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Name Dejan Lovren
Gender Male
Ethnic Croatian
Job Croatian Footballer
Desc One of the first among many arrivals from Southampton in the 2010s, Lovren outranks his former Saints team-mates when it comes to Liverpool appearances. The Croatian has appeared 129 times for Liverpool in the Premier League since joining in 2014, outlasting Skrtel, Daniel Agger and Mamadou Sakho, among others. Agger is the only other out-and-out centre-back to reach a century of games in the decade, making it to 109 before departing for Brondby


Org Croatia National Team
Club as Player Liverpool FC

2013 08 24 Retrieve

[Dejan Lovren, who feels he was made the scapegoat for Lyon defeats several times last season before a move to Southampton, on his former side’s 2-0 loss at home to Real Sociedad] Let them blame me again for the defeat

2016 04 16 Retrieve

[Dejan Lovren making a statement on where he sees himself in Croatia coach Ante Cacic’s plans ahead of UEFA EURO 2016] I will not apologise. I will either travel to France as first XI player or I am not going

2017 02 11 Retrieve

[Dejan Lovren opens up about his life as a refugee] I hope for the next generation that it’ll be much easier, for my daughter and my son, maybe they’ll forget it and move on. I don’t know if they’ll ever understand my life or my situation, what I’ve been through, because they live in totally different worlds. If my little girl wants a toy, sometimes I say: ‘I don’t have the money’. It’s quite difficult to understand why I’m saying that, but she needs to understand that nothing comes easy. I’m working hard for her, so she needs to understand you don’t need 20 toys, sometimes you need just one or two and you’re still happy – it’s about other things

2018 05 26 Retrieve

[Dejan Lovren praises team-mates Mohamed Salah ahead of the Champions League final] Of course I spoke to Mo about that but it’s still an early stage. If we win [the final], he’s definitely one of the contenders. He can be in the top three best players in the world. He has this world-class experience already. He is still calm, down to earth and he deserves every credit and every goal he’s scored up to now. We will help him to achieve this dream for himself personally

2018 11 23 Retrieve

[Dejan Lovren on Jordan Henderson] A team always needs someone like Jordan

2020 06 04 Retrieve

[Dejan Lovren insists he is fully focused on Liverpool’s title charge, despite ongoing speculation surrounding his future at Anfield] I’m always ready. If someone is injured and coming off, I’m ready to step in and show my quality. I think I proved that last season, when Joe Gomez or Joel Matip were injured and I came in and played. My goal is to play and to win as many trophies as possible. But at the moment the focus is just to win the next two games and be champions. After that, we will see what happens

It has been a test for me. But in these moments, I think you should stick with the team even more, to show your quality even if you are not on the pitch with the first XI. The next day in training, you should give everything, just to respect your team-mates. Of course, it’s not the happiest moment when I see myself on the bench, but it’s the decision of the manager. I respect it and I am always the guy who will work 200 per cent behind closed doors

At this level, it’s normal to be exposed to criticism. To be honest, I’m not too bothered. If I feel criticism, it will be first from the manager, but my biggest critic is me. I can see when I perform well or not, it’s as simple as that. I don’t need somebody to tell me. I don’t read a lot of newspapers or listen much to the pundits. It is what it is. It’s football and we have to deal with it. Some players can’t do that and they go inside themselves, but accepting it is important. The criticism will just make me stronger. It has always been part of football and it always will be part of football

[Lovren added on Klopp being the inspiration behind Liverpool’s transformation] He came in and said, ‘Guys, I want you to think positively, to believe in yourselves. Without belief, we can’t do anything’. We do not stop. Even when we are at our best level, he sees that we can improve more. He had a whole picture already in his mind, he just missed a few pieces. So he bought Alisson, he bought Virgil, then it just clicked. He has done an amazing job

2020 06 08 Retrieve

[Dejan Lovren says Liverpool kept focus on winning Premier League title before return was announced] To be honest, even without a date at the beginning, our main focus and goal was, ‘Guys, let’s finish the season. There will, of course, be a date back, but just stay in shape, be in shape when we come back. We will do it and then we can say well done’. That was our main focus from the beginning. All the time we have been working in the gym, we know what is our focus. Of course we still have two games [to win until] we can say, ‘Yeah, we are the champions’ but our main focus is to win all the games. That’s the main target.

The last two weeks before we came back together, to be honest, I was a little bit struggling with not knowing when we will start and when we will be back together. You put so many questions in your mind, ‘When will everything be back to normal?’, but this is a great challenge for yourself and to show to everyone that you care about yourself, you care about your team. So we did it and we did an amazing job. We came back in great shape. We did some physical tests and I think it says a lot about the team. Everyone respected all the planning and programmes that we got. This is what’s important for this team

2020 07 13 Retrieve

[Lovren admitted he was frustrated at his lack of game time and believed he could continue his professional career for five more years] I’m patient. I’m working behind closed doors a lot and sometimes it is frustrating when you don’t play. You are fighting with yourself in your mind, asking ‘Why not?’ But you are accepting it, you are moving on and from my personal point of view, I want to be better every day in the training sessions.

The day will come when I will get again the chance so I am happy that I am not injured - which is the most important thing - and I’m also happy that we are all together and we have a full squad at the moment. Of course I want to be in the team that wins many trophies. I think, and I feel, that I have quite a lot of years to give especially in professional football. I’m 30, so another good five years. I don’t think I’m just a throwaway. If the club needs me I am here, I am happy. But you never know what can happen in the summer. At the moment I am just focused on the point where I can say I made it [as part of a great team].