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Name Claudio Lotito
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job President of Lazio
Desc xxxx


Org Lazio

2020 03 10 Retrieve

[In February 2015, Lazio president Claudio Lotito was recorded bemoaning the fact that two tiny clubs, Frosinone and Carpi, were in contention for promotion to Serie A] If teams come up who are not worth a cent, in two or three years we won’t have a penny. I’ve done well in selling the TV rights. We brought in €1.2bn (£1bn/$1.35bn) thanks to my skill […] If in three years we have Latina and Frosinone, who would buy those rights? They don’t even know where Frosinone is!

2020 04 16 Retrieve

[Why Lotito and Lazio are even more desperate than Liverpool to finish season] Have you seen the data? [The virus] is going away! But I would know, I speak with the experts, the ones on the front line, not with the doctors of the football teams

2020 04 27 Retrieve

[Lazio owner Claudio Lotito says he would accept a one-off match with Juventus to decide the Serie A title if the season cannot be resumed] Yes, I would accept it. But I never asked myself the question. Starting the season again disadvantages us in a way. We had made a choice; believing that we could not play on three fronts, we had sacrificed the Europa League, because for timing and transfers it was the most uncomfortable competition. So, we would be able to play once a week while other teams played twice. If we start again, we would all play twice a week, so we would lose that advantage. But I think about the interests of 20 clubs. Today we are one point away from Juventus. But in the first game against Juventus we won 3-1 and also in the Super Cup we won 3-1, and we still had to play another match. For fairness, a team like Inter, who have eight points less than us, or Atalanta, who have 14 points less - tell me if they should be involved.

At Lazio I have an excellent structure. I already have swabs and serological tests, and I have masks. In [Lazio’s training base at] Formello I have the cardiologist, the internist, the otolaryngologist and the urologist. I am able to do sanitation immediately, my company works in hospitals