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Dennis Aogo
Gender Male
Ethnic German
Job German Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Arsenal FC

2020 04 23 Retrieve

[Dennis Aogo says Leroy Sane is too sensitive to move to Bayern Munich and could struggle with the weight of expectation at Germany’s biggest club] I think it would be awesome for the league [if Sane would return to Bundesliga] because he’s a spectacle. However, I do not know whether a move to Bayern would be right for Leroy. The package of expectations and transfer fee could have an impact on him. He is a fine guy, but I also got to know him as a sensitive character. He may have evolved in this regard, but this backpack could also become too heavy after such a serious injury

2020 04 23b Retrieve

[The German left-back Aogo may have lost his first team place to the Bosnian Kolasinac at Schalke, but he is full of nothing but praise for the defender] I have to admit that Sead Kolasinac took a brutal step that year and regularly destroyed his opponents. Sead marched up and down with incredible power on the left side. I didn’t have even a small chance in the direct duel. I have to be so honest, even if I didn’t want to admit it at first. I don’t remember a duel that Sead didn’t win at the time, as a direct competitor I was almost a fan of him. In addition, he was never injured, sometimes he even played with torn fibres or other diagnoses. I thought to myself: ‘Is he still human?’ He could push the pain away like a machine. It was hard to believe

[Aogo said of Ze Roberto] He is just an amazing guy, so nice and gentle, but at the same time disciplined in person. You don’t have to discuss his qualities on the pitch anyway. Ze was an absolute role model in every aspect. It is also amazing what kind of machine he is today. I never thought that a Ze Roberto who was rather old school would be an absolute star on Instagram in 2020

2020 04 23c Retrieve

[Aogo reveals he used to wind up Robben in an attempt to stop him] He was clearly the best opponent I ever played against. I had many duels against him. He was extremely impressive to me. When I thought in my youthful madness that I was also a national team player, I often had a big mouth before the games against Bayern. Before each game, I made a decision: ‘Today I will leave the field as the winner and destroy him’. I looked for a fight on the pitch and tried to confuse him with provocations or by insulting him - but he was so blatantly focused that he didn’t let himself be affected at all and did this for 90 minutes. He completely destroyed me several times. I insulted Arjen with really harsh words and tried to play too hard. I remember a game where I got a yellow card after ten minutes. That was my death sentence, after that he completely made a fool of me. Even if I insulted and kicked him, he always showed class. There are players who will come up to you and provoke you after they have destroyed you, but Robben always shook my hand respectfully after the games and wished me all the best. It hurt much more than an insulting comment in reply would have. He was just a huge sportsman and almost unstoppable in the game, although everyone knew what was coming. His pace and timing were unique. On the other hand, he also stood out on the human side because he never stooped to my level. I take my hat off to Arjen Robben.