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Dani Alves
Gender Male
Ethnic Brazilian
Job Brazilian Footballer
Desc Still going strong at 36 years old, ​Dani Alves found his way back into the Brazilian squad for the Copa America this year after a decent season with Paris Saint-Germain. Why does Alves earn a spot on this list, though? After winning the Ligue 1 title this season, he became the most decorated player in history, with 42 titles to his name - the majority of which came during his profitable time with Barcelona


Org Brazil National Team
Club as Player Sao Paulo FC
  Barcelona FC
  Sevilla FC

2015 03 13 Retrieve

[Dani Alves on speculation linking him with a move away from Barcelona] I’m a bit tired of listening to sheep making up (stuff). I love this club but if one day I have to leave, I will have the same balls that have got me where I am today to say it myself. I don’t need any sheep to speak for me

2015 07 11 Retrieve

[Daniel Alves on himself] People think that, because you’re a footballer, you don’t have the right to do things. I like to play the guitar. I like to drink wine. I will drink wine with my friends and my family when I want. You can think whatever you like. Why? Because I have a life. Everyone likes to have an opinion. A lot of people know I’m Daniel Alves, that I played for Brazil and Barcelona, but they don’t know me. They don’t know that I was a waiter, that I did this and that, anything I could to make money

2015 08 15 Retrieve

[Dani Alves on Turan] It’s an honour to have Turan with us. He’s a phenomenon. Furthermore, he’s been very funny in the camp. Our team needs crazy men like him

2015 12 21 Retrieve

[on Messi, Suarez, and Neymar] Between them, they’re always looking to score; the objective is to make sure everyone’s happy. The three of them look to score right up until the final whistle [. . .]

2016 02 27 Retrieve

[Dani Alves on his future prospects after he finishes his footballing career] I enjoy gastronomy, music and fashion, so I’ll end up involved in one of those three areas- or all three! They’re things I have a passion for, and I only do what I’m passionate about. [I feel that way about] football too, but it’s unlikely I’ll stay involved in it. There are a lot of things I don’t like about it, and I always go where I feel good and at home.

2016 03 19 Retrieve

[Dani Alves speaking before Barcelona’s 3-1 win over Arsenal (5-1 on aggregate) in the Round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League] When I talk about energy, happiness, joy, that’s applicable to life. I try to make people take that on; I hope to be contagious. Don’t be bitter: the world’s already bitter enough, it’s already self-destructing. I want that positive energy to reach people. I can’t sing, but I sing. There’s a phrase: quien canta, sus males espanta [he who sings, sings his troubles away]. So, I sing

2016 05 28 Retrieve

[Dani Alves tallies up his medals after Barcelona win the Spanish Copa del Rey] Pele, you are the king. The King. But I’ve won more titles than you

2017 03 18 Retrieve

[Dani Alves believes Juventus have what it takes to win the 2016/17 UEFA Champions League title] We are in good shape, both physically and psychologically. Now we are going into the most important part of the season. Great players work all year to be ready for these moments … to win competitions. Together, we can have a great finale to the campaign. I am aware of how important the Champions League is for the Bianconeri and the history of this club. I too, like all the Juventini, want to dream and am convinced we can do it if we stay calm and show no fear of making mistakes … then we can go all the way

2017 04 08 Retrieve

[Dani Alves speaks about the difficulty of playing in South America’s World Cup qualifiers] The South American qualifiers are tough, the hardest in the world if you ask me, the ones where you have to adapt the most. You have to go to Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela and the like. They’re tough games to play, and the atmosphere can be hostile. You have a lot of problems to overcome. It wasn’t easy before and it’s not easy now, but the important thing is to be prepared and not come up with excuses. The qualifiers are a test of how mature you are

2017 04 22 Retrieve

[Dani Alves reveals what he said to console former club team-mate Neymar after Juventus eliminated Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals] The only thing I told him was not to regard this as a defeat, but as a learning experience, to get up from this type of situation and move on

2017 06 03 Retrieve

[Dani Alves revealed what he said to Barcelona officials before joining Juventus] Before I went to Juventus, I made a final promise to the board at Barcelona. I said: ‘You’re going to miss me’. I didn’t mean as a player. Barça have plenty of incredible players. What I meant was they were going to miss my spirit. They were going to miss the care I had for the dressing room. They were going to miss the blood I spilled every time I put on the shirt

2018 04 03 Retrieve

[Dani Alves becomes the most successful player in football history. Alves after Saturday’s 3-0 win with the Brazilian claiming his 35 winners’ medals over 17 years, compared to the 24 years of Manchester United legend Giggs] Today I oust you, Maxwell

