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Name Christian Vieri
Gender Male
Ethnic Italian
Job Italian Footballer
Desc xxxx


Club as Player Juventus

2014 11 22 Retrieve

[Christian Vieri on Intermilan] I loved Inter. I would have killed for the Nerazzurri shirt – every day. At training I was the first to arrive and the last to leave. My relationship with Moratti was special, very strong. We spoke several times during the day, even at three in the morning. We talked about everything. So you understand the terrible disappointment when I found out that I was shadowed and even intercepted. Heck, these are things you do with the mafia!

2018 09 03 Retrieve

The ideal attacking partner for CR7? I would always play Douglas Costa and Dybala but the coach is the one to decide the coach. I think Pjanic and Cuadrado both deserved red cards not yellow.

The controversy for Nainggolan at the disco? Everyone is free to do what they want, only what you do on the field counts. No team can compete with Juventus for the Scudetto. There is no anti-Juventus. My relationship with Inter fans? It has been intense and beautiful for six years

The return of Maldini to Milan? It was time. He has been there his whole life, he loves Milan and it is right that he is back. Can Cutrone coexist with Higuain? They are two pure strikers, so in theory no, but in the last minutes, as against Roma, they can play together.

Is Mancini the right man for the national team? Yes, he is very good , he has great experience, he was one of the best Italian players and he knows what he has to do: he has called many young people that is the fundamental thing. It will take time, but slowly Italy will return to be Italy. Lotito? I do not know him

The strongest I played with … Ronaldo the phenomenon was very fast with an incredible technique, then Mancini who was my idol as a child, Zidane, Del Piero, Totti, Inzaghi Montella, Salas, Boksic, Crespo, Recoba : all great players

2019 06 15 Retrieve

[Former Inter striker Christian Vieri believes Antonio Conte’s side would be difficult to stop should they add Edin Dzeko and Romelu Lukaku to their ranks] I did not need to watch Italy vs Bosnia to discover Dzeko. He is the most complete striker in Italy: he is very strong physically, he has good technique, heading ability and he kicks very well with both feet. He scores and he scores well, with him and Lukaku, Inter would become devastating

2019 06 15b Retrieve

[Former Inter striker Christian Vieri’s mind was the striking situation on the red and black half of Milan, who began the season with Gonzalo Higuain up front before signing Krzysztof Piatek in January] Here with us [Higuain] scored a mountain of goals. He was not happy in Milan for many reasons, and in a few months it was impossible to adapt to English football with Chelsea. If I were a sports director I would bet with my eyes closed on Higuain. [Piatek] is a fighter, he is hungry and he scores goals. Milan must start with him

2019 07 24 Retrieve

Anything can happen, yes, but [Maurizio] Sarri will manage an already complete squad that’s already fit to win everything. How many years in a row have they won in Italy, eight or seven? Eight!

They signed other world-class players making a statement that goes like this: ‘For the next five years we want to win everything.’

[De Ligt scored the goal that knocked Juventus out of the Champions League last term, but in 2019-20 he will be lining up for Sarri’s side] He’s big and young. He has a great future ahead of him. Juventus have done well to sign someone born in 1999 who can be the best defender for the next 10 to 15 years. They paid him a lot, but they’ve proved they’re ahead of the game. [Giorgio] Chiellini and [Leonardo] Bonucci can’t play forever, so they already have a substitute, which is very important. He will struggle a bit to adapt, but that’s normal. He’s young, he’s got time, we need to be patient

2019 09 05 Retrieve

[Vieri says It will be a tragedy for football when Messi and Cristiano retire] This has never happened in world football. To play like they do in every match, in every season, scoring 40 to 50 goals. This hasn’t happened in the history of football. And when they’re old, when Messi and Cristiano retire, it’s going to be a tragedy for world football

[Vieri also had his say on Real Madrid’s recent troubles] They’ve won four Champions Leagues in five years and you have a year where, unconsciously, you relax. Many players were fatigued, tired… that’s normal after a World Cup. It’s the whole team that hasn’t performed, not just one or two players

