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Name David Moyes
Gender Male
Ethnic Scot
Job Manchester United Manager
Desc xxxx


Club as Coach West Ham
  Manchester United
  Everton FC


Mentor Sir Alex Ferguson


Sir Alex Ferguson Sir Alex Ferguson choose David Moyes as preferred candidate to be his successor for Manchester United manager position in the summer of 2013

2013 09 22 Retrieve

[David Moyes takes gives an admirable view on his Manchester United player’s antics] He deserved to get booked and even though the Palace player stuck his leg out, Ashley wrapped his leg around it. I don’t want my players diving. I’ll be speaking to Ashley [Young] about it.

2013 11 02 Retrieve

[David Moyes on Messrs Rooney and Van Persie] Wayne and Robin, on their day, will be a match for any player anywhere in the world, never mind just in this country. When those two are firing, they are the best. They’re both incredibly talented, both natural goalscorers

2015 01 10 Retrieve

[David Moyes on managing Adnan Januzaj at Manchester United] Some youngsters get overawed. Not Adnan. I decided to take him on tour with the first team within minutes of watching him. He wasn’t timid but hungry to succeed. He possesses a level of self-assured arrogance, which is a positive as he’s not too arrogant. On the contrary, he’s a bright lad who is mature for his age. He’s a wonderfully gifted player with great balance and the ability to go past people. When I see his poise on the ball, he has characteristics of Johan Cruyff

2015 04 25 Retrieve

[David Moyes on managing Wayne Rooney at Manchester United] I felt he’d lost a bit of his fight. The thing about Wayne was he was always a fighter. He’s a technically terrific footballer, can do anything with the ball, but behind it he’s a tough boy, a street fighter in his football, and I felt he’d lost a bit of that. Chelsea were close to taking him. I had to fight to make sure he stayed and was at the heart, again, of what Manchester United were going to be moving forward

2015 10 24 Retrieve

[Former Everton manager David Moyes on the passing of former Everton player and boss Howard Kendall] I’m really saddened to learn of the death of Howard Kendall. He was someone I looked up to because of his achievements at Everton. He was a great manager and in my time at Everton he was fully supportive of me. He was always ready to give advice when it was needed. My thoughts are with his family. Undoubtedly, Howard will go down in Everton’s history as the finest manager to have worked at the club. He’ll be missed by everyone at Goodison and many throughout the game

2016 01 09 Retrieve

[David Moyes when asked if he would manage Manchester United again] Would I take the job again? Of course I would because there are very few managers in the world who wouldn’t want to manage Manchester United. I wouldn’t have done anything different. I’d have only done it different if I’d have known it was ten months rather than six years

2020 06 21 Retrieve

[Wolves’ substitutions changed the game as they earned a 2-0 win at relegation-threatened West Ham thanks to goals from Raul Jimenez and Pedro Neto] I thought up until they brought on Traore we defended quite well, limiting them to not too many opportunities. I thought we were plugging away, hanging in there, but the difference was when Traore came on. We felt we were doing OK, keeping at it, and hoping something would come for us. What we got was a strong and powerful winger coming on and making the difference. We want to make more chances, they made it hard for us today, but for long periods we did OK. We’ve got touch games, but also some games which might suit us

2020 06 23 Retrieve

[Rice’s links to Chelsea & Man Utd no surprise to Moyes but West Ham have no plans to sell] I think he will be wanted anyway (if West Ham avoid relegation). I keep reading it and keep getting told it. He’s a West Ham player and I want him to be a West Ham player for a long time and our intention is to stay in the Premier League. Nothing is crossing my mind about being in another league except the Premier League. We have to win our games and perform better than we have done

I think Declan could arguably be my best centre-half and my best midfield player so we have to try and see what we’ve got and who is fit (against Tottenham on Tuesday) and use him the best we can. We know he will give us something else as a midfield player but he showed he was defensively sound when he goes into the back line as well. It’s really good for Declan that he’s improved so much and can play both positions. Going forward for himself and for us it’s a great thing to have, the ability to use him at the back and as a midfield player.

2016 11 05 Retrieve

[Sunderland manager David Moyes speaks after taking some of his players to visit a car factory] It is important the players see what success looks like, in a work sense. I want them to go away and realise how lucky they are. How they have a talent, and not to waste it - hang on and fight for everything they can. For all the pressure we have that goes with not doing well, all these boys on the factory floor would love to be running out there at Bournemouth on Saturday

2016 12 03 Retrieve

[Lynden Gooch out up to three months with ankle injury] He’s away to see the specialist today, and then we will find out whether or not he will need an operation. But he will probably be out for somewhere between eight and 12 weeks, depending on exactly what the surgeon says.

