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Daniel Sturridge
Gender Male
Nationality UK
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
Desc Despite being a Liverpool player for more of the decade, Sturridge landed well short of Firmino’s total. Injuries and a loan spell at West Brom left the England striker with just 116 games in six seasons since moving from Chelsea, but those matches brought an impressive 50 goals. For those wondering, Luis Suarez (110) and Sadio Mane (108) aren’t too far behind Sturridge’s tally


Org England National Team
Club as Player Liverpool FC
  Bromwich Albion [Loan]
  Chelsea FC

2014 11 01 Retrieve

[Daniel Sturridge on Mario Balotelli] Mario is really cool and I get along with him. But everyone says similar things about him, like he is wild and then he ends up getting stereotyped. He is under the microscope and he is at that level where he is known around the world and he does get scrutinised. I think the average 24-year-old, or guys who go to university who are a little younger, will have done a lot crazier things than him

2016 04 16 Retrieve

[Daniel Sturridge speaking ahead of Liverpool’s UEFA Europa League quarter-final second leg 4-3 win against Borussia Dortmund] It’s like when you’re playing a final on FIFA and you’re playing against your mate. You’ve all put £20 in the middle and there’s £100. The pressure’s on, your palms are sweaty, but as you get into the game, the nerves go away and you enjoy it - and that’s exactly what it’s like

2018 07 28 Retrieve

[Daniel Sturridge talks about what it’s like for him returning to the club following a six-month loan spell with West Bromwich Albion] It’s the same as, I don’t know, if you’ve been with a woman for a long time, and then you’re like, ‘Man, I don’t feel like it’s working out anymore’. But then you go away, like, ‘Me and my girl’s relationship was kind of sweet still. I might have to go back there’. It’s kind of like that

2019 06 03 Retrieve

[Daniel Sturridge remained coy on his future having seemingly brought the curtain down on his Liverpool career] Oh of course, yes I contributed. And even the players who haven’t played a minute. There are guys who have been on the bench and haven’t played a single minute, but they have been a part of it: from training, to acting like the opposition that we have been playing against, to doing a job, to sacrificing themselves and the way that they play just to train to do a job on the training field to help them prepare themselves the best way that they can. It’s amazing. I don’t even want to talk about all that stuff. I feel like it has been an incredible time and I am not going to talk about next season or anything. What’s important now is celebrating something so momentous, something we were striving for, working for for a long time. to finally win something is amazing.

[Sturridge believes that this is likely to be first of many pieces of silverware that the club will pick up under the charismatic German coach] It’s my second time winning it. It’s almost similar. The one with Chelsea was the first in the club’s history and this is the first under this manager, so it’s a similar kind of feeling. Once you win one, you hope the floodgates open and you continue winning. It’s that culture of getting over the finishing line. When you have been trying so hard and you have been pipped at the post many times - we have lost in I think three finals since the manager has been here - you feel as if ‘are we ever going to win a trophy’, so, to be able to do it, to be able to lift silverware is what you work for every day, day in day out, as a group of players, it’s a beautiful feeling

[Sturridge believes the pain of those near-misses - the 2016 League Cup and Europa League finals, last season’s Champions League and this season’s Premier League - played a part as Liverpool kept their nerve this time around] You learn, you definitely learn. You understand what you didn’t do. There are always little things that you can nit-pick about that you didn’t do, so to be able to win - that’s what it’s all about, it’s amazing. The difference is that the heartache never goes away: you always think about it. People were saying ‘if we win we won’t think about it’ but you do. You always think ‘what if? what could we have done differently, how can we prepare differently?’.

All the things when you lost, you take them into a game because you’ve learnt from them: all the pain, all the heartache you had prior to that. And when you come into a game like this, you go: ‘ok, cool’. You come in at half time and you talk different. You’re like: ‘ok, remember what happened last time guys. Let’s do this’. We had meetings as a group of players in the week. We said: ‘ok, if we go one up how do we play? If we go one down how do we play?’ I’s about being prepared for everything. [The players’ meeting] was just like: ‘look, it’s our time, we’ve prepared ourselves as best we can.’ It was just about ‘if we go behind how do we deal with it, if we go ahead how do you deal with it?’ And we haven’t had those conversations before. And I feel like maybe before the Europa league final we didn’t prepare as well. Last season, we said ‘we didn’t prepare well the season before and we have learnt’. This year we have had two finals now, so you have learnt so much more. I think that’s what makes teams so successful. They have experienced it.

