like that. I underestimated it and tried to get back as soon as I could because I just wanted to play so bad. If anything, I’ve given myself a little more time to rest now and make sure that I’m 100 per cent fit. I’d say I’m fully recovered and ready to go as soon as we get back

It was my first start in a little while so I just had this motivation to go out and prove a lot of people wrong. I felt I’d done okay up to that point but I hadn’t really shown everything that I could do so going into that game, I did have a chip on my shoulder. Once that first goal came, my confidence shot through the roof and it was just my day after that, everything kept falling for me. It was incredible. I’ll never forget coming home after that and just sitting down and looking back on what had just happened. I was so proud being able to talk to my family back home and people that had been watching. It wasn’t just the hat-trick but scoring, helping the team win and having a great game – there’s no better feeling

2020 06 21 Retrieve

[Pulisic excited by Chelsea’s ‘incredible’ Werner signing] I think we already have a very strong team with strong players, but to add players like Timo Werner is incredible. We’re focused on this season for now, but excited for what’s to come too. I’m really glad that I could come in and help the team. Luckily today it was with a goal and helped us get a good result. [Manager Frank Lampard] said go in and help us win the game, nothing special really, just use my talents to see what I can do. I don’t think I hit it perfectly with my left, but i got enough on it to steer it on target

Obviously it’s very different playing with no fans, but I think the team brought good energy and we finished really strongly. I’ve been out for a while, it felt really nice to be back out here after the injury, all the guys have been off but we’ve been trying to stay fit as best we can

2020 06 26 Retrieve

[Christian Pulisic is hoping to end his debut season at Chelsea with a flourish] The break was tough on a lot of people but I’m just really happy that we can come back and play football again. It’s a bit different without the fans but we’re really excited to be back out there. There are a lot of games to play. We want to go as far as we can in the FA Cup and we want to continue finishing strong so we can be secure in a Champions League spot. We have a lot to play for

[Pulisic opened the scoring for Chelsea in their heavyweight tussle with Manchester City] We looked at this game against a big opponent and we wanted to win it. We were at home, obviously in slightly different circumstances, but we’re happy that we came out and got a really good result. We have to capitalise on opportunities. I had another one in the second half as well [which was cleared off the line by Kyle Walker] but I’m just happy to help the team out by scoring. We needed it and we’re just happy to get the three points. We went into the game with a really confident mindset to go out and win. Obviously we want to finish the season strongly but we feel we’re capable of a lot more as well

2020 06 27 Retrieve

[Werner becomes RB Leipzig’s all-time top scorer in final game before Chelsea move] I think we already have a very strong team with strong players, but to add players like Timo Werner is incredible. We’re focused on this season for now, but excited for what’s to come too

2020 06 30 Retrieve

[Reinvigorated Pulisic coming out of his shell to fire Chelsea to top-four finish] I’ve got on TikTok to help pass the day. I’ve always liked dancing and doing fun things, other things aside from the game. I know some people might not like this sort of stuff but I really don’t care because I’m going to carry on doing it anyway!. I think it gives people a chance to see me a little better. No one really knows who I am, they just see me as a footballer, so hopefully, it gives them a little insight into my character