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Dean Saunders
Gender Male
Ethnic Wales
Job Wales Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Wales National Team
Club as Player Liverpool

2016 07 02 Retrieve

[Former Wales striker Dean Saunders, surprised about the run Chris Coleman’s squad are on at UEFA EURO 2016] I parked in the short stay car park two weeks ago in the Birmingham airport! I brought a small suitcase. I’ve run out of clothes and I’m going to have a £1,000 parking bill when I get back, that’s how confident I was! All of a sudden we’re three games away from winning it

2019 07 02 Retrieve

[Former Premier League striker Dean Saunders is another who feels the Gunners are a long way off the mark when it comes to the pursuit of a proven creative influence] How can they throw in a £40m bid when Aaron Wan-Bissaka has just gone to Manchester United for £50m as a right-back? Outside the top six, Zaha is probably the best player in the Premier League. He’s got to be valued at miles more than that as a winger/striker/number 10, wherever he wants to play. He goes past people for fun and he’s played great over the last couple of years. He’s got to be worth £100m

2019 07 04 Retrieve

[Dean Saunders says Liverpool haven’t missed Philippe Coutinho and have no need to bring him back] Liverpool haven’t missed him. They lost one game all season and lost the league by one point when Man City won each of their last 14 games, so they didn’t bottle it. Positionally have they missed him? No.

Sadio Mane, Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino are the front three, and Divock Origi and Xherdan Shaqiri have come in and done their bit. If you were critical, they may be lacking a really inventive midfield player. Georginio Wijnaldum, Jordan Henderson, James Milner, Fabinho - they’re all workmanlike.

But I think we’ll see more of Naby Keita this season; he was brought in to carry the ball, go into the last third and make things happen. What a good deal it was - they sold Coutinho for £142m and they signed Van Dijk, Fabinho, Keita, Shaqiri, Alisson… and won the Champions League! Great business, well done Jurgen Klopp. You get lots of criticism in football, but that was a good move

2019 07 19 Retrieve

[Dean Saunders says Christian Eriksen could slot into Liverpool’s team] [They could] spend it maybe … I think Eriksen could slot into Liverpool’s team; somebody like Eriksen. That type of player who will make their midfield a bit more productive

[He has told on his future plans] I feel that I am a place in my career where I might want to try something new. I have the wildest and deepest respect for everything that has happened at Tottenham - I will not be negative. But I have also said that I would like to try something new. I hope there will be a resolution during the summer. That’s the plan. In football you do not know when a resolution will happen. It can happen anytime. Everyone wants the best to it to happen as soon as possible, but in football takes things time

2019 08 06 Retrieve

[Former Liverpool striker Dean Saunders has claimed that Wayne Rooney would be a useful addition to Jurgen Klopp’s squad] I think the whole thing is a mystery [that he left England in the first place]. When he left Everton he was top of assists, he and Gylfi Sigurdsson were level, he was top goalscorer and had the most key passes, and they let him go. He was still only 31 at the time, he scored 250 goals for Manchester United and he’s England’s highest scorer. He’s still 33, he’s not 35. 30 now is not the 30 that we knew, with the nutrition and everything. I know he hasn’t lived his life perfectly, but who has? And he started young at 16, so an argument could be that he’s played all that time and he’s burned out. But he could definitely still play in the Premier League and a club should have gone for him. Have you seen the goals he’s scored in America? He must be thinking to himself, ‘this is not a challenge for me’. I was even thinking, it crossed my mind, if he’s fit and he’s hungry, you know who need that type of player? Liverpool. They could do with someone who can play in midfield and turn defence into attack, hit defence-splitting passes and score goals

Obviously Rooney probably wouldn’t get in Liverpool’s team, but he could definitely play for other Premier League teams, maybe mid-table; he could get in Crystal Palace’s team, he could get in Aston Villa’s team. The only reason he’s not playing for a top-six club is because his legs are not what they were, and maybe because the candle inside, that burning desire, maybe that’s not as bright as it was. You’d have to get him in, look him in the eye and ask, ‘Wayne, are you here for the ride or are you here because you’ve got that Wayne Rooney fire in your belly where nobody takes the ball off you, you want to win and you want to drive your team-mates on?’. But it’s a great signing for Derby if he signed for them