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Daniel Farke
Gender Male
Ethnic German
Job German Football Coach
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Org xxxx National Team
Club as Coach Norwich FC [Head Coach]

: 2019 06 13 Norwich City return to the Premier League five years since relegation to the second tier following their 2018-19 Championship title triumph

2019 06 25 Retrieve

[Championship winners Norwich City have confirmed the signing of Josip Drmic from Borussia Monchengladbach] We made it clear we wanted to sign a new striker and we’ve found a guy who has proved himself at the highest level. He has lots of Bundesliga appearances and has a very good record for the Switzerland national team. He has had a difficult couple of years with injuries, but we feel he is the full package. Two or three years ago, some of the biggest clubs in Europe were interested in him. He is a great character and a good guy, and we feel his best days are still to come

2019 08 09 Retrieve

[Liverpool vs Norwich City. Farke has vowed to give Liverpool a sterner test than they may expect] They are one of the best teams in the world. For me, probably the best at the moment. It is the toughest task you can get to start. It’s the first time they play back at Anfield after winning the Champions League title so there will be lots of optimism and they will be focused. I can’t speak highly enough of Jurgen Klopp. He’s a world-class coach, and the job he’s done at Liverpool is outstanding. We know we are the underdog and not the big favourite but we won’t raise the white flag. One thing I can promise is that we will be greedy to be there with a good performance, but also a good result

2019 08 24 Retrieve

[Norwich vs Chelsea. Manager Daniel Farke is more concerned about the performance of the team as a whole] I don’t care how many he scores. My question is how we can gain more than 40 points? I don’t worry about how many goals Teemu can score. He can score 70 goals but if we don’t stay up it doesn’t matter. If he stayed on four goals and we stayed up we are all happy and delighted.

[It is this emphasis on the collective that the former Dortmund reserve boss believes will lay the foundation for survival] There was this scene in the first half when he ran back 80 yards and won the ball. Pretty often strikers are greedy to score goals and assists but a win of the ball is also important. That is important for the team because they know they can trust each other. Only one can wear the captain’s armband but I want all the lads to take responsibility

2019 09 13 Retrieve

[Without almost their entire defence, Daniel Farke’s side faces major issues against the defending Premier League champions] Sometimes when you have many muscle injuries, you have to look at doing something different in training. But these injuries are so unlucky. We cannot complain too much. We won’t cry, it’s tricky, but we will try to search for some solutions

2019 09 13b Retrieve

[Daniel Farke revealed the sobering state of his injury list could leave Norwich without up to 11 players for Saturday’s visit of champions Manchester City] Manchester City are exceptional, they are so special. If you just try to park the bus then you have no chance. It is important that you have periods where you control the ball and are in possession. We will have to be top class in our defending and be disciplined. It will be also important that we bring our style and try to dominate possession and be good with the ball. Even if I wanted to, I can’t park the bus because I have no defensive players anymore. We will have to concentrate on our skills. There were more lads today [Friday] on the physio bench than on the training pitch. It is a tricky situation for us. We are playing one of the best teams in the world, if not the best, and as a newly promoted side you always have to be at your best

Our injury situation is not easy at the moment, but we will try to handle it anyhow. I will return to my darkened cave after this [news conference] and cry

2019 09 14 Retrieve

[Norwich vs Manchester City. Norwich boss Daniel Farke does not need anyone to lecture him about how damaging injuries can be; his side could be without up to 11 players for this fixture] There were more lads today on the physio beds than out on the training pitch! It is definitely a tricky situation for us - we are playing one of the best teams in the world. Every lad in this dressing room is needed. There will be a few debuts… I will back my lads whatever happens. Manchester City are so special in their style, if you just try to park the bus, then you have no chance. Even if I wanted to park the bus, I have no more defensive players!

