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Dietrich Mateschitz
Gender Male
Ethnic Austrian
Job Owner of Red Bull Salzburg
  Owner of New York Red Bulls
  Owner of RB Leipzig
Desc Austrian billionaire Dietrich Mateschitz has compiled an extensive portfolio of teams across a variety of sports, most of which have the name of his company emblazoned on them. In football, his main concerns are Bundesliga side RB Leipzig, Austrian club Red Bull Salzburg and MLS side New York Red Bulls.


Org Red Bull Salzburg
  New York Red Bulls
  RB Leipzig

2017 07 19 Retrieve

[Mateschitz has since revealed a higher bid has been tabled for Keita, though he has reiterated the club do not want to sell their prized asset] Lately we got a €75m offer for Naby Keita. No way! He has a contract and he will accomplish it. To sell him would not only be a proof of distrust to our fans but also the wrong sign for our players like Timo Werner, who is in demand too

2017 11 22 Retrieve

[Rangnick visited England in late 2016 to watch Chelsea, Charlton and Brentford in action, leading to rumours that Red Bull was about to invest in an English club. In January, the company’s founder denied speculation that they were interested in taking over Nottingham Forest] There is nothing to it. That’s not even idle speculation. It moreover would be an enormous stupidity to think about an addition in England after a successful involvement at Leipzig. That would be wrong from a sporting perspective. To mix everything together would at one point also not be in accordance with UEFA regulations

2019 03 01 Retrieve

[Red Bull CEO Dietrich Mateschitz has issued a warning to Bayern Munich and Liverpool regarding the availability of Timo Werner, insisting he will not be sold for a bargain fee] For sure that player [Werner] will not be cheap