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Dermot Gallagher
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Football Referee
Desc Dermot Gallagher is former Premier League referee

2017 08 21 Retrieve

[During their 2-0 defeat on Saturday, Arter stopped his Watford counterpart from taking a shot by appearing to shout ‘Jack’s!’ behind him, causing Chalobah to leave the ball] Technically it should have been an indirect free-kick and a yellow card for ungentlemanly conduct, but the referee obviously has not heard it has he. It is just incredible, but it is very, very clever of him. I do not know why he does not shoot anyhow, because in that position he probably has the best chance!

2019 12 07 Retrieve

[Man City left furious as Fred isn’t penalised for handball in Manchester derby with VAR taking centre stage again. Dermot Gallagher on decision not to point to the spot] I think with the way the law is set up it’s not a penalty. It hits his arm no doubt about it but he’s on the floor, his arm’s close to his body. It strikes him, nothing more. And the referee quite rightly doesn’t give a penalty and the VAR backs him up

2020 07 02 Retrieve

[Ref Watch: Nothing VAR could do but disallow the goal] Basically it is all about line of vision for Kepa. When you see the corner come across, Issa Diop flicks the ball on, Antonio ends up on the floor, Tomas Soucek shoots and it hits Antonio’s body, comes back to Soucek

I thought when I first saw it, ‘Good goal’, but when you see the lines drawn across the pitch, when the second shot goes in, you can see Antonio’s body is just offside in line with the laws of the game. He is directly in front of Kepa - it does not matter where the ball is, people say because the ball is on the ground - but because Kepa has got him in his vision right in front of him, that element of the law - ‘line of vision’ - has to be applied

The referees might not like it, other people might not like it, but unfortunately it is there, so therefore it has to be disallowed. Offside is not clear and obvious, offside is offside. You look at the elements of the law and is Antonio’s body in an offside position, or part of it that can score? The answer is yes because his head is beyond the last defender Marcos Alonso

Is he directly in line with Kepa? Without doubt, he is less than a yard in front of him, it is almost as if he can touch him, he is definitely in line, the ball has gone past him. There is nothing the VAR could do other than say to the referee, ‘I recommend you disallow this for offside

2020 07 06 Retrieve

[The ball strikes Bournemouth defender Adam Smith in the box and Manchester United are awarded a penalty, which allows Marcus Rashford to put the hosts ahead at Old Trafford] Without a doubt he’s blocked the ball going to an opponent. He’s made no attempt to play the ball and I think that’s why Mike Dean’s given the penalty. His arm is outstretched and he’s blocked the ball going to Matic. He makes no attempt to play the ball

2020 07 06b Retrieve

[Eric Bailly controls a wayward pass from Nemanja Matic with his upper arm and VAR confirmed he was inside the penalty area. Josh King scored the penalty] The officials reached the right decision between themselves which is good because it shows VAR works. Mike Dean has got the best view and he judged that Bailly took the ball on the top of his arm. But as the ball is in the air it’s very difficult for him to tell at what point Bailly is but when you put the lines across he was just inside the area and VAR recommended that to the ref and gave the penalty, quite rightly

2020 07 06c Retrieve

[Etienne Capoue takes down Christian Pulisic in the box and Chelsea are awarded a penalty. However, Capoue - who is already on a yellow card - is not booked] He’s gone in so fast that the minute Pulisic turns he’s got to play the ball but Pulisic moves the ball away and he connects with him. It has to be a penalty, it’s just the speed he goes in. The referee has a perfect view. Pulisic turned back into the box, so he hasn’t stopped a promising attack or created chance. I think a penalty was sufficient. Not a yellow card, for me.

2020 07 06d Retrieve

[Jonjo Shelvey fires a shot at goal from range but it strikes West Ham defender Angelo Ogbonna in the box. No penalty is given] [Ogbonna] would be very, very, very upset if this was given as a penalty. It’s a very short distance from Shelvey’s shot, his arm is tucked into his side, you could even argue he’s trying to get his arm away from the ball if anything. He doesn’t make himself bigger. Just play on

2020 07 06e Retrieve

[Erik Pieters swings a boot at a Sheffield United corner, misses and the ball strikes his hand in the Burnley penalty area. No penalty is awarded] I think this is one of the biggest talking points of the weekend. People have said, ‘why isn’t this a penalty, it didn’t come off his body’ but if you see, he makes such a genuine attempt to kick the ball - and makes a hash of it - it bounces up and you see him putting his hand behind his back. He tries to pull it away. So you’d be very, very hard pressed to give a penalty for that.