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Name Diego Simeone
Gender Male
Ethnic Argentinian
Job Argentinian Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Argentina National Team
Club as Coach Atletico Madrid

2014 05 04 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone after his team reached the UEFA Champions League final] I want to thank the mothers of these players we have at Atletico Madrid because they gave birth to them with balls this big

2014 09 27 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone defends Atletico Madrid relying on goals from set-pieces] You have to attack to get corners, no? Winning by scoring strategic goals doesn’t bother me – it’s part of the game

2015 01 24 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone responds to question on whether the best contract imaginable would tempt him to coach Real Madrid or Brazil’s national team] Ah, you guys are bad! (laughs) I think I’d have to pass on that and say goodbye to the money!

2015 01 31 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone on Messi] I have played against both Madrid and Barca, and you can’t compare Cristiano to Barça’s Messi. Messi alone is more dangerous than Ronaldo, Bale and Benzema put together

2015 12 21 Retrieve

[on Messi, Suarez, and Neymar] Signing Suarez has strengthened things and the beautiful thing about them is there’s no jealously between their front men. They have a healthy, happy relationship and for those of us who love football, that’s a wonderful thing. Barca are the best team in the world and those three forwards show a remarkable amount complicity, something that is rare to see. Usually jealously exists among players, egos getting in the way of each other, but it’s the complete opposite there

2015 12 22 Retrieve

[on Messi, Suarez, and Neymar] The presence of Suarez and Neymar – in his second season – has helped him (Messi). He has the support of the entire team. [. . .] The attacking potential of Suarez is an added plus for Barca – and for Lionel – this season and his aggression, along with that of [. . .] Neymar, allows Messi to take advantage of that sacrifice from his team-mates

2016 02 06 Retrieve

[Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone blaming himself for Jackson Martinez’s lack of goal scoring at the Vicente Calderon] I am the first person responsible. Jackson did not get the chance to show us his best version. I feel part of that. It is my failure that Jackson did not play, but I am not going to change my way of playing. We spoke openly as men, and from there each person makes their decisions. We wish him luck. I hope he gets back to being the player we all thought he was

2016 08 20 Retrieve

[Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone thinks Antoine Griezmann should be among the nominees for the 2016 FIFA Ballon d’Or] If we are talking about the Ballon d’Or, I think he [Ronaldo] will win. He is the most competitive. But I don’t think that he has been the best this year. I think that Griezmann is among the best. Griezmann had a fantastic year and if he shouldn’t be one of the nominees, that would not seem fair to me at all

2016 09 09 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone believes Antoine Griezmann can be one of the best] Antoine knows he’s in a wonderful club, a club that grows up every day, a club that has given him the chance to be the player he is, and in this club he has found a coach who loves him, team-mates that have given him the chance to develop all his talent. In my opinion, he’s destined to become a Messi, a Ronaldo, one of the best players in the world

2016 09 24 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone defends Barcelona star Neymar at a news conference ahead of the two sides’ La Liga clash at the Camp Nou, which ended in a 1-1 draw] Neymar is an extraordinary player. He won the Olympic Games after being criticised in Brazil after the two first games. He has found in Barcelona the right place to express his talent. Everyone has their own style and their own way of playing. He has been criticised, even in his personal life. He enjoys himself, sings, dances… and destroys teams. They can keep criticising him, the kid responds where he must respond

2016 12 10 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone gives a not-so-subtle hint as to where his future may lie] It is normal that my son, my father, my sister, my wife would say that I will train Inter in the future, because they know someday I will lead Inter

2017 10 04 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone Explains What Has Made English Teams So Much Better in This Season’s Champions League] We had never faced a team with the intensity of Chelsea. We struggled to press them effectively. We improved when (Antoine) Griezmann went on [Tiemoue] Bakayoko and left David Luiz free. But we were imprecise. The English teams have improved so it’s much more open. There is less margin for error now.

2019 04 13 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone described Jan Oblak as ‘the best goalkeeper in the world’ after his star turn in Atletico Madrid’s 2-0 win over Celta Vigo on Saturday] He is the best goalkeeper in the world. We are fortunate that he chooses to play at Atletico and that he is with us. He has improved a lot and he has earned it. When he arrived years ago, he entered the Champions League and because of his work, effort and improvement he is where he is.

[The Atletico boss, meanwhile, was quick to dismiss speculation that Griezmann will attempt to engineer a move away from the club at the end of the season] I repeat, he is one of our captains. The club has made a huge effort to keep him here, he is happy in Madrid. He is a very important player for the team, it does not make me think that he can leave

2019 08 26 Retrieve

[Atletico coach Diego Simeone echoed Oblak’s comments about Leganes, against whom he fielded a back three rather than his usual four] We needed to win and tried to do so in different ways. We changed things around and we won. Leganes never allow you to relax - they’re very strong at home

2020 01 12 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone has said that Fede Valverde did the right thing in fouling Alvaro Morata when the striker was clean through on goal in the Spanish Super Cup final between Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid] I think the award for the best player makes perfect sense because Valverde won the game with that action. It was the most important play of the game. If the play continued, it was possibly a goal. I told him not to worry, that he did what he had to do. We will see how many days they give him.

