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Name Darren Fletcher
Gender Male
Ethnic Scottish
Job Scottish Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Scotland National Team
Club as Player Manchester United

2009 07 10 Retrieve

[Darren Fletcher name Fernando Redondo as his heroes] I loved the way he played, how he sat in midfield and controlled the game

2010 01 01 Retrieve

[on Roy Keane] He was a great influence, really. If Roy had a go at you, he did it because he cared. He was the best captain you could wish for. He would tear you to shreds on the pitch if you gave away the ball, ‘get your effing touch right, effing this, effing that’ but, as soon as you got into the dressing room, it was over. He was a winner. I’ve met dedicated professionals but he had something else

2010 01 02 Retrieve

[on Roy Keane] He [Keane] was our captain, he was our leader and he left a mark: where we are now is down to him, our dedication comes from the standards he set. The rules about time-keeping, about getting in a half-hour early, they were his instructions back in the day and those traditions continue

2010 01 03 Retrieve

[on Roy Keane] Roy was probably the biggest influence on my career. He would come down hard on me if I ever did anything wrong but he made me realise what it meant to be a Manchester United player

2019 11 21 Retrieve

[He reveal Mourinho was worried about how he was perceived at Old Trafford] I think we’ll see a slightly different Jose. I think the Jose that had been affected by Real Madrid and almost resentment of players, different to the Jose of Porto, Chelsea and Inter Milan where he was a player’s manager, players were ‘us against the world’, there was a real closeness and things like that, we haven’t seen that for a while

I know for a fact after he left United he did a little bit of reflecting and asked a few people, ‘tell me the truth, tell me what I was like, give it to me straight’

And that 9484afd5836d307b314a404d745a9a68, for me, a sign of somebody who realised he’d gone a little bit too far in that way. I’m sure he had his own frustrations towards Manchester United, just as many as the players and people had with him and the things that went on towards the end. I think you can see it from both point of views. But the fact he was asking people for an honest opinion of what he was like says to me that’s somebody who is reflecting and a little bit of a rest and a little bit of self-reflecting we’ll see a different Jose Mourinho

Whether it’s the Jose Mourinho of old … I don’t expect it to be the Jose we’ve seen in the last couple of years

[Asked if Spurs were right to sack Mauricio Pochettino] Yes because I feel like he’d run his course at Spurs. I feel like too much has gone on. I saw it coming at the beginning of the season, all the contract situations with the players, losing the Champions League final and the affect that’s had on them. The players are hearing the same messages all the time, same formation, it just seems to be everyone has lost their way, players, manager, everyone associated with the club

I feel Tottenham need a restart, somebody to come in and kick-start their season and take them on the next part of their journey. I just feel it’s a case of the manager having done five successful seasons at the club without winning a trophy, made Spurs an established Champions League side, taking them to the final, the one question mark against him is the fact he’s not won anything and Daniel Levy said that in his comments ‘we’ve brought in a winner’, so he obviously thinks the next challenge for Spurs is to start winning titles