2018 04 27 Retrieve

[While at Barcelona, Brazilian defender Dani Alves peeled and bit into a banana thrown at him by Villarreal fans in a racist gesture in 2014. Alves said at the time:] We have suffered this in Spain for some time. You have to take it with a dose of humour

2018 05 19 Retrieve

[Dani Alves writes after it was announced he would miss out on the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia due to suffering a knee injury during PSG’s Coupe de France victory] I don’t consider myself a veteran. As you can see, my spirit is about 13 years old. Who knows, maybe when the 2022 World Cup comes around, I will still be competing for a place on the team. My body will be 39, but my spirit will have only turned 17

2018 11 10 Retrieve

[Dani Alves reveals how close he came to making a move to Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea from Spanish club Sevilla in the summer of 2007] I thought it was done, that I was going there to work with him. I don’t know if he got different information, that I didn’t want to go or whatever, because since then, our relationship hasn’t been so good, but it wasn’t my fault. I was convinced that I was going to work with him and form part of his team

2019 05 24 Retrieve

[Dani Alves prepared to bet the Eiffel Tower that Neymar stays at PSG despite Real Madrid & Barcelona talk] Madrid calls a lot of people. I wouldn’t be surprised at all. If Real Madrid calls me, I’d say no. And if they call me to ask me about Neymar, I’d say no as well.

[On a potential return to Barcelona] I think it’s very difficult. People inside Barca, I think, won’t be willing to acknowledge that they need him. And that’s a problem, you can’t go anywhere guided by your ego. You can’t let your ego dictate your life. Barca has that problem and they won’t recognise that they need him and that already drives him away from Barca. Which side doesn’t need Ney? Everyone needs Ney

[Alves believes Neymar will continue to ignore the exit talk] He’s in transition, because he’s not getting the results he wants. And he’s very obsessed about it and he always wants to be on top. Therefore, if he doesn’t make it, it would be clear that he’s unhappy. He must take advantage of his time off and his vacation and reflect on what he can do in order to be a bigger player than he already is and to reach a much better place than the one he is in right now. He is not happy, since he didn’t get the results he wanted and that brings him unhappiness. I would beat the crap out of him if he feels happy without winning

2019 05 24b Retrieve

[Dani Alves has confirmed spells in the Premier League and MLS appeal to him] The only real attachment I had in life was the one I had with my mom when I had an umbilical cord, and even that one was cut off. I’m a free man and I’m among those who think that one plus one equals one instead of two, since we are working together. If we remain on the same page, we will stay together. If that’s not the case, then it won’t happen.

[Pressed further on whether he expects to end up on the same page as PSG] As of now, we are not. They know I want to go in a direction and that I want to help this club to change its history. But I don’t know if that’s what they want. I can contribute a lot inside PSG and if we can’t agree on it, then we will see

[He said of the Premier League] It’s not a dream, because I make my dreams come true with effort. I’ve said I would like it. It is a very exciting league; they feel a lot of respect and what I like is the respect they have for the professional player. If he gives his all, they respect him. And here, in the rest of Europe, it looks like that if you don’t win matches then you don’t get any respect. I don’t have that problem, I’m a winner

[Asked if MLS appeals to him] Frankly, most of the things they do in the U.S. are enticing. Saying otherwise would be a lie. Because of the organisation they have, their structure, the fact they always do things in a big way and they strive for excellence, that is something very appealing for everyone. If it wasn’t a nice league, no one would even think of going there. When they talk about it, they know how important it is and the growth it has experienced. Obviously, you always keep an eye on it, no doubt

: 2019 05 28 Neymar will not captain Brazil during next month’s Copa America, with Dani Alves handed the armband for the showpiece South American tournament on home soil

2019 06 15 Retrieve

[Tite’s Brazil will travel to Bahia for Tuesday’s clash against Venezuela and captain Dani Alves is relishing the chance to play in his home state] This is normal in Sao Paulo, there are lot of fans of clubs so it’s always complicated playing here, but we showed personality. There was even a moment when Tite shouted and you could hear it out on the pitch. It’s different in Bahia. People miss the Brazil team, and the energy that we bring. For sure, things will be more animated than here

2019 06 16 Retrieve

[Dani Alves says he needs to play in a team that can achieve its ambitions as he nears a departure from Paris Saint-Germain] I am passionate about the people of PSG, the people who care and are part of the club. But sportingly speaking we did not get the results we expected and I need a team that really knows how to compete for what we aspire to achieve. Now I’m focused on the national team, having a great Copa America and then I can decide my future and where I’m going, if I stay or leave. Right now I don’t know what is going to happen. My future will depend on the proposal made to me