2020 01 15 Retrieve

[Fave Valverde cut down Alvaro Morata with a desperate, scything tackle while the Atletico Madrid forward was bearing down on goal. He was promptly punished with a red card but his cynical foul stopped Morata from scoring what surely would have been the winner at the end of the Supercopa de Espana final in Jeddah] It was the most important passage of play. I told him that anyone would have done the same in his place. I think the MVP award [for Valverde] makes a lot of sense because he won the game with that action

2020 02 22 Retrieve

[Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone tells his side had beaten Liverpool before the match even began thanks to the incredible reception his team received upon arrival on the team bus] We started winning on the roundabout next to the stadium. In eight years, I’ve never seen a reception like that

2020 03 12 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone compared Jan Oblak to Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi after the goalkeeper’s exploits helped Atletico Madrid eliminate Champions League holders Liverpool] We have a goalkeeper who is the best in the world, no doubt. I have been saying that for some time. It’s like Barcelona who have Messi. He decides games with his attacking play; Oblak resolves them with his saves

[Llorente came off the bench to replace a frustrated Diego Costa] Llorente revolutionised the team. I’m very happy for the team and the club. It was a historic match against an extraordinary opponent with great intensity and a beautiful stadium. They pushed and held, without us ever moving away from our plan and with everyone’s effort we succeeded. It gives me an enormous joy because, although it seems simple, it’s not simple to win

2020 03 14 Retrieve

[Atletico Madrid head coach Diego Simeone on his goalkeeper Jan Oblak after Atleti defeated holders Liverpool in the Champions League Round of 16] We have a goalkeeper who is the best in the world, no doubt. I have been saying that for some time. It’s like Barcelona who have Messi. He decides games with his attacking play; Oblak resolves them with his saves

2020 03 31 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone forgave Valverde over crunching tackle on Alvaro Morata in the Supercopa final] The award for the best player had to do with that piece of play. Valverde won the final. It was the most important piece of play. It was probably going to be a goal. I told him that he did what he had to do at that moment

2020 05 16 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone on Football] Football is like boxing because you have to know when it is time to attack. At Atletico, we know the virtues we have as a team

2020 06 15 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone challenged his Atletico Madrid players to treat every remaining La Liga match like a final after a 1-1 draw at Athletic Bilbao hindered their top-four hopes] The aim for the two teams was to always try to win, we started well in the first 10 minutes, then they positioned themselves better and they won the second ball and they did not let us attack. The goal came, the reaction, after a very well-constructed play. In the second half we were closer to that victory. Santiago Arias’ chance was the clearest. He could have allow us to take the victory in a stadium where you always have to work to win. We have one final left in each match

[Simeone picked two-goal Anfield hero Marcos Llorente in an advanced role behind Costa, leaving striker Alvaro Morata on the bench until the 63rd minute] Seeing what I see and knowing the squad, I interpreted this situation to be like this today. Over time, they will be able to coexist. We understood that Marcos could give us some incision like he did, with some sprints, some passes and the dirty work

2020 06 23 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone believes Atletico Madrid’s defensive resilience is merely a by-product of the players’ commitment to his footballing vision] There will always be mistakes, all teams make mistakes. We must try to be focused and, with the best security we can offer the team, we have rotated. I am still convinced that the team’s strength is the emotional convention of the group. This will be the way to reach the goals we want

[More sparkling form from Joao Felix would certainly strengthen their hand after the Portugal youngster notched a brace as Osasuna were torn apart] He is a different player. We have always valued him, we have seen him in training and in games. Surely, when he grows up and can spend more time in situations that are decisive for the team, he will continue to evolve. He has all the important qualities to break a game. With his growth in the game he will grow even more as a footballer.

[If Atleti are victorious against Levante, Simone will equal Luis Aragones as the coach with the most La Liga victories for the club] I did not know about this and, as I have already said, I do not stop on the path we are going through. This is not the time to stop and look in the mirror; it is only time to work, win and continue in the best possible way

2020 06 23b Retrieve

[Diego Simeone says Atletico Madrid still believe in Joao Felix] He is a different player, but we have always valued his talent as we have seen him in training and matches. Surely, when he grows older and can spend more time in situations that are decisive for the team and he will evolve as a player. He has all the important attributes that can make or break a game, and with his growth in matches he will develop even more as a footballer

It seems to me that it gives footballers a greater chance of playing. With three changes not everyone on the bench can be involved, but now we’ve discovered something new and the people who make decisions will decide if it’s convenient or not. There are more options for players to play, but it’s not up to us to make these decisions

2020 06 29 Retrieve

[Diego Simeone responds to Messi-Setien rift rumours ahead of Barca’s clash with Atletico] You know me, I don’t give my opinion on what’s going on in other dressing rooms. I just make an opinion on ours. We need to keep it protected, always take care of it and always manage the feeling of the players, which is the most important for a squad. The most important thing is to manage, in my team, the emotional part, which I consider to be the key part

I wouldn’t tell you, and I would try to solve it naturally in our camp, which is the dressing room or the training session. A cup of coffee could also be there in any informal chat that could help for solving any internal issue