2019 09 14b Retrieve

[Daniel Farke will celebrate Norwich City’s surprise victory over Premier League champions Manchester City with a coffee and a piece of cake after training on Sunday] To be honest, it was a really complicated week and I’m happy when I’m back on my sofa this evening because I’m too old and too exhausted to celebrate. We have training Sunday morning and we have to analyse the game so for that I have to watch the game back. So it will be a pretty late night for me to be prepared, but hopefully on Sunday afternoon on the sofa I can have a coffee and a piece of cake, I will celebrate with this. All our supporters are definitely allowed to celebrate and enjoy this day because if you don’t value these moments you lose your motivation, but we will definitely stay calm

It is definitely a proud night, without any doubt. To win against the best team in the world, with world-class players, a world-class coach, a top club, as Norwich City, as a newly promoted side who has no chance to spend an unbelievable amount of money in the summer in a situation with an unbelievable amount of injured players, it’s really special. I always believe in my players. We know we were not the favourites and everything has to come together. But we play football to reach something excellent, not just realistic things. We have had several good games but the outcome in terms of points was not perfect because we played some really decent sides and so you struggle with self-confidence.

It was important to give them back the belief and some self-confidence - but it seems like we found the right words and decisions. Against such quality you have to play slightly different because you can’t control possession against Manchester City. We had to try and allow Manchester City possession in certain areas and with certain players. It was complicated to prepare this game, but my lads fulfilled everything we tried to work on in the last few days in a perfect way.

2019 10 26 Retrieve

[Norwich manager Daniel Farke says he tried to sign Daniel James over the summer - before being blown out of the water by Manchester United] He is a player I always liked and I tried to see if there was chance we could work together. Sadly when Man United call, there is no chance for Norwich to get a player. I’m not surprised he has become a key player for them so early. All respect to him because he is already crucial

[While Farke might be thinking of what might have been, for the time being he is focused on trying to stop James on Sunday as Norwich welcome United to Carrow Road] It’s not a 50-50 game. I would say it’s only one game in ten that we would be able to gain points. But it was the same against Manchester City and we were able to create a magic night

He was scoring goals for fun at the beginning. Hopefully he can deliver another special performance

2019 12 13 Retrieve

[Norwich have a tough old game this weekend when they travel to Leicester but as boss Daniel Farke points out] We have found it perhaps easier to be honest to get some good results against the top-class teams so far. We are respectful but we are not scared

2020 04 10 Retrieve

[Norwich boss Farke expressed his delight after securing Sinani’s signature] We’re all happy that we’re able to sign Danel. He’s a young player full of potential. He’s pretty interesting because he can play more or less all offensive positions. He also has great ability in terms of end product, scoring many goals and delivering many assists. Luxembourg is a completely different level so we will need to give him some time, but he has proven he can deliver in the Europa League. It’s a sign of our way that we give interesting talents the chance to impress

2020 06 28 Retrieve

[Harry Maguire struck an extra-time winner as Manchester United saw off spirited 10-man Norwich 2-1 to book their place in the FA Cup semi-finals] We’re disappointed with the outcome. We left our hearts out on the pitch in order to get into the next round. We wanted to create history. I have to compliment my players on their workload, commitment, desire, and quality of them and the way we handled the game. They were fantastic and we had many periods with the momentum on our side and we deserved to win it in 90 minutes. The red card was an unlucky situation and changed the momentum. To lose it feels harsh, but the lads can be proud of this performance

2020 06 30 Retrieve

[Daniel Farke says Norwich need five wins from seven games to stand a chance of avoiding relegation] We are not naive and we know that we have to win probably five out of the last seven games and this is a huge task. It would be outstanding and something extraordinary if we can handle this. Once you are there with a draw against Man Utd after 90 minutes and you were actually the better side, that says a lot about you are capable to be successful against each and every team. As long as you are capable to do this then you can also win games on this evidence

We know that there is a bit of pressure on us in terms of delivering with results. We are not naive but we still have a chance. It is difficult but it’s possible and doable. Performance-wise we are heading to the right direction and if we can go further this way, I’m pretty sure we’ll win definitely a few points in the last games, hopefully we can start with a win tomorrow

