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David Ginola
Gender Male
Ethnic French
Job French Footballer
Desc One of the most charismatic players ever to grace the Premier League who delighted fans at Newcastle, Spurs, Everton and Aston Villa with his mazy dribbling and sumptuous first touch


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Newcastle United
  Tottenham Spurs
  Everton FC
  Aston Villa

1999 04 05 Retrieve

[David Ginola reveals he has flaws and that’s why he plays for Spurs] People always expect more from me than other players, something different, something special, but at the end of the day, thank God, I do have some weaknesses in my game. If I was perfect I would not be playing for Tottenham, I would be in a team like Milan or Barcelona

1999 05 03 Retrieve

[David Ginola after receiving his Player of the Year award] I’m not just a pretty face, you know

1999 05 03b Retrieve

[Ginola again. (If his Ma gets a blue rinse will David do the same, we wonder)?] I’m very grey, yes that’s true. In a few years I’ll be completely grey. But I will not be putting colours in my hair because growing grey is a compliment to my mother because she was grey and I respect my mother

2016 05 30 Tweet

[Ginola back at home following heart surgery] Home at last! Thanks so much to all of you for your incredible messages of love and affection! They do help my recovery

2019 05 09 Retrieve

[David Ginola has said that Tottenham have all the parts in place to become a European powerhouse] Every single person now realizes Spurs are one of the clubs to take into consideration. Spurs have got every bits and pieces to be a great club. They have a great training centre, a great stadium and now they have a great team. The combination of [chairman] Daniel Levy, the club itself, [manager Mauricio] Pochettino, the players makes Spurs what they are now on the planet of football - one of the greatest clubs around. Pochettino has not spent a penny in the last year-and-a-half, probably the only team that have not spent a lot of money on players. This is the reward for stability, players getting to know each other in training, this is how you get results

[In addition to praising Pochettino’s long-term vision, the 52-year-old, credited the Argentine for his crucial intervention at half-time in Wednesday’s game. The Spurs boss introduced Fernando Llorente at the break, with his team seemingly down and out, trailing 3-0 on aggregate] Pochettino has been criticised so long about not winning any silverware, but his coaching, putting Llorente on, made the whole difference. This is why Pochettino is a great manager, because he can see when the team is not performing well and he has the ability to change the team in a second. When Llorente went on all the lights went on as well - Son [Heung-min], [Dele] Alli, [Christian] Eriksen and Lucas Moura

It was the first time in the Champions League this year you saw Ajax struggling. They had great performances against Real Madrid and Juventus, but in the second half you could not recognize the players from Ajax

2020 03 06 Retrieve

[Ginola comes to Dier’s defence after Tottenham fan row] There are times when you think about it afterwards and you realise: ‘I shouldn’t do that’. You think about Eric Cantona. There is a bit of regret. When you are under pressure, it is difficult to contain your mental side. We are human beings. We are footballers. We have to behave. Try to do the best, say the best things, always be accurate when you do things. But we are humans. Sometimes you go beyond things you normally wouldn’t do. It is a duty as a footballer, a duty towards the kids, towards people in general. You have to think twice, think before acting. That is the hardest thing to do.

Yes, it is a difficult situation. The worst-case scenario for Tottenham was to play the final of the Champions League last year. For me. Because it was great for the club, great for the fans, great for everyone. But it gives you a stage, puts you up there that you are not really there yet. We think about other clubs who have been there year-in, year-out. Tottenham just suddenly appeared to play in the final of the competition against Liverpool.

You become a team that people have to watch and expect results, expect great things and don’t forget the last few years Tottenham have struggled to get trophies. That was the problem for Pochettino, who did a great job. But on the other hand, he wasn’t winning anything. People were complaining. You have play in the final of the Champions League and you become better, higher, so once you start losing games, people say: ‘What is going on?’ We played the final of the Champions League, this year we will struggle to finish in the top 10 teams

That is probably the main issue. They are too quick in the final of the Champions League. You have to win things in your home country first before going abroad and winning trophies. It’s all about expectation. When you have been playing good and last year in the few games in the Champions League, they had been very lucky - reaching this sort of dream - playing in the final of the Champions League for the fans, for the players, for the club.

They started the season thinking we have to do better. Better is what? Winning at least one trophy? A domestic cup. Or the league. This is my philosophy. That is why it went wrong when you start the season, have one bad result, it comes to your mind. People start to think: ‘What is going on?’ We are not playing the same way. Are the players concerned the same way as they were last year? This is football. It’s about managing teams, players. Spurs have everything. They have a fantastic stadium, a training facility which is amazing, some of the best fans in the country. But now they need to have a team consistent enough to be playing at the top level year-in, year-out

2020 03 11 Retrieve

[David Ginola says Kylian Mbappe can still get better] He is a young player and people are expecting a lot from him because he is very talented. Pele said he was the next Pele so there’s a lot on his shoulders at 20 years old.

There’s so much pressure, so much responsibility and sometimes you have to step back and look back. When you are 20, you are still a kid. He has massive things in front of him. Is he mentally prepared enough to face all the demands around him? That’s a different story.

He has got everything. He is an amazing player. The goal he scored (against Lyon on March 4) was just amazing, running from the halfway line. There’s only a few players capable of that. He can do that. The only thing missing is being more consistent.

He can do it five or six times a game and sometimes he doesn’t. He can be frustrating to watch because he is capable of more. He is sometimes just staying on the side and walking. He doesn’t need to leave PSG and he is very well in France

2020 03 11b Retrieve

[France will head into the European Championship in the summer as one of the favourites to lift the trophy] [Pogba and Giroud] are still key players, but they are key players when they are at their best. Will they be at their best in June? That’s a different story. Olivier is a great team player, I think he is going to be amazing for the team and will be in the squad. We know if he is on the pitch during the game that he will do his best. He is the counterweight of Mbappe. Mbappe and Kingsley Coman are the speed. Giroud is the hold-up play, support and target man

Deschamps has tactical options. We will see if he makes the right one. We will be favourites as world champions. I am thinking about 20 years ago when we won the World Cup in 1998 and then the European Championship in 2000.

I think they will want to do the same thing. They have got the same team and the same players who are even better with more maturity two years later. Mbappe and Griezmann are playing in great clubs like PSG and Barcelona with responsibility on their shoulders.

I think they are amazing. How to start winning games is a different story. This is for Deschamps to get them in this frame of mind for the start of June. They are going to be up there. I don’t see how, with the quality and talent, they can’t be in the last four