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Claudio Marchisio
Gender Male
Ethnic Italian
Job Italian Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Italy National Team
Club as Player Juventus

2011 05 Retrieve

[Claudio Marchisio on Steven Gerrard] In my own position, I was crazy about [Steven] Gerrard. I remember in the Champions League final comeback by Liverpool against AC Milan, you saw him up front, on the wings, and a moment later he was back, marking the playmaker, I have never seen such a complete midfielder

2018 08 18 Retrieve

[Claudio Marchisio leaves Juventus after spending 25 years at the club] I cannot stop looking at this photo and these stripes on which I have written my life as a man and as a footballer. I love this shirt to the point that, despite everything, I believe that the good of the squad comes first. Always

2019 08 20 Retrieve

[Free agent Claudio Marchisio says he turned down a contract offer from Chinese Super League club Jiangsu Suning because of their links with Intermilan] I refused the proposal of Jiangsu Suning. Was it influenced by the fact that they are linked to Inter? Of course, it was a factor. The link to that shirt wouldn’t allow me to make that choice in good conscience. Japan or Arabia? We will need to see what the future holds. I couldn’t wear any other shirt in Italy after Juventus, so I can say that I will only be considering offers from abroad. I appreciate the interest, I have received so many messages, but I want to be logical. Could I return to Juventus? No, I made that decision a year ago

2018 08 22 Retrieve

[Claudio Marchisio Write an open letter to Bianconeri fans after his release from the club but his next destination remains uncertain] It’s said that at Juventus, ‘winning isn’t important, it’s the only thing that counts’. Behind this phrase, which is so loved by us fans [yes because even if it may seem impossible, I am one today], said by our President Giampiero Boniperti, lies the deepest meaning of our way of life

When you’re a child with a dream, a child among many, you know that for [the Juve] shirt, you’ll have to be the best. Always. I spent the last 25 years of my life imagining what I wanted to become and the dreams I wanted to achieve with Juventus, but there wasn’t a single moment during which I thought I would live a moment like this

Regardless of what my next steps will be professional or otherwise, it would be useless and wrong of me to hide that my heart and DNA have and will always have only two colours. You work hard in the shadows of your idols forever and give the best of yourself every day for the shirt because those jerseys, once sewn on me, equate to pride, joy and responsibility

Del Piero, [Pavel] Nedved, Buffon, [David] Trezeguet, [Mauro] Camoranesi and all the others. Because everyone knows that, to honour this shirt, you must do your bit. This doesn’t just apply to us players but also for every single fan. Juventus win because they’re the best on and off the field

2019 10 03 Retrieve

[Former Juventus and Italy star Claudio Marchisio has retired at the age of 33] I’d made a promise to the kid who dreamt to become a football player. I would have played until I had felt the marvel of the dream coming true by stepping into the pitch. In the past months my mind and my heart went through mixed feelings and I finally understood I wasn’t fulfilling my promise anymore. I have no regrets, also thanks to my family that has taught me to eagerly look into the future. So, thank you dream! You gave me courage, strength, success and, above all, joy!

2019 10 03b Tweet

[Claudio Marchisio announce his retirement] I’d made a promise to the kid who dreamt to become a football player. I would have played until I had felt the marvel stepping into the pitch. I wasn’t fulfilling my promise anymore, that’s why I prefer to stop. So, thank you dream, you gave me strength, success and joy!

2019 10 05 Retrieve

[Claudio Marchisio reflected on two do-overs he’d have liked in his decorated career] I would like to have won the Champions League with Juventus and Euro 2012 with Italy. If I could, I would like to play the Berlin final [against Barcelona] again

2019 10 12 Retrieve

[Claudio Marchisio says Paul Pogba took just 15 minutes to showcase his star quality at Juventus] I’ll tell you an anecdote about Paul. One of the very first training sessions with us he was at a very young age. Andrea Pirlo and I took only 15 minutes to understand how strong Pogba was, and we also knew that he would soon take someone’s place in the team. Fortunately the coach found a system that allowed us to all play together. What a beautiful midfield, even with Arturo Vidal!

[The midfield baton at Juve has seen been passed into new hands, with Wales international aaron Ramsey forming part of Maurizio Sarri’s class of 2019-20] In the best hands. Ramsey is a fantastic player. The No. 8 is such a beautiful number that it had to end up on someone’s back. My preferences were two, Ramsey or an academy player who moved up to the first team

[While Ramsey has traded life in the Premier League for that in Serie A, Marchisio says he was never close to heading in the opposite direction] It cannot be said that I was close to any English team, but there was interest from the Manchester teams and Chelsea. But Juventus has always been my priority, so real negotiations were never started

When the coach moved my position from second striker to midfielder in the Juventus youth, I began to observe the great midfielders of the football scene. Even just to try to steal secrets and understand the malice needed for the role. Without a doubt my favourites remain Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard. They were both very strong and both undisputed symbols of their own clubs. I admired both their charisma, the mastery of the game, the leadership, the courage and their attachment to the shirt

2020 02 12 Retrieve

[Claudio Marchisio believes Paulo Dybala is one of the best players to have worn the iconic Juventus No.10 shirt] Paulo is among the top five Juventus number 10’s ever. I was very impressed by Rodrigo Bentancur’s progressive growth and I am happy with Dybala’s comeback. He is showing, as before, that he is truly a champion

Of course I would have liked to play with Ronaldo. During that summer many told me that I could not go away just at the moment when he arrived, but the choices of their lives cannot be tied to players who arrive. The beauty of Cristiano is what led to Juve. He raised the bar of a team that already knew how it was done

He was one of the most important coaches during my career, he was very important not only for me but for everyone. He is the one who brought back the true soul of Juventus in us the players after dark years and where he made us win not only on the field

2020 02 26 Retrieve

[Claudio Marchisio after the conclusion of this season’s group stage] The midfield isn’t at the level it was when there was myself, [Andrea] Pirlo, Arturo Vidal and Paul Pogba. You can see it from the goals scored and assists provided

2020 03 19 Retrieve

[Claudio Marchisio reveals that he advised Pogba against leaving Juventus for Old Trafford] I would be very happy. I told him that he was wrong to go to Manchester and that if he really wanted to change he should choose Spain. Having said that, his return would be extremely positive, Paul would be reborn in the environment he loves and pampers him the most. And he would give Juventus a lot as they need someone like him in the middle: he is a great professional.

Lately no great midfielders have emerged, it’s a matter of cycles. Today Juventus have the best elements in attack and defence, but they also have an excellent midfield. It has been unfortunate for them in that area this season, with the injuries and departures. Miralem Pjanic carried the unit on his shoulders up until January and was very good. I love [Rodrigo] Bentancur and he is still growing as a player.