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Name Divock Origi
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Footballer
Desc xxxx


Club as Player Liverpool FC

2019 07 24 Retrieve

[Divock Origi has said a gut feeling caused him to turn down a move to Wolves in January of last year to stay and fight for his Liverpool place] It was a gut feeling. For me I just sat down and I felt like I wanted to stay and help this team. I felt good, I just had to keep performing in training and I knew my chance would come. I felt like we could do something special. I just had to block everything out and focus on the right things. In football you never know 100 per cent, it could have gone another way but that’s the choice I made. It’s a lot to happen in a year. And that’s the beauty of football. You can see that I am back focusing on performing. Has Madrid changed the direction of my career? Yes definitely, it was a great experience. Winning the Champions League is a boy’s dream so it changes a lot in a player’s career. I am trying to be as fit as possible and just perform. I feel positive, I feel good, there is a high vibration going around Liverpool and I think we need to use it in a good way. There might be some difficult moments in the future, as there might be some good moments, I am just preparing for the best

2020 02 22 Retrieve

[Liverpool forward Divock Origi tells about his experience of watching the 2018 UEFA Champions League final on a TV in the Dominican Republic only to go on and score in the final 12 months later] I didn’t want to say many words, but used the bicep emoji to say ‘keep strong, keep on going’ and I said ‘we are going to be back next season’. That text never went through, but in my head I said ‘we’, as if I was in it. I don’t even know if the manager knows, but the text never went through. In the end I came back and ended up scoring in the final, so that was quite symbolic. Maybe it was fate, definitely

2020 05 03 Retrieve

[Divock Origi says he is improving under Klopp at Liverpool and not interested in move] I am a better player than last year. Klopp has given me the space to develop myself. I always listen to my instinct and continue to work. We have spoken with Liverpool and we have a nice course ahead of us. I just want to get better here. It is a project for me and I want to follow it. I don’t know how long I will do that. I feel that I am making progress, so it was a pity that the season stopped [due to coronavirus]

[Origi continues to revel in his goal against Spurs] I was able to connect with the supporters. I saw their facial expressions. It is a feeling that is very difficult to explain. [Andy] Robertson jumped on my back, Fabinho joined and Virgil [Van Dijk]. Unbelievable. The more days pass, the more I can enjoy it. It’s like wine, it matures with time