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Dimitri Seluk
Gender Male
Ethnic Russian
Job Russian Football Agent
Desc xxxx


Client Yaya Toure

2016 09 20 Retrieve

[The outspoken Russian, who once infamously complained over City showing disrespect to Toure because the club did not give him a birthday cake] Pep was successful at Barcelona and Bayern Munich, but take a look behind that success. The team he took at Barca had been built by [his predecessor] Frank Rijkaard and then he was lucky to have Lionel Messi. It was Messi who made Barca, not Pep. Luis Enrique has shown that Barca’s success was not down to Guardiola. It was the same in Munich. Bayern won the treble before Guardiola took over. They already had a great team on the pitch and a great organization off the pitch. He couldn’t fail. My grandfather could have won the league with that team. Carlo Ancelotti will keep Bayern at the top - but the difference is that i also think he will win the Champions League there. When Guardiola left Bayern there were a lot of happy people there once he had gone. He wasn’t popular.

Pep doesn’t want players with personality. He only wants players who are scared of him and will do what he says. The first thing he did when he arrived at City was to pick a fight with Yaya and Joe Hart, two of the club’s biggest players. Hart is England’s goalkeeper; Yaya has won the African Footballer of the Year four times. They have both been big personalities in the dressing room at City and Guardiola doesn’t like that. When you first go into someone’s house then you should treat them with respect. You don’t go into someone’s house and ask them to leave. He was the same at Barcelona. He forced [Samuel Eto’o](samuel-eto-o.html) to leave the club. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, a player who cost 57 million pounds, was sold for just £18 million. It has to always be about Pep Guardiola, no one else

Yaya is a professional. He will keep doing everything that is asked of him and he will walk away from the club at the end of the season with his pride. If City want to keep paying him not to play then that is up to them. But when his contract is over, he will tell the truth about Pep Guardiola and Manchester City’s fans will not like it

2016 09 21 Retrieve

[Dimitri Seluk continued the theme on Wednesday, claiming that Guardiola - then leading Barcelona - verbally disparaged City when Toure left Camp Nou in 2010] When Toure left the club to come to City, Guardiola told him he was leaving to a s* team. Now, Guardiola has come to this s* team. Guardiola likes money more than football

2016 11 03 Retrieve

[Dimitri Seluk has been asked by his client to build bridges with Guardiola, but the Spaniard is continuing to give him the cold shoulder] Guardiola has won matches this season, so everyone must only see his fantastic football. But his personality is far from great. I repeat the message from everywhere that he has been from Barcelona to Bayern Munich. Many people don’t like him

I have spoken to Yaya in the last few days and he has asked me to make the peace with Pep. I agreed with him that I had to do what I could to make the situation better, because Yaya and Manchester City have been caught in the crossfire

I am genuine in what I say. I am not an unreasonable man. I don’t think that Pep will ever love me, but the most important thing is that we try to forgive what has happened in the past and develop a new relationship. This is a genuine gesture. I hope Pep accepts that my hope is that we can start with a clean page.

Of course, I hope Pep takes the decision to bring Yaya back into his squad. But even if he doesn’t, I can assure him that I am not going to speak about him any more in the media. I have sent this message because Pep hasn’t returned my calls. I really do hope this can be a new start and that Yaya can help Manchester City to win more trophies

2016 11 04 Retrieve

[Dimitri Seluk has muddied the waters over Yaya Toure’s apology to Manchester City for his representative’s actions by insisting that he will not say sorry to Pep Guardiola] We want peace, but I’m not apologising. Apologise for what? Maybe Toure has apologised for this, but I don’t know for what. I think Yaya don’t mean this. He wants peace between him and Guardiola.

A lot of supporters want to see Yaya on the field and Yaya wants to help Manchester City get good results. We want to make peace between Guardiola, Yaya and me for the supporters, the team and for the results. A player like Yaya, one of the top players in the world, with a big salary, normally doesn’t stay out of the team. He must play

2018 05 08 Retrieve

[The Ivorian midfielder’s agent claims his client wants to stay in England and will allow his new club to release him without compensation if they wish] Yaya is fit and desperate to prove he’s still the best central midfielder in the Premier League. He’s happy to accept a one-year deal to stay in England. And if his club are not satisfied with his performances, he will pay back half his wages, or the club can cancel his contract immediately, with no compensation

It’s the first club where I’ve stayed for a long time. After eight years of service I think it’s the right time to move on and let the kids continue to take the responsibility. I’m really happy, I’m delighted to be part of this football club and they’ll be looking forward to being strong next year, they’ve played fantastic football and I hope there will be more of the same next year. I’m delighted [to have won three Premier League titles], to be honest. When you see all the trajectory over the course of the eight years I’ve been here, it’s unbelievable. I’m very happy to be part of this football club

