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Name Davor Suker
Gender Male
Ethnic Croatian
Job Croatian Footballer
  President of the Croatian Football Federation
Desc How many strikers in Arsenal’s history can lay claim to having won the Golden Boot at a World Cup? Suker’s best football may have come elsewhere, but even in his time with Arsenal he showed he could be a devastating finisher


Org Croatia National Team
Club as Player Arsenal FC
  Real Madrid

2017 11 14 Retrieve

[Davor Suker opinions on Zlatko Dalic the interim Croatia head coach] Zlatko Dalic has absolutely justified our confidence after the matches against Ukraine and Greece and thus confirmed he was the correct choice after the Finland match (1-1). As we agreed quickly when we first met, we have again reached an agreement very quickly, which proves that we have a common interest, which is the success of the Croatian team. I congratulated the coach on what he did in a short-term, and he showed that he deserved to lead the Croatian national team. We will provide Zlatko and the team the best conditions ahead of Russia so that we can achieve the best result possible there

2018 11 14 Interview

[q: It’s now four month since France and Croatia contested the World Cup final. Has life changed at all since then?] What happened in Russia was the most beautiful thing we’ve seen in Croatian football. We were able to unite the whole of Croatia and I cannot remember anything quite as emotional as the homecoming celebration with more than Croatians taking to the streets. Football’s my life and its moments like that that make me feel great happiness

[q: What did Croatia do differently to the rest in Russia?] To keep it as brief as I can, I’d say we gave a lesson in talent, unity and national enthusiasm. We are working very hard so that the new Luka Modrics and Ivan Rakitics will emerge in the future

[q: How much of Croatia’s success at Russia 2018 was down to you?] When a small country achieves something as big as that, it means that the system has worked well. I feel very proud to be at the head of a federation which represents our country with such success

[q: Be honest - do you want revenge on Spain for the Matchday 2 tonking?] Of course, we were very disappointed with the result in Elche, where a lot of things didn’t go to plan and with one thing and another, it ended in a defeat. I’m sure that the coach and the players are motivated and keen to show that match was just an off day for us and nothing more. Especially as this game will be the first at home after the World Cup - we’ll have our fans behind us and hopefully their support will help the team

[q: Are you worried that Spain could serve Croatia another heavy defeat?] Spain is one of the best sides in the world and Luis Enrique is a great coach so it wouldn’t surprise me if Spain played well again. I’m hoping for a great game of football between two fantastic teams - a much more exciting match than the last one in Elche

[q: Do you think Cristiano and Messi were unfair with Luka Modric?] I don’t really like to comment on what Cristiano and Messi do or say, they’re entitled to their own views like everyone is. They have deserved all of the awards they have received because they are exceptional players, among the best players in football history but their absence could not have spoiled Luka’s night because it was the moment when we celebrated his success and his trajectory in football

[q: Would it be a tragedy if Modric didn’t win the Ballon d’Or?] I do think Luka really deserves all of the awards this year for everything he has achieved with Real Madrid and especially with Croatia, and in saying that, I don’t want in any way to belittle Cristiano and Messi’s proven value

2020 04 28 Retrieve

[Croatian legend Davor Suker shares true opinion about Karim Benzema] I like him as a number nine. Today, he is in the history of Real Madrid. I like the way that he plays and there is no doubt that he is one of the best players in the world. All I can say is that I wish all him all the best, and to score many, many goals because, in the end, the statistics are the gauge of strikers. You need to score many goals to remain at the top