[the experienced full-back dismissed the idea that he is getting too old for the top level] I’m like good wine, time goes by and I’m getting better

2019 06 17 Retrieve

[Dani Alves believes Brazil are no weaker without Neymar as they chase success at the Copa America] I believe that every time we come to the national team, we wear this shirt, we have to prove it, regardless of whether or not Neymar is there, we have to prove it because we represent a historical team, very respected worldwide. But when you have an extra, like Ney, you become a little stronger. But you do not weaken without it, you only increase your qualities, you increase your power, but you do not diminish without him. Our responsibility remains the same - we represent a history and we have to defend this history with great honour.

[Alves said he was eyeing the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, but knows he must continue performing] It [2022 World Cup] is a goal I have, but I do not allow myself to look too far forward, because when you look far ahead you forget to look at now. I cannot forget to look at the now because the opportunities I have to be here can not to be distracted with the future and not with the past. What matters is the present. I reinvent myself. When you reach a certain age, you begin to raise doubts, a lot of talk about the selection is renewed or the clubs have to renew, have more players, young people, but both in the clubs and in the national team, it values itself by results

2019 06 23 Retrieve

[Dani Alves has announced his departure from Paris Saint-Germain after two seasons with the Ligue 1 giants] Today I close another cycle in my life, a cycle of victory, learning and experiences. I would like to thank the PSG family for the opportunity to together build a page in the history of this club. I would like to thank all the staff for their affection, respect and complicity from day one … you make this club a little more special.

2019 07 06 Retrieve

[Alves said after the game in response to his former Barca team-mate Messi’s protests] I agree, I also complain about referees. I don’t like to talk about referees, but it seemed he was more nervous than we were.

We trust in our play and our own hard work a great deal. There is one more step to achieve the objective we set ourselves from the start, but it is not easy

2019 07 06b Retrieve

[Referee Roddy Zambrano overlook a wild shove on Sergio Aguero in the area seconds before Firmino hit the second of the night, a decision that sent the usually calm Lionel Messi into a wild fury] I agree, I also complain about referees. I don’t like to talk about referees, but it seemed he was more nervous than we were

[Dani sits within an exclusive if unwanted group of Brazil greats never to lift the trophy, with the likes of Socrates, Zico and Falcao. But he took it in his stride and now seems hell-bent on delivering success in front of the Maracana faithful on Sunday] We trust in our play and our own hard work a great deal. There is one more step to achieve the objective we set ourselves from the start, but it is not easy.

2019 07 07 Retrieve

[Brazil vs Peru. Dani Alves on Tite] The captain of our boat has taken care of every detail for us to play well. The only thing we can promise is 100% effort. We need to deserve the result more than our adversaries

: 2019 07 08 Dani Alves has become the first footballer to win 40 trophies after his Brazil side won the Copa America - the right-back’s second Copa trophy

2019 07 08b Retrieve

[Dani Alves, who was voted player of the tournament, was full of praise for the Selecao coach] The captain of our boat is Tite. Congratulations to us and to our people. I repeat, congratulations to our staff. Playing in the Maracana is always very special. It is our house

[Lionel Messi recently claimed the Copa America was set up for Brazil] I don’t agree with what Messi said, we have worked hard to be champions. We sweat a lot. I can understand that Messi is upset, but I don’t agree that it was set up because we sweat a lot to get this

2019 07 09 Retrieve

[Dani Alves has criticised long-time team-mate Lionel Messi after the Argentina star alleged that the Copa America was corrupt following his side’s loss to Brazil] A friend is not always right just because he’s a friend. You can say it in the heat of the moment, but I still won’t agree. Firstly, he’s disrespecting an institution such as the Selecao, in my view. Secondly, he’s being disrespectful with several professionals who put a lot of things aside so they could be there fighting for a dream. I’m a friend who always tells the truth when it’s due, and I think he was wrong for saying these things

2019 07 09b Retrieve

[Brazil full-back Dani Alves came to the defence of team-mate Neymar in the wake of growing criticism and reports of a potential Paris Saint-Germain exit] If a team has Messi, it must play for Lionel Messi, as it is with Cristiano Ronaldo. And Neymar is no different, he’s on another level and, the more the team dedicates itself to him, he’ll continue to give an answer on the pitch. I don’t think these kind of players do things that are not for the sake of the team. I realised this when I played with Messi: if he’s on my side, why should I do other than trying to get the ball to him? I know how decisive he can be, he must have the ball. And Neymar is that kind of player. But sometimes I feel there’s this sensibility over Neymar that everything he does should be put under scrutiny. I disagree with a lot of the criticism about him because some of it targets his off-pitch doings and not his football, where he’s always provided results. As a friend, my job is ensuring Neymar understands that he must find ways to realise his gift for football

