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<img src=’assets/img/Colm O’Gorman.jpg’> Colm O’Gorman
Gender Male
Ethnic Irish
Job Executive Director of Amnesty International Ireland
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Ngo Amnesty International Ireland
Ngo Amnesty International

2014 12 13 Retrieve

[Today’s gathering coincided with Ibrahim Halawa’s 19th birthday. He has been detained in Egypt for 463 days. During that time, despite two separate dates for a trial being scheduled, none has taken place] This is his second birthday behind bars in Egypt accused of crimes he did not commit and awaiting a trial we do not believe will be fair or in accordance with due process. If convicted, he could face the death penalty. The Egyptian authorities must release this Prisoner of Conscience immediately and drop all charges against him

2015 12 13 Retrieve

I can understand why he would be feeling abandoned and forgotten and hopeless. [Ibrahim Halawa] He’s seen his life wasting away in front him. I can only begin to imagine the level of trauma. I know his family is frustrated, they have been through extraordinary torment. They have occasional visits but are left powerless. It will be no surprise to anyone that Egyptian prisons are pretty difficult places. The kid just wants to come home. He’s clearly an Irish citizen and that brings a complexity to the case

2019 11 15 Retrieve

[Colm O’Gorman said] many people here care deeply about the plight of families fleeing persecution and conflict in Syria but that often, they feel helpless. CSI [Community Sponsorship Ireland] changes that entirely. It puts local communities at the heart of our response to the refugee crisis. Now local people can work together to welcome, support and integrate people who have fled conflict and help them make Ireland their new home