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Name Diego Godin
Gender Male
Ethnic Uruguayan
Job Uruguayan Footballer


Org Uruguay National Team
Club as Player Atletico Madrid

2016 05 21 Retrieve

[Atletico Madrid defender Diego Godin on Atleti head coach Diego Simeone and fitness specialist Oscar Ortega] We believe to the death in what [Simeone] and el Profe Oscar Ortega tell us. Simeone always knows how to give the right message or speech that the team needs. He knows what to say in every moment, and that is the most difficult thing for a coach. The most emotional I can remember were the second leg against Barcelona and the first game against Bayern

2017 03 25 Retrieve

[Diego Godin speaks about Neymar’s performance in Brazil’s 4-1 win in Montevideo in World Cup qualifying] It’s true that Neymar really makes a difference. It doesn’t matter if you have one or two players going at him, he makes a difference. He makes that at every game, in Barcelona also, never mind what tactic you use

2019 05 11 Retrieve

[After spending nine years with the club and winning eight trophies, Diego Godin announced he would be leaving Atletico Madrid in the off-season] This isn’t just a club for me, it’s also been my family and it’s very hard to say goodbye