: 2019 07 16 Juventus have joined Manchester City and Intermilan in the battle to sign Dani Alves as a free agent

2019 07 27 Retrieve

[Dani Alves is still waiting on offers this summer, with the legendary Brazilian full-back admitting on social media that is ‘looking for a job’ after dropping into the free agent pool] Looking for a job, where do I put my resume? Someone let me know if you have time to read!

[He stated when bidding farewell to Ligue 1 champions PSG] I am passionate about the people of PSG, the people who care and are part of the club. But sportingly speaking we did not get the results we expected and I need a team that really knows how to compete for what we aspire to achieve. Right now I don’t know what is going to happen. My future will depend on the proposal made to me.

: 2019 08 01 Free agent right-back Dani Alves is close to a move to Sao Paulo as the veteran defender will return to Brazil to continue his career

2019 08 02 Retrieve

[Sao Paulo have confirmed the signing of former Paris Saint-Germain full-back and Brazil star Dani Alves] I could’ve picked any other team to play for. But I chose to come back to Brazil, to my country, to my people. To the club I love. It’s unreal, but I’m here!

2019 08 07 Retrieve

[Dani Alves eyes 2022 World Cup and wants to make history with Sao Paulo] I came here to Sao Paulo to work. I didn’t come to finish my career. I still have a lot of goals ahead, and one of them is to make history with Sao Paulo

[Explaining his decision to join Sao Paulo] I need project solidity. I need stability sportingly speaking because I have my goals ahead. I need to build this story knowing all the difficulties it entails - back to Brazil, everything that involves my name, everything that people are expecting from me. But the dreams I have are greater than any difficulty that may exist along the way. I stress again that my goal is trying to play the World Cup 2022. And that means being in a club that gives me that possibility, that bet for me, that believes in my professionalism and my history in football. It has always been a story built with much sacrifice and effort, but with much surrender and much result

2019 08 10 Retrieve

[Dani Alves speaks about his ambitions after completing his move to Sao Paulo] The dreams I have are greater than any difficulty that may exist along the way. I stress again that my goal is trying to play the World Cup 2022. And that means being in a club that gives me that possibility, that bet for me, that believes in my professionalism and my history in football

2019 09 07 Retrieve

[Selecao’s 2-2 friendly draw against Colombia in Florida. Dani Alves described playing with Neymar as a joyous experience after the Brazil star scored on his long-awaited return to the pitch] It’s always a joy to have Ney doing what he knows best, enjoying himself and doing his best for the national team. We have affection for him and when he is focused his level is very high. Let’s let him do what he can do, which is to play football. We’re here to help him

2019 09 12 Retrieve

[Dani Alves has claimed he had an opportunity to return to Barcelona and Juventus this summer before electing to join Sao Paulo as he deemed them a dream fit] I had the chance to go back to Juventus. I also had the chance to go back to Barca, because I wanted that. I don’t decide what I do all of a sudden. I think: ‘What will this club give me? How will this place make me a better person? How will this place make me a better professional?’

When I joined the national team, I told my team, ‘I don’t want to know anything about transfers. I am a free agent, but I don’t want to know anything’. Why? Because I needed to perform well here. If I did well here, it would open many doors. People would see my quality, my dedication and my achievements. After that, my mindset was: I want to know what my possibilities are right now. And there were a few. But, for example, none of them were something I wanted, except the team of my dreams

What I wanted, the key point for me, was having the stability to fight for the 2022 World Cup. It was the starting point for my next challenge. Most of the clubs didn’t offer me that, because they didn’t believe in me. Because they think I have an expiration date. And I’ve said it since I began my career: I’m free. I decide when I start. I decide when I finish

I started to put a lot of factors together. I thought about the transition period they are going through, the facilities Sao Paulo have, the possibilities as a club, their history … all of that together built a strong and unique link amongst the possibilities I had. So I thought it was time to make a decision

2019 09 26 Retrieve

[Legendary full-back Alves when asked to name the most promising player within the global game] There are some players that are born with the talent and for sure he is one of them. I had the chance to watch him play closely, with the Brazil national team - I’m positive we will see and hear a lot more about him soon

I believe that in football we will always discover new talents. In this club [Barcelona] before Messi, you had Ronaldinho, before Ronaldinho you had other great players. You’re always going to have someone who will be better, but I still believe that it will be very hard to measure up to a player like Messi. Players like Messi are very hard to come around, but we can’t forget that as football evolves, players do as well.

