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Dennis te Kloese
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job LA Galaxy general manager
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx
Club as Player LA Galaxy [general manager]

2019 07 15 Retrieve

[Galaxy general manager Dennis te Kloese says that, when it comes to Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s future, the club is willing to discuss extending his stay with his current club when the time is right] The agreement is to discuss in an adult way how he feels and how the club is doing after the season. He has consciously signed for one year because he wants to say goodbye at a good professional level. At the moment he can easily come along

2019 08 08 Retrieve

[Galaxy general manager Dennis te Kloese expressed his delight at capturing the winger, and expects big things from Cristian Pavon once he settles into life in the United States] Cristian is a young and dynamic attacking addition who has the talent to be one of the most effective offensive players in Major League Soccer. He is a high-caliber player who will be a valuable piece to our roster moving forward. By providing him with a stable environment and a coach he knows well, we are confident that he can continue to grow and improve as a player within our club. We are extremely excited to add him to our squad and look forward to his contributions with the LA Galaxy

2019 10 31 Retrieve

[LA Galaxy general manager Dennis te Kloese says he expects to have talks with Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the coming days as reports continue to swirl surrounding the forward’s future] My deal with him, and I have known him for a long time, is to sit down with him after things have calmed down postseason and evaluate what is good for him, his family, his fitness and for us as well

You all already know Zlatan. He is a topic all by himself, he is a unique character, with so many facets. And I think he helped us this year, basically and obviously, with the number of goals he scored, which was so impressive. And all of that we will be talking about, for sure, next week when he returns. He is a very mature athlete in that sense and so we will first and foremost be speaking like adults and after that we will determine what is the best for all parties involved

2019 11 02 Retrieve

[While Bologna hope to land the former Sweden striker, there is still a chance that he will line up in MLS again in 2020] My deal with him, and I have known him for a long time, is to sit down with him after things have calmed down post-season and evaluate what is good for him, his family, his fitness and for us as well

2020 01 03 Retrieve

[The LA Galaxy have announced the signing of Emiliano Insua from Stuttgart] Emiliano is an experienced defender who has played for decorated clubs throughout the world. We think he will boost our team on the defensive side and will add a veteran presence to our club. We are glad to add Emiliano to our team and are excited that he will represent the LA Galaxy

2020 01 13 Retrieve

[LA Galaxy to give signing Chicharito a ‘serious try’ amid reports €9m deal agreed] I think he could be good for us. We’ll give it a serious try

2020 04 14 Retrieve

[Galaxy GM Dennis te Kloese says it will be very challenging for MLS to play a full season amid the coronavirus outbreak] We’ve never really focused on when we’re returning. We focus on each day and making sure everybody’s finding the right ways, physically and mentally, to stay with it. I certainly understand that every time the date gets moved back, it’s a little bit more of a challenge. Even some of the most conscientious players, in certain moments, start to lose a little bit.

We know that eventually we’ll be back together and the game will continue. But making sure that in the moment we all realize how important the job is to stay home and do everything to get past the virus, that’s first

2020 04 19 Retrieve

[The speedy, shifty Hernandez likely fits Schlelotto’s style even better than the hulking Ibrahimovic, and the Argentine coach worked aggressively behind the scenes to land Hernandez] More than anybody, Guillermo Barros Schelotto was involved in making it happen. In the end, it had to do with Javier’s interest in being a part of this organization because he’s going to be in a team and with a coach who has a lot of trust in him