[The 46-year-old spent one season at Atleti and spoke about his good memories of his time in LaLiga Santander] I always say that the league where I had the most fun was the Spanish one because it’s open football, face to face. Whoever is stronger wins. I arrived at Atletico Madrid and at a stadium, the [Estadio Vicente] Calderon, with 55,000 people singing every Sunday… It was quite a sight. And then how we played. One-two touch, possession of the ball… That year I won the Pichichi. I played in attack with Juninho [Paulista] and Kiko, two great players that helped me score so many goals

2020 04 20 Retrieve

[q: How did it feel to score the 1,000th goal for Italy?] I am happy to have scored the 1,000th goal in the national team (against Moldova in March 1997) but I never thought much about the records. It was a unique evening: my debut and my first goal. I do not follow the statistics but it was extraordinary to score such a historic goal on my debut

[q: You played in Serie A and spent a season in Spain with Atletico Madrid. What are the differences?] I was happy to have done well in Spain by scoring 24 goals in 24 games, a record that I carry with me in my heart. I’m sad to have left Spain because in my opinion LaLiga is an exceptional, unique and extraordinary league.

For me it is the most fun and technical. Twelve months in Spain were too few. When I played in Serie A it was a dream. In Italy there were Baggio, Totti, Del Piero, Vialli and many others, without forgetting Ronaldo the Brazilian.

I won the golden boot in both Italy and Spain. At Atletico you have to thank my partner Kiko and the whole team that supported me

[q: How does it feel to have the record of goals scored at the World Cup for Italy (9) together with Roberto Baggio and Paolo Rossi?] The World Cup is a unique event. When you see a blue shirt in a bar or in a pub, you immediately think of Italy. Scoring for your nation was a wonderful experience. I had three idols: Roberto Mancini, Roberto Baggio and Gianluca Vialli. At 14 years old I went to see Baggio in the Fiesole Curve (the home of Fiorentina’s Ultras), at 23 I had a World Cup next to Baggio. It was wonderful

[q: Can Romelu Lukaku be your heir at Inter?] He is big, with plenty of strength and height as I had. He’s got a very strong left foot and gets lots of height when he jumps for headers. I wish him well and he has already scored 17 goals in his first few months in Italy: a truly extraordinary result especially for a foreigner used to the Premier League. Vieri believes that Lukaku has everything to be a big success at his former club Inter Milan

[q: Can Antonio Conte get the best out of him?] Antonio is a well-trained coach and knows how to looks after his players. The impression I get from Conte is that he takes care of every detail, so I think he can really maximise Lukaku’s potential.

In Serie A if you have an exceptional physique and you train very well you can destroy any opposing defense. I have been following Lukaku for 10 years and have always supported his strength. In England at United he had scored shortly before leaving, but when he is 100% physically Romelu is a bull

[q: Harry Kane is a great English goalscorer. He has many suitors, including in LaLiga and Serie A - where would you like to see him play?] He is an exceptional player. I would have played well with him as a partnership. I had the Brazilian Ronaldo, Hernan Crespo, Alessandro Del Piero, Francesco Totti, Baggio. I loved playing with the technicians.

Kane is not the classic English striker: physically he does not have many muscles like Lukaku but he has dribbling, running, precise and powerful shots. In Italy, someone like him is said to have ‘soft feet’.

I like Kane very much because he has an unusual technique and quality, he is beautiful to look at. LaLiga or Serie A will be excellent leagues for him if he decides to leave London and Tottenham.

He has no problem playing well in very technical leagues. Kane is not a No 9 like Alan Shearer, who was an idol for me, one of the strongest English strikers in history. But Kane is equally strong.

[q: Speaking of England, who were the most difficult English defenders you faced?] In World Cup qualifying in 1997, I will never forget Tony Adams and Sol Campbell: two very strong lions physically and mentally. Italy too had and has formidable defenders, but I have a great memory of those two. It was a pleasure to fight against them

[q: Is the Brazilian Ronaldo or the Portuguese Ronaldo better?] I am a friend of Ronnie and I was lucky enough to have him as a striker with me. He had it all. He was explosive, powerful and fast. He looked like a dancer, he seemed to dance with the ball

I say that Brazilian Ronaldo is better than the Cristiano Ronaldo. CR7 is a war machine, he is admirable for everything he does and for all the things he continues to do. Cristiano can play up to 40 years with a cigarette between his lips, as they say in Italy. He has a sculptural physique.

