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Name Daniel James
Gender Male
Ethnic Wales
Job Wales Footballer
Desc xxxx


Club as Player Manchester United
  Swansea City FC
  Hull City FC

2019 03 26 Retrieve

[Swansea City’s Daniel James has confirmed he is in talks with the club over a new contract] That’s still underway. It’s about concentrating on the football for me. This time last season I wasn’t playing first-team football, but it’s something that can happen

2019 10 07 Retrieve

[Manchester United’s Wales star Daniel James has admitted England never contacted him about an international call-up despite it being his country of birth] [My father] took me to a camp in north Wales when I was 12. Ever since then I’ve always played for Wales age groups growing up. I can’t say England have ever tried to pick me.

2019 10 07b Retrieve

[James explained it was important for Manchester United to actively overturn their poor form and not continue on the same path] The Premier League this season a lot of clubs have young squads showing what they can do. I’ve always dealt with things in exactly the same way. It was the same when I was at Swansea and things weren’t going so well. It’s important in football to react when things aren’t going so well. It’s alright when things are going good, but it’s important to deal with things when it’s bad

2020 05 07 Retrieve

[Daniel James admits he is still coming to terms with the fact that he is a Manchester United player] I can’t remember the exact place I was but I know it was a time near the end of the season. It was only talk at the start so I didn’t really believe it to be honest. I still don’t believe it now! It was a mad time - I was enjoying my time at Swansea, we had a good end to the season and tried to push for the play-off spots but we didn’t end up getting them. To hear that Manchester United were interested was surreal for me because it was my first year in senior football. The year before I’d went out on loan and not played so it was just surreal and at the first moment I didn’t believe it.

[Bruno Fernandes was among those drafted in during the winter window, with the Portugal international midfielder having made an immediate impression in England] I think coming in, we’d researched him and knew he was a great player but also a great character on and off the pitch. He’s 25 but we already see him as that senior player, having that character, he speaks to a lot of players about how they can improve, not to be harsh on them but to help the team improve. He speaks to me and other players about communication and what he likes to do. He’s not played with us and he’s had quite a few games now, he’s getting better and better which comes down to the training ground. He’s been a great player since he’s come in but it’s about his character as well.

2020 05 09 Retrieve

[Manchester United attacker Daniel James revealed his anger when a move from Swansea City to Leeds United fell through] I got to Elland Road about 6pm, did all the pictures with my shirt, all the interviews, because they wanted it to go out in the morning, and then it was strange. It got to about 9pm and I’d signed all the papers and then it was from club-to-club. I had people texting me saying, ‘What’s happening?’ and I literally didn’t know. It wasn’t until 15 minutes to go until I thought, ‘This might not happen now.’. I ended up ringing the chairman [of Swansea] to ask him what’s happening. It was all a bit crazy and then it wasn’t done. I threw my phone. I thought it’s not real. The chief exec of Leeds wasn’t happy at the time, but then it was just a case of driving home. It was a very weird situation and I think it helped me in some ways

2020 05 11 Retrieve

[Manchester United winger Daniel James admits to having sought inspiration from Arsenal and Chelsea legends growing up, with Thierry Henry and Eden Hazard among his idols] There are a few players that obviously come to mind. I think, growing up, I always liked Juan [Mata]. It’s a weird one because, when I first signed for United, meeting him, he’s such a great guy and it was surreal for me to meet him. He was playing for Chelsea in those days when I was watching. Him and [Eden] Hazard together, I always looked up to them two.

Ryan Giggs, who is obviously my manager for Wales, is always someone I look up to. Not just from the career that he had, but the way he went about it. He played for Manchester United for over 20 years. To play at the top level for that long, to play until you’re 39 or 40, still in the Premier League at the top level, you rarely see that in the game and there’s not many players who are going to do that ever again. To do that, he’s someone to look up to. I’ll say Thierry Henry too, for the things that he did. But probably Ryan Giggs most out of them all