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Daniel Van Buyten
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Footballer
Desc He moved to Bayern Munich at the end of his career, but Van Buyten still lifted 14 pieces of silverware during his eight-year stretch at the Allianz Arena


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Bayern Munich

2010 09 22 Retrieve

[Bayern Munich Defender Daniel Van Buyten ‘Very Pleased’ After Win Against Hoffenheim] We’re very, very pleased. It was important, especially when you look at the table. We made life difficult for ourselves by handing them the early goal, but after that we always looked like we wanted to win no matter what. We took a risk or two with our tactics in the second half, but it worked out. I’m dedicating the goal to my father and my daughter

2010 12 02 Retrieve

[Daniel van Buyten has admitted to being in poor form, and admitted his human faults] I am a human, not a robot. I can compare myself to Bastian Schweinsteiger, who once had a difficult period

[When asked to comment on the criticism he has received in recent weeks] Of course it hurts, but it is justified. If I am not playing well, I do not want pity.

2011 09 21 Retrieve

[Bayern Munich’s Daniel Van Buyten resumes full training] The injury isn’t completely healed yet, but things are already going a lot better

2011 12 06 Retrieve

[Bayern Munich’s Daniel Van Buyten eyes Champions League victory] Manchester City have so much potential and excellent players. They could be nasty opponents later in the competition. Eliminating them would be a bonus. They’re in great shape and still have a small chance, although it’s no longer in their own hands. They urgently need a good result, and then they’re hoping Napoli drop points. In Munich, City showed lots of desire and really went for an early goal. We are Bayern Munich, though, so we have to give a good account of ourselves

2012 02 02 Retrieve

[Bayern Munich’s Daniel Van Buyten says his season is not over yet] I’ll be back. This isn’t a new situation for me, and I know the kind of character I am. The season is far from over. I knew at once that something was wrong. My foot was twisted in my boot. After just a few steps I knew it was impossible to play on. The bone had moved and the pain was getting worse. I’m having a lot of treatment to bring down the swelling. Fortunately, I’m hardly feeling any pain. I’m not planning anything, and I don’t have any sports rehab goals at the present time. All I can do is listen to the physios and let the medics decide

2014 03 08 Retrieve

[Daniel van Buyten on Belgium] If I think back to a couple of years ago, the country lacked a heart and soul. There was hardly any atmosphere in the stadiums - or anywhere else in the country, for that matter - when we were playing. Now we’ve awoken the entire nation through our football. We’re a small country, but we’ve got a lot of potential.

2014 06 29 Retrieve

[Van Buyten says he am not impressed by Klinsmann] I am not impressed by Klinsmann. He is just a coach who knows how to conduct his group and get the maximum out of them by motivating them. The USA will certainly be organized

He talks a lot about us, saying that we are favorites, but I think he thinks otherwise. They will be motivated and want to do everything possible to go into the quarterfinals. But that will also be the case for us. I hope it will be a good match and we will qualify

We are the youngest team at the World Cup, and I try to talk a lot with the young players so that they can be more free. But it’s not always easy to stay cool and calm, and that is the issue. This is the World Cup, it is not obvious. But I hope the next game will go well and that the young players are comfortable enough to give the best of themselves

2015 06 16 Retrieve

[Former Belgium international Daniel Van Buyten believes Eden Hazard still has much room for improvement in his game] Eden is a young player so he will continue to improve. He is certainly on the right track to also become a top player. It’s especially with his club where he gains a lot of experience, with players like [John] Terry or [Didier] Drogba, these kind of players. It’s his club and they want to help him to progress.

Obviously, Hazard is one of the players with great potential. During my career, and primarily in Bayern Munich, I played with a lot of good players. For example, when [Franck] Ribery came to Bayern Munich he was as good, or maybe even better [than Hazard]. For me, he was better than him at this moment. The same thing with [Arjen] Robben when he is fit.

2019 09 24 Retrieve

[Van Buyten insists Bayern success must be down to teamwork] For me, it is always a work of the whole team. You have top players like [Robert] Lewandowski and many others, but you can’t think that if you hire a player like Coutinho, he has this magic wand to do something special. I think it’s teamwork and you have to get a top performance every time. No matter which team you have to play on the weekend, it’s always the same process. If you ever think that it’s easy, it’s a negative process. It’s about your mentality and from my time back then, I know very well that we had a lot of players as far as the character was concerned, they were very concentrated and really had the focus in their heads to win the championship, and also to go far in the Champions League. They’re all top teams [in the Champions League] and it’s not easy to make your way there. Bayern already needs a team at the top level

[Van Buyten also believes Borussia Dortmund still must prove they can stay the course in a potential Bundesliga title race, despite strengthening their squad] Borussia Dortmund made very good transfers and they are a good team on the pitch. They will definitely be a team that will fight for the championship in the Bundesliga until the end. But there are still one or two other teams that will also play for the title. Against Barcelona they [Dortmund] have also shown in the Champions League that they can play good games there - but they have to show that in Barcelona as well. As I said, things are looking good at the moment, but you have to see how things go from there. If there are injuries or illnesses, then you have to show that the squad is there and that the other players can also be successful

2019 10 13 Retrieve

[Former Bayern Munich and Hamburger SV defender Daniel van Buyten admitted he was always scared of his former teammate Timothee Atouba at HSV] Atouba has always scared me, you always knew he was doing his samba tricks and dances. He always assured me that I should not worry, and he was right, it always worked