[q: What was the best goal of your career?] There are two. One was in Spain, against PAOK. It was technically very difficult. I jumped the goalkeeper and almost from the corner flag, on the goalline on the left, I scored. The other was for Inter against Parma. Gianluigi Buffon was in goal. I stopped the ball, using my heel to move the ball and I struck with my left to put it home

[q: Who were the most important coaches in your career?] At Juventus I say Marcelo Lippi, he was like a second father. In Turin’s youth teams I was coached by the great Rampati, then by (Emiliano) Mondonico. I also have to say Cesare Maldini, he helped my break into the national team. He was a magnificent person who trusted young people.

2020 04 23 Retrieve

[Former Italy international frontman Christian Vieri says Haaland is the best striker in the world and will be worth €300m] Haaland is the strongest of all and has done well to choose Borussia Dortmund, the best club to enhance his talents. In a couple of years he will go to a great team for €200m (£175m), maybe €300m (£262m).

Six crazy years, I gave everything and believed in the project. At the San Siro there was an electric atmosphere. Every time we went onto the field, I felt the warmth and affection of the crowd. For me, the best centre forward in the world was O Fenomeno [Ronaldo], he was out of this world. Together we spent three fantastic years. He ran faster with the ball than the defender would without it

Lippi wanted to take me to Germany in 2006, but I needed to play and I was on the bench at Milan. So in January I chose to move to Monaco, France, but I broke my knee and everything vanished. Football is like that

2020 04 24 Retrieve

[former Inter striker Christian Vieri has spoken on a number of Inter related topics] I spent six crazy years at Inter. I gave everything for Inter and believed in the project. There was always an electric atmosphere at San Siro and I always felt the affection of the fans every time we went on to the field

[Vieri then spoke on former Inter striker Ronaldo, who was a teammate of his for three years at the Nerazzurri] He is the phenomenon. For me, he is the best striker in the world and even out of this world. We had three fantastic years together

[Next Vieri went on to speak about former Inter and current Italian national team manager Roberto Mancini] Do you know what I like about Mancio? I like that he enhances the qualities of the players. He sees young people and is not afraid to throw them in at the deep end but at the same time he doesn’t neglect old players

[He then touched on some of the low points of his Inter career] There was that bad story that surfaced about stalking but I never did anything wrong. There was also that game on May 5th but that is part of football. You win some and you lose some. That defeat destroyed us as we had been in the lead since the beginning. It was an incentive to get better

[The former Italian national team forward then insisted that health must come first during these unprecedented times] I understand the demand for football, which is losing millions of euros by being on hold but at this moment people are more important. Health comes first. When football can resume, it will do so

2020 04 25 Retrieve

[Christian Vieri tells of laid-back approach while at Atlético Madrid] At Juventus, I was a great professional. In Madrid, I went out every night. I wasn’t alone, everyone went out. I couldn’t stay at home alone. In any case, I was the top scorer. Sometimes we went to dinner a little late, then had a drink and a walk.

2020 04 25b Retrieve

[Former striker Christian Vieri says he was out drinking every night in Madrid throughout the season he finished top scorer in La Liga] At Juve I was a great professional, in Madrid we went out every night. Everyone went out, not that I could stay alone at home. But I have always I’ve been a professional, only maybe I went out a bit more. In any case, I was the top scorer, but maybe at night we went to dinner a little late and then for a drink and a walk

[Vieri sympathises with Argentina stars Lionel Messi and Gonzalo Higuain] Messi lost five tournament finals with Argentina, and are they going to say that it is not good? You always need luck in the national team. Higuain is a champion. If you score goals in Italy you can score goals all over the world, no problem. He has scored goals in Europe for more than 10 years. When you don’t win something with the national team, it’s normal to face criticism, but Higuaín is a very complete attacker

2020 04 26 Retrieve

[Former Italy striker Christian Vieri on Haaland] Haaland is the strongest of all and has done well to choose Borussia Dortmund, the best club to enhance his talents. In a couple of years he will go to a great team for €200m (£175m), maybe €300m (£262m)