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Dani Osvaldo
Gender Male
Ethnic Italian
Job Italian Footballer
Desc Had Osvaldo continued scoring at the rate he did while on loan at Inter from Southampton, he’d have had a fantastic later career. However, what a player does on the pitch is only part of the battle


Org Italy National Team
Club as Player Boca Juniors
  Southampton [Loan]

2019 08 29 Retrieve

[on Mauro Icardi] I have no problem with Icardi. That was not the main reason I left Inter, but I am not going to reveal what it was. But it certainly wasn’t because of Icardi

2019 09 19 Retrieve

[Former Italy internationa Osvaldol, who last played in 2016, has been out of the game since in order to focus on his music career with band Barrio Viejo] I hope he doesn’t call me because you can’t say no to Diego. It would put me in trouble. If he calls me, we’ll see. For now, all I know is that on September 21 I’m playing with Barrio Viejo.

My exit from football was a circus, Who are you to tell me I can’t smoke? My father? I smoked all my life and I still played for the Italian national team. He was a nefarious technician for Boca, but the rest of my experience at Bombonera was excellent.

2020 01 25 Retrieve

[No-nonsense coach Guillermo Barros Schelotto, who drummed Daniel Osvaldo out of the club following that infamous Libertadores transgression] There were 12 of us who smoked in that Boca team and I was the one who got kicked out. And Guillermo saw them do it, you know? He used to tell them they couldn’t, that’s all. He didn’t even tell me. He’s lucky I was smoking a cigarette then because if not I’d have ripped his head off. He gave me a minute and a half in the game [against Nacional] as if I were 14 years old. If you want to kick out a player with the record I had when I came to Boca, we can go for a coffee and you tell me, ‘Let’s look for the best way to move you out.’ You don’t go public saying I smoked a cigarette. Guillermo had no respect and was a coward

[Football took a back seat, with the nocturnal lifestyle of the rock star not usually conducive to maintaining prime physical fitness] I’m not much of a fan of the daytime. I smoke a lot, yesterday I played with some friends of mine and I almost choked. Today everything hurts