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Dion Dublin
Gender Male
Born 1969 04 22
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Coventry City
  Manchester United

2015 11 28 Retrieve

[on Roy Keane] He doesn’t know this, but everybody [in the Manchester United squad when Keane joined] was buzzing to have him there. We knew that he was a special player, we knew that he loved to have a bit of a moan, but we knew that he could produce the goods week in, week out, and we knew he was a winner

2016 02 18 Retrieve

[on Rio Ferdinand] A great defender but what I really like about him is that he can really play too. The potential was always there and he was already very good when I played against him, but he’s just got better and better with experience. One of the best defenders in the world

2018 01 15 Tweet

Devastated,Sad,Gutted and totally Shocked by the news that Cyrille Regis has died. He was my ALL TIME footballing hero and idol…… and the main reason why I wanted to be a Centre Forward,just like him! #LEGEND. I’m gonna miss you my FRIEND! RIP Big C

2019 05 20 Retrieve

[Dion Dublin on Canaries’ job offer] A lot of people don’t know this, I actually got the assistant manager’s job at Norwich City for about five minutes. I went for talks for the assistant job with Paul Ince, who went for the job. He said would I mind coming along with him as his assistant and I said I would go along for the talks. I knew Delia, Michael and the owners. I went and had a chat with Delia. They said they wanted to speak to Gunny first, so Incey went out, Gunny went in and I went out.

Then they said they would make the decision in about five minutes and I found out they were going to give Bryan Gunn the job. They got Paul back in, told him the news, said they were sorry and said would it be okay if we asked Dion to be Bryan’s assistant? Gunny has said that was okay with him. Paul had no problem and I said I would definitely take it with Gunny.

But I went back and spoke to my employers at the time and they said, ‘Sorry, no, we can’t release you from your three year contract, because you are signed up to us.’ That was it. That was my five minutes of management and I had a 100pc record

[Dublin admitted he does have some regrets he opted not to go into coaching] Part of me does regret it because I would like to know if I could have done it. Whether I did have the skills to go onto the training pitch and be a coach not a player. It would have been very nice to know if I could make this leap. So thanks to my employer at the time. But the game has changed now

2020 01 06 Retrieve

[Former Manchester United striker Dion Dubin says Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp is very much like the new Sir Alex Ferguson] Jurgen Klopp is very much like the new Sir Alex Ferguson. What I mean by that is that he is running this club from top to bottom. He is making sure that the academy football is being played the same as the first team. When they come through, they know their jobs, they know their jobs, they know where to be, who to listen to.

They have got good seniors around them, good pros who do the job properly, no flash Harrys, and they love it. They love playing with them, they respect them and the seniors respect the kids. That is why you are getting such balanced performances by the whole of this Liverpool Football Club. They look unstoppable at the moment. The way that Jurgen Klopp has picked his teams has nullified what other teams are trying to do

2020 02 02 Retrieve

[Dion Dublin says Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is the closest thing to Sir Alex Ferguson that the Premier League has seen since the Scot retired] I think Klopp is possibly the closest thing to Sir Alex in terms of going into Liverpool and taking charge of the footballing side of that club. He’s in charge of the money, where he wants to spend it, who he wants to spend it on and the Liverpool board are backing him. They’ve got the right man, he’s got the right players in and they’ve just been brilliant