: 2019 06 04 Liverpool have announced that Daniel Sturridge and Alberto Moreno will be leaving the club this summer upon the expiration of their contracts

: 2019 07 03 Liverpool have implemented a successful loan strategy, which nurtures some starlets for the first team and generates money from sales from others. The exodus is officially underway. Big departures are not anticipated. Klopp has already allowed the likes of Daniel Sturridge and Alberto Moreno to leave

2019 07 09 Retrieve

[Former Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge has been the victim of a robbery at his house in Los Angeles and has appealed on social media for the return of his dog] Listen, somebody has broken into the house in LA, took my dog, from the house. Listen, whoever knows who broke into my crib, I’ll pay you anything. Are you crazy? You come into someone’s house to take a dog? Whoever brings my dog back, 20 grand straight up. Straight up. 20 gs. 30 gs. Whatever. Bring my dog back to this house, I’m moving out of this btch anyway. I don’t give a sht about this place. Bring the dog back to this address, I’ll be moving out tomorrow or the next day. I want my dog back and I’ll pay whatever. It doesn’t matter the cost. Bring my dog back. 20, 30 grand whatever it costs. You aren’t going to get more than that anyway, and if you are let me know and I’ll pay more than them. I want my dog back.

It’s a Monday. We was at the house at 11.30, we’d been away for two hours. So it doesn’t make any sense. Someone find my dog please, like I said before I’ll pay anything. It’s not about the money, I just want my dog simple as that

2019 07 18 Retrieve

[Former Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge has been banned from football for six weeks - four of which are suspended - and fined £75,000 for breaching FA betting rules] Mr Sturridge faced 11 charges. Nine of those charges (1a, 1b, 2, 5, 6a, 6b and 7-9) concerned alleged breaches of the inside information rule, in that, it was said, Mr Sturridge had provided inside information to friends and family about his possible transfer moves in January 2018, which information had then been used for, or in relation to, betting. Those charges were dismissed by the regulatory commission.

The regulatory commission found proved charges 3 and 4, which alleged that, in that same transfer window, Mr Sturridge had instructed his brother, Leon, to bet on a possible move by him (Daniel) to Sevilla FC. In issuing that instruction, the regulatory commission found that, as a matter of fact, Mr Sturridge had provided his brother with inside information for that purpose.

By way of sanction, the regulatory commission imposed on Mr Sturridge a six-week suspension from participation in any domestic football matches (including friendlies), such suspension being effective from 17 July 2019. Four weeks of that ban have been suspended until 31 August 2019, meaning that Mr Sturridge will be able to resume participating by 31 July 2019 in the event he commits no further breaches of FA Rule E8. In addition, the regulatory commission imposed a fine of £75,000 on Mr Sturridge. The FA respectfully disagrees with the regulatory commission’s findings and will be appealing against the charges which were dismissed and the sanction which was imposed

2019 08 19 Retrieve

[It has been almost five years since Sturridge himself said that] In football you can be misunderstood. [and that] people have a perception of you without knowing you

2019 08 21 Retrieve

[Former Liverpool and Chelsea forward Daniel Sturridge will continue his career in Turkey after signing with Trabzonspor] Our company has signed a three-year contract with the free agent professional footballer Daniel Sturridge, with a one-year option

2020 03 02 Retrieve

[Sturridge handed four-month ban for betting breaches after Trabzonspor release] Daniel Sturridge has been suspended from all football and football-related activity from today until the end of June 17, 2020.

Following an appeal by the FA of the previous findings of the independent Regulatory Commission in this case, an independent Appeal Board has found that the Regulatory Commission misapplied the FA’s rules in relation to the use of inside information and made findings of fact which could not be sustained.

As a result, the Appeal Board has found proven two further charges which were originally dismissed. Other factual findings of the Regulatory Commission were left undisturbed.

In relation to the sanction, the Appeal Board agreed with the FA that the penalty originally imposed on Mr Sturridge was unduly lenient and therefore increased his effective playing ban from two weeks to four months. The Appeal Board also doubled the fine to £150,000.

