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Name Christophe Galtier
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Football Coach


Club as Coach Lille

2016 08 06 Retrieve

[Quotes on Zlatan Ibrahimovic] Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the greatest foreign player ever to play in France

2016 12 10 Retrieve

[Christophe Galtier talks about his former protege Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang] Even though up until then things hadn’t gone that well for him, I saw one thing in the first training session: he was able to beat anyone with the ball at his feet with a run of 60 metres

If I had had him another season, he would have played as a central striker, because he had found something that he hadn’t had before: a lot of sang froid in front of goal

He didn’t have that when he arrived to us, and it came through hard work. He asked for training sessions to help himself with that. His greatest quality is humility. He has a lot of humility, respect, and he has something else: when he hasn’t done something right in a match, he asked to do it again in training, to change how he had done it, and do it right.

2019 11 22 Retrieve

[Christophe Galtier was not hugely pleased with Jose Mourinho for taking some of his Lille coaches to Tottenham] Everyone has their own way of doing things. It’s very classy, anyway, very classy to act like that. [Galtier said in ironic tones]

I was angry; the timing isn’t good. There are ways to do things. Regardless, what matters is that I agree with the decision of the president [Gerard Lopez].

I have also been in a deputy role. They were asked, they believe in this project, they want to go. That’s football today.

My president and Luis Campos could not do anything to keep two people who couldn’t stay in this project. We’re not in the world of the Care Bears.

I learned it by phone from my president on Tuesday night. He told me about the situation. I didn’t see anything coming. We were preparing normally for the match in Paris.

He explained it to me, and I understood. I would have done the same thing. If staff want to go to another project, it takes so much investment that if your head is 10 per cent elsewhere, you’re doomed to failure.

[Galtier certainly does not expect Campos to follow his former coaching staff to Spurs, though] Luis is 200 per cent invested in the project [at Lille] and I don’t see a 1000th of a wish to look elsewhere. We’re close and looking forward

2020 02 06 Retrieve

[Lille boss Christophe Galtier spoke out about what he views to be a screen time pandemic in today’s society] We are in a generation, a society even, where there is a terrible addiction to screen time, to social media and to mobile applications. It is the heroine of the 2020s. I am convinced, because I read a lot and I have a lot of discussions, that there is an addiction to screens, and that these screens can make you tired or generate problems with concentration and in the preparation for a match. Recently we took a decision, after consulting the players, that one hour before kick-off there are no more telephones or screens in the dressing rooms. So about 25 minutes before going out for warm-ups. I am almost convinced that there is going to be a significant development in the seasons to come, that as soon as players enter the dressing rooms, they will be in a screen-free zone

2020 03 03 Retrieve

[Lille boss Christophe Galtier suggests reported West Ham target Victor Osimhen could leave this summer] Victor said he wanted to stay here next season. He is a sincere boy, he is happy here. He is well appreciated and adored by the fans. Then, if in a few weeks big teams arrive with an interest in him, he will have to listen. That’s the logic of things