2018 06 04 Retrieve

[Yaya Toure willing to play for Man Utd ‘for £1 a week’ in season dedicated to Guardiola revenge] Yaya has received many offers from different countries, big money offers, but we have decided to devote the next season to Guardiola. To proving to the Manchester City fans that Yaya is not finished with football. He is full of strength and energy and wants to play in England this season. At a time when English clubs are spending huge sums of money on players, I officially declare that Yaya is ready to move to any top-six English club as a free agent with a salary of £1 per week. As long as a success-based bonus system is in place. I think a player like Yaya would be good for a club like Arsenal, Chelsea, Man Utd, Tottenham or Liverpool. Yaya is a winner. And a top player with leadership qualities could never be a bad addition to a team, especially when he doesn’t require payment

[If he moved to United, Toure would play alongside Paul Pogba] Pogba is the same size, power - but different in the way he wants to go. Technically and in the ability to score goals as well. It’s a player I want to play with, to be honest, just to teach him some things. Pogba is a great player. He’s a fantastic player. He’s a little bit young at the moment

2018 06 05 Retrieve

[Yaya Toure’s agent in explosive Guardiola rant] If my grandmother became manager of Bayern they would still be champions. This is the enviable consistency of Guardiola’s career choices: he arrives at a club with a huge budget and which already wins titles without him. Once again: Guardiola’s actions towards Pellegrini, who reached the semi-final of the Champions League that year, were horrible. But Guardiola has taken similarly horrible actions on many occasions

What has Guardiola achieved? In two years he has won as much as Mancini and Pellegrini did. In fact, Pellegrini reached the Champions League semi final, and Guardiola hasn’t done that yet. Manchester City just renewed his contract for three years

I would bet that, in that time, Guardiola will not win the Champions League, no matter how much money he spends, and he loves to spend money. When he spends £200m on the defence alone; when money is no object, then I can only agree with (Mauricio) Pochettino when he says that he likes to win trophies, rather than buying them as Guardiola does

You know, Guardiola cannot be called a dog. Because a dog is a good and kind creature, man’s best friend. But Guardiola, by his very nature, is man’s worst enemy

Incidentally, I find it strange, the position FIFA has taken, when the manager has shown off his political biases to billions of people. The principle of football outside politics has always existed. But Guardiola wants to bring politics into football, and this is very dangerous

And I believe FIFA should ban the manager for bringing politics into football. If you want to go into politics, go to the Catalan parliament and achieve what you want. No need to sit in Manchester and use sheikhs’ money to make a hero out of yourself. This also shows what a worthless person he is. And his cheap populism

Many may say that it is Guardiola’s style, that he plays spectacular football. But when you buy up all the best players in the world, this is much easier than, say, it was for Ranieri, whose Leicester side won the Premier League. The papers write a lot about Guardiola, although he as a person is not worthy of this attention. And yet we hear so little about Zidane, who has won the Champions League three times in a row

This testifies to the importance of personality. And when people say that Guardiola is the best manager, I must reply: Guardiola is far from winning three consecutive Champions Leagues. And furthermore, I am ready to bet that he never wins it at Manchester City

And I don’t think he will ever win the Champions League again

God sees everything. The way he acted towards Yaya, a club legend, coming up with various pretexts not to let him play … He has set all of Africa against him, many African fans have turned away from Manchester City.

And I am sure that many African shamans will not let Guardiola win the Champions League in future. It will be like an African curse on Guardiola. Time will tell if I am right or not

2019 05 10 Retrieve

[Former Man City & Barcelona star Yaya Toure retires at the age of 35] I say this for the first time: Yaya decided to end his career as a champion.

The farewell match, when he won the Premier League title with Manchester City was, in principle, the real end of his playing career. Not only in this team, but in general. Yaya is one of the best players in Africa and he had one of the brightest careers in the history of African football. Therefore, he should also leave football beautifully, at the peak. We talked for a long time on this topic.

Of course, every football player wants to play for as long as possible. In terms of his physical condition, Yaya could do this at a sufficiently high level for another five years. But we came to the conclusion that he, the football player who played for Barcelona and Manchester City, could not lower the bar.

We see many players who continue their careers at a mature age, and this is commendable. But Yaya and I chose a different path - to leave as a champion and start a new stage in life with a career as a coach.

In this, I am sure, Yaya will reach even greater heights that those he achieved as a football player. There are no African coaches in the English Premier League

2019 06 17 Retrieve

[What’s happened to Yaya Toure? How former Manchester City star is refusing to retire] There are many proposals from Arab teams, but also from Asia. Huge offers. But most likely for Yaya is to return to the Premier League. His dream was to fight there and make it happen. He wants to come back there and I think there are conditions for it to happen again