[Despite relegation seeming extremely likely, the 43-year-old is confident he retains the backing of City’s board] I know that I’m in an unbelievably privileged role. I can’t ask for a better relationship to a sporting director (Stuart Webber), I can’t ask for better owners, I can’t ask for a better relationship to our board. Also, to our supporters, who are there with so much trust in the good times and the bad times. I’m unbelievably thankful and grateful for this. On the other way, they also know they have a head coach who is not complaining and just crying and asking to spend more money. I totally accept we went into this season with a bunch of young lads and some players who have never played on this level. Our relationship is full of trust. I can’t ask for better people to work with.

2020 07 02 Retrieve

[Arsenal boosted their chances of securing European football for next season with a comprehensive 4-0 win over relegation-threatened Norwich] The first and third goals, we invited them in. You cannot do that in key moments of the game. They punished us. We made too many mistakes. After a 4-0 defeat I am not willing to give any fighting messages. We have to focus on our mistakes and put them right. We never give up, but we have always been honest and realistic. As long as we have a chance, we keep going

2020 07 04 Retrieve

[Brighton strengthened their Premier League survival hopes while seriously denting Norwich’s as they earned a narrow 1-0 win at Carrow Road] This game sums up our whole season. We started on the front foot, but didn’t have the cutting edge or quality. Then there is one mistake

Then in the second half we put in six, seven very good balls and none of our strikers could smell this chance to have an easy tap-in. It’s a tough day. We knew this was more or less our chance to be back in the mix. As a club we have to feel this pain. I want my players to be devastated and you saw that at the end

2020 07 08 Retrieve

[Danny Welbeck’s stunning overhead kick sent Norwich a step closer to relegation from the Premier League as Watford boosted their own survival chances with a 2-1 victory at Vicarage Road] We knew before, we are not naive, that this game we are in a difficult situation and it’s not likely we will stay in the league. I feel sorry for the lads, they left their hearts out on the pitch. We won more or less all statistics but the one that matters is the goals. That bit of luck and quality was with Watford today. The lads tried everything possible today. I can’t accuse the players too much. If you always feel unlucky after a game it’s not unlucky, it’s a bit of quality missing. But I can’t accuse the lads

2020 07 10 Retrieve

[Norwich boss Daniel Farke concedes Premier League relegation looms] In terms of points if we don’t win this game then we are relegated, we know this. But let’s be honest, even if we win the last four games it won’t be enough to stay in this league. It doesn’t take anything away that we are highly motivated because we want to finish as strongly as possible but right now we know that it’s no more in our hands so we accept our situation. We’re not less motivated, not at all. We want to win some points, we want to be there with a good performance, we want to show our pride and our responsibility for the yellow shirt. But even if we win the last four games, I would say with at least a 99 per cent guarantee it would not be enough to stay in this league. It’s not the time right now to give fighting messages, it’s just a realistic judgement

We went into the season more or less like the same group and just a bunch of young lads and players who hadn’t experience at this level. We wanted to create a miracle and because of that we are still a bit disappointed that it’s just a realistic outcome and not a miracle outcome and for that it’s a bit too early to be excited about the Championship season. We want to enjoy our last games with good performances and hopefully some decent results

2020 07 11 Retrieve

[Michail Antonio produced a sensational performance for West Ham as he scored every goal in a 4-0 win against Norwich, condemning them to relegation] It’s a disappointing day with the harsh loss but even more because today is also the day where relegation is finally confirmed. It’s not like it comes unexpectedly or not that we weren’t prepared for it, but once it is confirmed, it feels even more disappointing. For that, it’s a tough day today

The first step is always to look at yourself and ask what could have been done better. It’s not an unexpected outcome and the first day after promotion, I said was had between a two and five per cent chance to stay in the league without being able to spend money

I feel really sorry for our supporters and everyone who’s connected with this amazing club that we were not able to work another miracle. I’m in a responsible role so I’m disappointed that I was not able to do that … We were hoping again to beat the odds and to work on another miracle but you have to say in this year, we were not capable of doing this.