2019 10 01 Retrieve

[Dani Alves says Pep Guardiola is a genius that football gave us as a gift] I think Pep is a genius. A genius that football gave us as a gift, as a coach, as a person. How he got the best out of every player - those that played a lot, those that didn’t play as much - creating a synergy with a lot of respect between those inside the team. That puts him in a very special position in my life and a very particular position. I think he’s a nonconformist genius, a methodical genius, a perfectionist genius and I think that makes him unique. Wherever he goes, he can win more or he can win less, but I think a player that works with him will never be the same. Every day is a learning [curve], it’s a class like you were going to college. It’s a discipline because you learn something more

[That is an opinion shared by Alves, who added on the finest side he graced] I don’t think this team was the closest to perfection as possible, I think that team was perfection. I think it’s a very, very, very easy question to answer because I think I was part of the best team in the history of football; for the way they played, for the way they did things, for how they complimented each other, it’s Barcelona. So for me it’s always an easy answer. I was there eight years, I won 23 titles alongside my team-mates, I think it was something very historic. I am a small dreamer but that time in my career is still the most special because I accumulated unique things, unimaginable things

2019 10 12 Retrieve

[Dani Alves talks about his motivation to feature at Qatar 2022] I will be almost 40 years old at the next World Cup and I will work my socks off to make it

2019 10 16 Retrieve

[Ex-PSG star Dani Alves hits out at Parisian life: They’re fcking racists]</b> It’s a stressful city. I didn’t like it much. If you go to Paris for a week, it will be the trip of your life, but any longer than that and it gets tiring. It reminds me a bit of Sao Paulo, but there, they are fcking racists. A lot of them. They didn’t say anything to me because I would have old them to go and f*ck themselves, but I saw it towards my friends

[During his career, he was notably the victim of racism while playing at Villarreal. A supporter threw a banana at him, to which he responded by peeling it and taking a bite] We have suffered this in Spain for some time. You have to take it with a dose of humour. We aren’t going to change things easily. If you don’t give it importance, they don’t achieve their objective

[Having also spent time in Barcelona and Seville during his illustrious career, he says he preferred those Latin cities] The people there look Brazilian, live out on the street and have a cool energy. They’re very up front, but I prefer people to be like that than the opposite

2019 10 30 Retrieve

[Dani Alves says Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar must change his ways if he is to be treated with the respect he deserves] At times, in order not to generate a certain type of feeling, he retracts. Neymar is a very sensitive person. Neymar is very affected by many things, and at times many of those are unjust. Neymar has the sensibility of a child. But Ney is not a child, no. He is a man. People have to start learning to respect Neymar. The Ney of the Brazilian team people don’t respect. He’s known as the outsider and people don’t respect that

Ney has already won in football so he can talk and say what he wants. There are a lot of people who keep talking, commentating and haven’t won anything. That is why I want him to put himself out there. When they say something that is not right about, you whether it’s Casagrande or someone else, you have to stand up for yourself. Today he is the most important Brazilian football player and Neymar is among the top in world football. He needs to take a stance because he is in a place where he has to position himself and people have to understand who Ney is, how he thinks, and they have to start to learn and respect Neymar

[It is not just for himself that Neymar should tidy up his action] Ney has had a responsibility ever since he became a role model to kids, to other athletes. When you start having that responsibility, you cannot disappoint them. It’s then when you have to take a stance

2020 06 07 Retrieve

[Former Barcelona defender Dani Alves has compared the club’s performance in the 2015 Champions League final to Muhammad Ali after recalling their hard-fought victory against Juventus] We were up against very physical opponents and we knew we had to win by having the ball. It does not matter how strong your opponents is if you have them chasing after the ball so that they get tired. The moment they let their guard down is the moment to attack. We were like Muhammad Ali: we floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee. I think we were deserving winners of the final and we celebrated a lot as we had repeated the treble. I remember pretty much everything about the final. It’s very recent and not a lot of time has passed since then. I remember it was a very special moment but also a tough one on a personal and collective level. People thought we couldn’t win another treble and were supporting our opponents to stop us doing it. We were aware that people thought we could not do it. When you are prepared to face that, it’s unlikely negative things happen. That is Barca’s secret in finals: they are always prepared.