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<img src=’assets/img/David O’Leary.jpg’> David O’Leary
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Football Coach
Desc David O’Leary’s talent is more than enough to earn him a place in this list. However, he’s also one of the most loyal servants in the club’s history. No player has made more appearances for Arsenal than O’Leary, who turned out an incredible 722 times for the Gunners


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Arsenal FC
Club as Coach Al Ahli

1999 05 10 Retrieve

[Leeds manager David O’Leary on his brush with Chelsea’s Frank Leboeuf, who he accused of feigning injury after a tackle by Jonathan Woodgate, after last Wednesday’s game between the teams] As he came off afterwards he told me that he had got a World Cup winners medal but I told him that I’d got a few medals of my own from my 800 or so games. Centre-halves used to be made of different stuff in my day

2000 12 04 Retrieve

[David O’Leary all but ends his chances of succeeding Arsenal Wenger as Arsene manager with these comments after Leeds’ win over the Highbury maestros] All you ever hear is sour grapes from them. I just wish they could lose without it having to be someone else’s fault

2009 06 28 Retrieve

[David O’Leary has stated that he is keen to make a return to top-level management as soon as possible, and Mourinho might be only to happy to provide him with a reference] I’ve had requests to go back into football and it’s not me bigging myself up or thinking I deserve a bigger job but I just felt that the jobs weren’t right in any way. I’ve had lots of offers mainly from abroad and I think that can only come from people remembering Leeds in the Champions League. Some with loads and loads of dollars. Jose Mourinho was very good and recommended me for a really big job but I just felt I couldn’t live where it was with the family really. That was about six or seven months ago

We’re not friends but Jose has always kind of rated me if you know what I mean. He was asked a question to recommend somebody for something or put them up and I was very grateful that he did it. When I thanked him he said, ‘David, I wasn’t doing you a favour even though I like you, it’s because I rate you’ and that’s his attitude.

I saw [Fabio] Capello at the soccer writers’ function the other week and he came down from the top table and said ‘when are you bloody getting back in the game’?. It was nice getting that from Capello. A lot of them know that you’re too good to be out of it. That’s not me trying to big myself up. People in the game know how difficult Doug Ellis and Aston Villa was

[O’Leary also feels that his record at Aston Villa stands up against that of his successor [Martin O’Neill](martin-o-neill.html), especially with regard to the funds which were available to him to spend in the transfer market] I came in thinking Doug Ellis would go and I’d be the lucky one that Martin O’Neill is now. I gave honest opinions at the end of that year [2005-06] saying we need investment here. I was hoping I would be the one that was there when Randy Lerner came in. I read people now and they like Martin. He’s media savvy and he’s saying he’s dealing with a young, small squad. Yet, when I said that it was ‘Oh, he’s making excuses’. I said the club needed investment to keep it alive. Why did Martin need £50 million this summer? At the end of the day, Martin, for all the money he has spent over three years - and they’re raving about him - hasn’t finished any higher than what I finished. Those are the facts

2011 04 26 Retrieve

[Al-Ahli sack former Leeds United & Aston Villa manager [David O’Leary](david-o-leary.html) after eight months in charge] We have decided to sack [David O’Leary](david-o-leary.html) and his assistant Roy Aitken and now Ahmed Al Mistaki will take over as coach until the season finishes, after that we will decide on how to take things forward. It wasn’t going too well with [O’Leary](david-o-leary.html) and the board took a decision to end his contract. Ahmad has been at training and knows the boys, so the club is looking forward to working with him now

2013 05 03 Retrieve

[David O’Leary wins £3.3m compensation claim from Dubai-based Al Ahli] It has taken a long time to deal with this matter but I am pleased that all issues have now been finalised. I would also like to thank Richard Bevan and the LMA as well as my outstanding legal team, led by Paul Gilroy QC, and Michael Kennedy from Herbert Reeves & Co, for their support and hard work in bringing my case to this very satisfactory conclusion

I hope my case provides reassurance to all managers and coaches working all over the world that there is a formal system in place that provides employment protection

2020 06 06 Retrieve

[Arsenal allowing Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to run down his contract and leave as a free agent would be criminal] I think the club has learned in the past that letting people’s contracts run down and walking out on free transfers, top players have done that, it’s not financially right for the club. Personally, I hope he signs again because his goal-scoring record is unbelievable, but the club has got to find out does he want to stay, and if he doesn’t then I think they have got to cash in on him. You cannot afford to let contracts run down now, particularly a player like that. If he runs his contract down and just walks out on a free, that would be criminal in many ways

But we all have to have our own structures on the financial side of things. I don’t know what he’s looking for. Arsenal pay fantastically well, whether that is good enough for him. If it’s not going to be, I hate to say it, I think they have got to go and get the best price for him and use that money to bring in someone young and hungry and hopefully do great for Arsenal Football Club. I hope it doesn’t come to that

2020 06 08 Retrieve

[David O’Leary says Mikel Arteta has not put a foot wrong since taking charge of Arsenal] I don’t think he’s put a foot wrong off the field. There are things that he’s done that nobody knows about. But what you can say, what he’s come in behind the scenes and done has just been absolutely fantastic. The way he’s handled himself, the way he’s handled himself through this crisis and the things he’s done without seeking publicity, the things he’s implemented structurally at the club, I don’t think he’s put a foot wrong. I think he has a hard task, without a doubt, he’s come in and taken a hard job on. He needs players. The squad he has he will make better. Will that push them towards being a top-four club? No, I don’t see that. I think where he is going to be judged is on recruitment. It’s easier said than done, but you’ve got to get players out. That’s hard to do and he’ll be judged on that, but he’ll also be certainly judged on the personnel he brings in.