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Name Dimitar Berbatov
Gender Male
Ethnic Bulgarian
Job Bulgarian Footballer
Desc A player whose brilliance was defined by an artisanal elegance and the complete elimination of any superfluous movement. Struggled in his first few games for Tottenham before finding his rhythm, eventually moving to Manchester United for a club-record fee. Won two league titles before departing for Fulham. Arguably the most misunderstood player in Premier League history, and among the more underrate


Org Bulgaria National Team
Club as Player Kerala Blasters
  Fulham FC
  Manchester United
  Tottenham Hotspur

2016 11 05 Retrieve

[Dimitar Berbatov hints at a return to the Premier League] When you’ve played in the Premier League you don’t want to play anywhere else. In this stage of my career I know where I am – I would happily play for a team where they use my experience and my knowledge. I can help young players develop and make the team stronger. In the end it’s all about helping the team play

2017 01 14 Retrieve

[Dimitar Berbatov describes his partnership with Robbie Keane] He was a great guy, running like crazy and we complemented each other because he was running everywhere and I was running in my head and we gelled together

2017 10 28 Retrieve

[Dimitar Berbatov speaks about his time with Spurs and his lack of desire for the spotlight] Spurs fans liked me. When I heard them singing my name I thought: ‘What the f—? Why are they singing for me?’ I didn’t like that attention. Some players do, but I was embarrassed and thinking: ‘Please, please shut up’

2017 12 23 Retrieve

[Kerala Blasters forward Dimitar Berbatov talks football in India] This is my role here. To teach the young players who have a good potential to grow. The only thing they need is someone to guide them in the right direction. One thing is to play in your country but if you go outside you get out of your comfort zone. Hopefully one day, young Indian players here can go to Europe. If you want to test yourself, you want to play against the best. It is the fourth year for this league now. It is so early, you can only grow from here. It is going to be a long road. As long as you try to do the right thing, everything will be fine. It will be good to see someone from India play in a big club in Europe

2019 10 12 Retrieve

[Dimitar Berbatov gives his thoughts on Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi] Ronaldo versus Messi, how can you separate them? I think they should get their awards and give it to both of them. All the time. You can’t say this one is better than the other