It’s a terrible blow for Lynden. We really like him, he’s infectious, and he’s a good character. I spoke to him a few weeks ago and said I thought his levels had just dipped a little, but that would be normal for a young player when you think of the games we asked him to play in and the position the team had been in. But in the last week or so he had started to look fresher in training and the injury is a real blow for him, and for us

2020 01 24 Retrieve

[Moyes shuts down talk of Payet return to West Ham] The newspapers seem to think so but I’ve got to say it’s never been mentioned inside the walls here at any time. If it has then it hasn’t been mentioned in my department, that’s for sure

We’ve only got two or three midfield players. We’re a little short if we get injuries. At the moment we’ve only got Pablo Zabaleta [at right-back] when Ryan Fredericks is out and we’re relatively short up front of main strikers.

2020 01 26 Retrieve

[Hammers boss David Moyes also rejected the suggestion that the midfielder could return to the London side, who suffered a 1-0 FA Cup fourth-round defeat at home against West Brom on Saturday] The newspapers seem to think so but I’ve got to say it’s never been mentioned inside the walls here at any time. If it has then it hasn’t been mentioned in my department, that’s for sure

2020 02 24 Retrieve

[West Ham boss David Moyes praises West Ham right-back Pablo Zabaleta] Zabateta, as you know, has been incredibly reliable and has a great personality when he plays

2020 04 16 Retrieve

[Moyes launched into a passionate defence of Lanzini after the game where he tore his ACL] My thought is he is arguably one of our best players, if not our best player. When I was here before I needed him as much as I needed Marko Arnautovic.

He was such a good player for us and I am desperate to get him back to the levels he was at. I trust him, I believe he can get back to those levels. He has had a bad injury and I need the supporters to be right behind him because we need him.

At the moment he is our flair, he is our person that might make the difference. What he needs is support but I also need him to make sure he does the right things as well. There is nobody more behind him than me

2020 04 19 Retrieve

[David Moyes pleads with David Sullivan and David Gold for West Ham stay and maps out future] I didn’t think things have moved on particularly much [under Pellegrini] since when I’d last left. But I did feel they had a better group of players, a stronger quality group of players. They had invested in a lot of different areas.

Unfortunately results hadn’t gone well for the previous manager and that gave me the opportunity to get back in. But I’ve got to say I settled very quickly … winning the first game … and also knowing so many of the players gave me a good chance as well.

I do (believe there is a lot of work to do to turn the club around), I feel as if I want to build a new energetic, young team and I think we’ve just started that. We’ve just started trying to do that with the signings we’ve brought in in January. Trying to freshen it up and trying to give ourselves a lot more youthfulness, athleticism. But I do understand West Ham spent a lot of money in the last year or two to try and improve things.

I was disappointed at the time that I didn’t keep the job. I’d felt we had done enough at the time to do so. But I have to say to David Sullivan and David Gold, they were brave enough and came back for me again and realised that the job that we had done before had been a good one and I’m very thankful for getting the chance to come back again.

I’m really enjoying my time back at West Ham. I think we’ve started positively enough. We’ve shown a lot of good signs. A couple of good signings in January have given us an opportunity to improve. I want to wing things … and I really want to stay longer if I can

2020 04 20 Retrieve

[Getting Relegated With Sunderland] It really is a brilliant club with passionate supporters, but they had big financial problems. We didn’t have the funds required to rebuild the team and it was also difficult to attract a level of player to make the difference. We couldn’t get it going, but lots of good managers couldn’t either. After I left, it sadly continued on a downward spiral

2020 04 21 Retrieve

[Former Arsenal and Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas has spoken out about ultimately never sealing a transfer to Manchester United] Cesc Fabregas, who I spoke to on the phone several times, was not sure of his place in the Barcelona team. I remember him saying to me ‘if I don’t start the first game at Barcelona then I’ll definitely be looking to join you’ and he started the first game at Barcelona. So it’s small things, you’re waiting on happening. But I don’t want it to sound like hard luck stories because there were other players, but those were the two (Fabregas and Gareth Bale) who looked to me like Manchester United players

2020 04 22 Retrieve

[West Ham boss Moyes wants coronavirus to make game less ‘indulgent’] We hope football will have a little reset. I hope we’ll all look back and think: ‘Maybe we were indulging too much. The people who run football clubs have got to say: ‘Have we always been doing the right things? If anything like this happened again in the future, would we be able to get through it?’ Maybe we have to look at the prices paid for players. We might need to look at the wages. We might need to look at what’s been paid to agents. We might need to look at all different aspects of the industry. We’ve still got a long way to go to make sure we get out of this situation we’re in. How we come out of it, I’m not sure. We have to make sure that all football clubs are saved.