For that, we can only apologise and I feel sorry for the supporters because they are all there with so much passion and emotion for this club and so much support, even in the bad times. They deserve all the joy and all the miracles we can bring them […] so it is definitely a disappointing day

2020 07 12 Retrieve

[Farke apologised to the club’s fans following their relegation to the Championship and said he needed a ‘miracle’ to stay up] There are things at the moment that we do collectively during games that are just not good enough, it’s not good enough. I’ve been saying this the last couple of weeks. It’s mentally tough when we pick ourselves up and we try to go again, we try to be brave, but at the end everything the other teams get, we are sloppy and not marking or we make mistakes and we get punished for it. It doesn’t feel like you are on the front foot on things, everything you get punished, everything goes against you. At the end as well, in these situations you just have to say if you haven’t done well enough, you haven’t done well enough and that’s what it is

2020 07 13 Retrieve

[Norwich head coach Daniel Farke insists that none of his players have told him they wish to leave the club following confirmation of their relegation back to the Championship] So far no one has knocked at my door and said he wants to leave. I’m quite relaxed. We haven’t forced them to sign a long term contract, they were fully committed when they did this and I’m quite confident that they did this also fully aware what it means. We are not naive, we know that we have some interesting young players. It’s a good sign - it’s not that I’m annoyed about this. It’s a sign that we’ve done several things right and it would be a bigger problem if no one would be interested in our players. We want to be in this situation where other clubs are desperate to get our players

2020 07 15 Retrieve

[Daniel Farke says Norwich are not having many ‘happy days’ since their relegation was confirmed] Two days ago we were relegated, so it’s not now happy days for us, but I am pretty pleased with the reaction of my lads today because we had to deal with the disappointment against a Chelsea side who needed to win this game, were highly motivated, and we were very disciplined, compact and not far away from winning a point

In terms of the commitment, desire, defensive workload, it was a really good performance. Of course we are sad because we are not able to go away with at least one point, but I am happy with the reaction after relegation, and for that I just have compliments for my lads

It’s the consistency you are always struggling with when your individual quality is not at the top level. On a good day, we are competitive, but we are even competitive against the best sides in this league, winning games against Leicester and Manchester City

But when we are not spot on across all topics, we are trash. A better side with more individual quality, they can at least be solid and fight for a point, but we are not capable of doing that. We have to always be spot on with a 100-per-cent performance, and we did that today and were competitive

2020 07 18 Retrieve

[Daniel Farke: Norwich City will only sell top players for ‘stupid’ money] Our principle is to keep the core group of this team, [including] our best players. Our prized young lads are important, we need them to get back to the Premier League. When I think about my young players; Max Aarons was the best right back when we were promoted from the Championship. Jamal Lewis was the best left-back, Emi Buendia was the best winger and Teemu Pukki was the best striker. Ben Godfrey was the player with highest potential of all centre backs in the Championship. If we want to repeat promotion we need these players, we can’t replace the best full-back in the league just with a player who doesn’t guarantee us to be in this role. We need the same as Jamal Lewis or Ben Godfrey or all other other players. We need to keep them [unless] there is such a stupid offer that you can improve the squad with that money. At the moment we are relaxed because we don’t need money to pay for some sins in the past or invest in the infrastructure - that’s done. I am quite confident that we can keep our best players and also if we do this we have a great chance to be really competitive next season

We need some fresh blood ourselves, you can’t get relegated and then play with the same group, you need the enthusiasm and a fresh start. They will definitely be a few players who will leave us and definitely a few who will come in. We want to return back to the Premier League sooner rather than later and establish it there. Hopefully also one day we can also spend and invest in the group of players. It is not that we are unable completely to spend money, but it was due to the necessities and sins in the past. It was important to invest in the infrastructure, the training ground. Hopefully one day we can invest more in the team