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Craig Bellamy
Gender Male
Ethnic Welsh
Job Welsh Footballer
Desc Kenny Dalglish brought the Wales forward back to Liverpool at a time when the Reds were still deep in transition. Craig Bellamy might not have been one of the most obvious stars in a team that was occupied by Luis Suarez and Steven Gerrard, but he was instrumental in the Reds’ victorious Carling Cup win. He was a surprise success of a signing, scoring seven goals in 12 games and helping them reach the FA Cup final


Org Welsh National Team
Club as Player xxxx
  Cardiff City

2012 09 09 Retrieve

[Cardiff City striker Craig Bellamy has revealed he is struggling to come to terms with the death of ex-team-mate and close friend Gary Speed] Losing my best mate has affected everything. I can’t believe how hard it is. It has had an effect on everything. He was the best mate I’ve ever had. All I know is that my best mate has gone. I’m struggling. I can’t lie.

It’s sad but unfortunately it got to my marriage. I’m here and she’s there. I don’t know if that’s it for us. I’ve been living on my own for eight weeks now. There’s no one else involved. I wish there was. I wish I had someone and I wish she [Claire] had someone. That would make it easier. It’s hit me hard. It’s nothing to do with football and it’s nothing to do with me as a footballer. I couldn’t give a s*** about football. It’s about real people, human beings, kids and families. I can’t tell you how hard it is. It’s the worst time in my life ever

2014 03 13 Retrieve

[Craig Bellamy wrote in his autobiography about Steven Gerrard] What makes him so good? Well, there is nothing he can’t do. He is clever. He sees the game quicker than anyone else. He sees the picture. He can play the ball first time round corners that aren’t even there. He has got intelligence. He has got physical attributes. He can bomb past people. He is quick. He is a proper, powerful athlete. Give him a header, he will score. He can play in behind the front man. He can get the ball off the back four and control the game from the quarterback position. He is just an immense all-round footballer. I have never seen anyone put it all together like him, never seen someone with so many qualities. I have played with a lot of talented players, but he was better than any of them

2020 05 06 Retrieve

[Craig Bellamy says Man Utd nowhere near Man City & Liverpool] Coronavirus hit, and it seemed to be quite a good time at Manchester United, everyone is talking about Manchester United, but they are nowhere near these two clubs. Nowhere near. And it’s going to take a good three or four years to get near. The balance [City and Liverpool] have in the team, the way they play, the intensity they play at, the pressing and understanding of what they’re doing, takes them well ahead. These two teams are a big gap ahead of anyone else

[Bellamy believes Pep Guardiola’s men have missed Leroy Sane] The one player I think Manchester City has missed so much is Leroy Sane. Just for the balance of the team, not just his pace, but don’t underestimate his pressing, how good he is at that. He’s been a big, big miss this season