There was a thing up in the window that said drivers needed. I volunteered to do it as my wife was away at the time and I was on my own. So I became a fruit and veg driver. It was beautiful big boxes of fruit and veg, really colourful. I was enjoying it, going back to the shop to get another lot and then filling the car up

2020 04 25 Retrieve

[West Ham United manager David Moyes tells about volunteering delivering fruits and vegetables to people in his hometown during the COVID-19 pandemic] It was beautiful big boxes of fruit and veg, really colourful. I was enjoying it, going back to the shop to get another lot and then filling the car up. Two of my pals who I go out for drinks with now and again were giving me dog’s abuse and WhatsApping me saying: ‘Have you delivered your fruit and veg yet?’ I ended up having to deliver two big boxes to my pals

2020 04 27 Retrieve

[West Ham manager David Moyes surprises 86-year-old fan with a heart-warming phone call after she beat coronavirus] Iris was great, just full of life. She talked about the support she has been getting from the club, phoning her and sending letters to keep her up to date. She says she’s feeling fine now, which is marvellous because, from what we know, this dreadful virus can be serious for the elderly

2020 05 05 Retrieve

[David Moyes is fully aware of the speculation suggesting that Declan Rice is wanted back at Chelsea, but the West Ham boss has claimed that he would demand Billy Gilmour in any deal with the Blues] The one [Scottish player] who if I could sign tomorrow I would is Billy Gilmour after his opening performances for Chelsea. He’s looked like a seasoned pro, he’s looked like somebody who’s hungry, who’s in love with the game

2020 06 30 Retrieve

[David Moyes: West Ham have faced ‘Champions League quality’ sides since restart] I’ve played two teams who would not look out of place in the Champions League if they qualify for it in Wolves and Tottenham. You have seen how well Wolves have started the season [since the restart], we know what Tottenham have got, so I actually think we were always having a difficult return with the teams we had to play and it proved to be. I actually think that we have done a lot of good things. Sometimes when teams are in this position you get questioned a little bit, but we had our second-best physical stats in the game against Tottenham, we had our third most sprints of the season. Sometimes you have got to be careful that you are not picking out the wrong picture. We feel that there is a lot of good things that we are trying to do

[That the timeframe for Haller’s return is nearing closer will be welcome news for a West Ham side in desperate need of a cutting edge, having drawn blanks in the first two matches since the resumption - a fact not lost on Moyes] What we haven’t done is scored when we have had opportunities, and also what we haven’t done is concentrated fully for the 90 minutes to make sure we don’t concede any goals

2020 07 02 Retrieve

[Andriy Yarmolenko stepped off the bench to hit the winner as West Ham shrugged off VAR controversy to beat Chelsea 3-2 and give their Premier League survival hopes a huge boost] I was spewing [at VAR]

I was thinking: ‘are we ever going to get a decision here?’ Everything was going against us. Some of the things that have gone against West Ham have been really poor. I can’t explain it. I said to the player that we need to make our own luck and it went our way tonight. We pushed hard and did a lot of good things - the players deserve a huge amount of credit, they are sticking to it and got their rewards

We’d be lying if we said we weren’t looking at the results, of course we are. But I hadn’t thought we had been as bad as the results suggested, we’d lost 2-0 in both, but I thought the teams we played had played well and we made a couple of mistakes. Tonight we took most of the chances

2020 07 02b Retrieve

[David Moyes ‘losing faith’ with VAR after another decision goes against West Ham] I’m beginning to lose complete faith in it. I don’t want to whinge about decisions but that’s what I am doing now. Everyone tells me they think the goal should have stood

[Asked if he was starting to feel sorry for himself on the touchline] I did. I was spewing. I was thinking: ‘Are we ever going to get a decision here?’. Everything was going against us. Some of the things that have gone against West Ham have been really poor. I can’t explain it. I said to the player that we need to make our own luck and it went our way tonight. We pushed hard and did a lot of good things - the players deserve a huge amount of credit, they are sticking to it and got their rewards

2020 07 05 Retrieve

[Newcastle came from behind twice to deny West Ham a second successive Premier League win, with the Hammers having to settle for a 2-2 draw] I’m disappointed in our defending, that we didn’t do better generally but I’m not disappointed with the players and in many way, I’m not disappointed to pick a point up, I just felt there was an opportunity to get three. We gave it up so quickly after getting the second goal, we didn’t give ourselves a chance to even get the ball back or settle ourselves down and that’s probably the more disappointing thing. The dressing room knows what I feel like, but in the same breath, they also know that coming here to a Newcastle team that have shown good form since coming back from lockdown and had some really positive results, it wasn’t the worst result