The written reasons in this matter are available below and provide considerable detail in relation to all the charges and the Appeal Board’s determinations of them. As will be clear, the FA takes any form of betting misconduct and the provision of inside information very seriously.

FIFA has confirmed that the suspension will be of worldwide effect

2020 03 02b Retrieve

[Ex-Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge released by Trabzonspor to become free agent] The contract signed between our company and our professional footballer, Daniel Andre Sturridge, dated August 21, 2019 and ending May 31, 2021 has been mutually terminated. In accordance with the termination agreement, Sturridge has given up on his money owed for the remainder of his contract which was effective from August 2019 through May 31, 2021

2020 03 02c Retrieve

[Daniel Sturridge says he is devastated after being banned from all football related activity until the middle of June] It was very disappointing and upsetting for me to hear the news that the appeal panel had overturned the original, highly-qualified panel’s ruling. Devastating for me, I’m absolutely gutted about it. My season’s over

I just want to say it’s been a very long, drawn out process over the last couple of years, and difficult to concentrate on my football. It’s also been a crazy few days, to be fair. I just want to say that I’m going to continue to campaign for professional footballers to be able to speak to their families and close friends freely, without the real risk of being charged. The betting companies and the process of people being able to place bets on people moving clubs has to be stopped. Although the appeal panel had recognised that I hadn’t bet, nobody else had bet, I was still charged

[Sturridge has mutually agreed to terminate his contract with the Turkish club] I feel uncomfortable, and I just don’t think it’s the right thing for me to continue accepting wages from a team that I can’t contribute to due to being banned. I have come to a mutual agreement with Trabzonspor to mutually terminate my contract. I would just like to thank the Trabzonspor family, the players, the fans, coaching staff, medical team, president, vice-president. I’m very grateful for you inviting me into your city and allowing me to enjoy my football. Also I want to thank everybody who is supporting me and sending me so many well-wishes. It is very much appreciated at a difficult time for me. I appreciate that and I’m very grateful, so thank you very much

2020 04 12 Retrieve

[Daniel Sturridge has revealed the story behind the iconic arm-waving goal celebration dance] It’s ‘The Sturridge dance’. It’s not ‘The Wave’ which FIFA called it, it’s not the name. It’s ‘The Sturridge dance’ so let’s get that straight and fine and dandy. Hanging out with my cousins and my friends in my apartment. There was some house music playing, filming us, a couple of drinks flowing, you know. I literally just started doing that move. It wasn’t as smooth, it wasn’t as clean but I was a little bit tipsy and just decided to start moving that way. We all found it hilarious and then I was just like ‘You know what, if I score, I’ll do it!’. I think the very first time I did the dance, we played Man United in the Carling Cup at Stamford Bridge when I was playing for Chelsea. That was the first time I brought the dance out. Mind you, it’s evolved a lot since then. It wasn’t as smooth or as clean as it is now

[Sturridge says goal celebrations are something that define your character] I wouldn’t say dancing has to be something you do. Alan Shearer has an iconic celebration, everybody knows the hand in the air. Robbie Keane did the roll and cartwheel and all that stuff. So there’s loads of celebrations out there that I feel are iconic. I’m honoured by it because I didn’t expect it to last this long. I’m really honoured and want to thank the fans for letting me have a celebration go down as one of the best in the game

2020 04 15 Retrieve

[Sturridge had been banned from football for six weeks for breaching betting rules after telling his brother to bet on a possible move to Sevilla. The FA appealed the decision, and in March 2020, he was banned from football for four months] Devastating for me, I’m absolutely gutted about it. My season’s over. I just want to say it’s been a very long, drawn out process over the last couple of years, and difficult to concentrate on my football

2020 05 18 Retrieve

[Sturridge in talks over MLS move as Inter Miami and DC United want former Chelsea and Liverpool striker] I think firstly, it is about going back to doing what I love, which is playing football. That’s the most important thing. I love the game; I miss the game. I can’t wait to get out there and help my team win games, score goals and get assists. That’s my main focus. I am training in America at the moment. I am getting my body right and getting in good shape. I will be ready and raring to go when my ban is up. I am eagerly awaiting that. So I am really excited about that and it being over with and getting on with it