I was sickened [by the second equaliser] just because of us working so hard to get a goal back and then giving it up so quickly. I thought Newcastle had played quite well in the first half and made it difficult for us but I felt that before half-time, we started to grow into the game, tried to sort one or two problems out

By the end of the game, I think we were the team who created the most chances, their goalkeeper had to make a few good saves. So I’m not disappointed with that, I’m just disappointed to give that second goal up especially and some teams could have gone under then but credit to the lads, they showed real resilience not to go under and give up and third goal

2020 07 08 Retrieve

[Burnley’s hopes of European qualification were boosted by completing the double over West Ham with a 1-0 win which owed plenty to some fine goalkeeping from Nick Pope at the London Stadium] I’m disappointed we didn’t take something from the game but you have to give Burnley credit for the way they defended. We missed two or three outstanding chances. You don’t normally get that number of opportunities to win matches in the Premier League

[Tarkwoski’s challenge] was only brought to my attention afterwards but, look, it’s a red card. It’s not going to change the result but it’s really disappointing the referee didn’t see it as a red, the linesman didn’t, and we’ve got the chance to go to VAR to make a decision on it. We’ve questioned a few of the decisions against us and had responses back that we don’t agree with, so I’m guessing I won’t agree with the response this time either. I’m still hoping in the games we’ve got left that something will go our way

2020 07 10 Retrieve

[David Moyes hopes West Ham will have Robert Snodgrass back from injury for final three games] We are still waiting on Robert Snodgrass, who has done a little bit of light training today. Same as Felipe Anderson but both are not available for this game. I hope that I might get them back after this game, possibly. It would be great but, realistically, getting over the lockdown period and then this quick period of games it would be difficult for them to get up to speed quick enough. If we can get them back for any small period, that would be great

We got a good point at Newcastle last week and hopefully we can perform as well again and show similar traits. At this moment in time getting the points and getting over the line is the big thing. We have got four games to go and we are going to have to win a couple of those, so every chance we get to win we have to take it. Every game we have had since we came back, we have had that in mind. I knew when I took over the difficulty of the position we were in but I am hoping that we can pick up the points. The lads are working really hard to ensure we remain a Premier League club. We want to do something to try and make sure next season the supporters are watching Premier League football.

2020 07 11 Retrieve

[Michail Antonio produced a sensational performance for West Ham as he scored every goal in a 4-0 win against Norwich, condemning them to relegation] It was such a big result but also such a big performance. The big result obviously comes from scoring four goals and keeping a clean sheet. I don’t think it would have been out of place if we had scored a few more but I’m more than happy with the way we performed today and the way the players went about the job

He’s [Antonio] been excellent. We’ve been without Seb Haller and we’ve been really limited with some of our options in that position, but I think Michail is developing with it. He’s gotten better with his link-up play, he’s powerful, he can do a lot of good things and he possibly should have scored another one or two in midweek as well. Today has been a good day for him and really good that he got the goals in - not many people do score four goals in a Premier League match.

I thought we played well from the start of the game today but the players were made aware that we have to keep our standards high. We were a bit disappointed that we didn’t get more out of the game in midweek but I thought today we were very good. Right from the first minute, the players went about the job correctly, made it difficult for Norwich and we got our rewards from that.

2020 07 12 Retrieve

[The win unfortunately relegated Norwich and is likely to have ultimately secured West Ham’s status in the Premier League for another season] Today has been a good day for him and really good that he got the goals in - not many people do score four goals in a Premier League match

2020 07 13 Retrieve

[Who will join Norwich back in the Championship] Every one is a big one, isn’t it? Everybody told me today was a big one, everybody said Newcastle was a must-win. Every game is a must-win when you’re a manager. We are in a position where we have our noses in front and we have to make sure we do our job to remain a Premier League team

2020 07 14 Retrieve

[Norwich 0-4 West Ham - Match report and highlights] Today has been a good day for him and really good that he got the goals in - not many people do score four goals in a Premier League match

2020 07 16 Retrieve

[Tomas Soucek is top of the Premier League’s running stats] It’s an incredible stat. Tomas ran more the other night than any West Ham player has run for six years

2020 07 17 Retrieve

[David Moyes says West Ham have Michail Antonio contract option] He’s got a year to go [on his present contract] and, as far as I know, he has got a built-in extension, so I don’t think there is any real panic [about Antonio’s future].

[Moyes says Antonio has been instrumental in their bid to avoid the drop] I don’t think it will be Michy who saves it. If we stay in the Premier League it will be because of the team’s performance, and I think it will be the attitude of all the players. The players have been bang at it since I came in, in January. We have been desperate to win all the games. The players have done a great job. But we have needed to step up and score goals, and thankfully, Michail Antonio has come up to the mark and got some goals. Hopefully that continues in the remaining three games