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Name Divock Origi
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Footballer
Desc xxxx


Club as Player Liverpool FC

2019 07 24 Retrieve

[Divock Origi has said a gut feeling caused him to turn down a move to Wolves in January of last year to stay and fight for his Liverpool place] It was a gut feeling. For me I just sat down and I felt like I wanted to stay and help this team. I felt good, I just had to keep performing in training and I knew my chance would come. I felt like we could do something special. I just had to block everything out and focus on the right things. In football you never know 100 per cent, it could have gone another way but that’s the choice I made. It’s a lot to happen in a year. And that’s the beauty of football. You can see that I am back focusing on performing. Has Madrid changed the direction of my career? Yes definitely, it was a great experience. Winning the Champions League is a boy’s dream so it changes a lot in a player’s career. I am trying to be as fit as possible and just perform. I feel positive, I feel good, there is a high vibration going around Liverpool and I think we need to use it in a good way. There might be some difficult moments in the future, as there might be some good moments, I am just preparing for the best

2019 12 19 Retrieve

[Liverpool striker Divock Origi rates Everton goal above Champions League strikes] [My favourite goal is] definitely the Everton one - minute ninety plus six. I remember going into the airport in Manchester. There was an Everton fan on border control, and he said to me, ‘I’m not going to let you in’. I was like: ‘What?’ It was all good, friendly banter. It’s the goal they speak about most in the city. It’s amazing. I love it. It shows the heart of the supporters. It’s Liverpool, you know. I see [the winner against Barcelona] on Instagram. [No clips on my phone], no. I like to visualise it. If I want to relive something, I close my eyes, go in silence and I can see it again. People ask me about my favourite goal and I say it is not easy to choose. The derby goal was a very different emotion than scoring in the final. I put it in a bank of experience

[Origi reveals that he is grateful to have been involved in so many significant moments in Liverpool’s rich history] It is good for the storytelling. That is what people say. More and more I realise how grateful I am to be in such a team in such an era. Maybe at the end of my career I can say I shone my best light to help this team

2020 02 22 Retrieve

[Liverpool forward Divock Origi tells about his experience of watching the 2018 UEFA Champions League final on a TV in the Dominican Republic only to go on and score in the final 12 months later] I didn’t want to say many words, but used the bicep emoji to say ‘keep strong, keep on going’ and I said ‘we are going to be back next season’. That text never went through, but in my head I said ‘we’, as if I was in it. I don’t even know if the manager knows, but the text never went through. In the end I came back and ended up scoring in the final, so that was quite symbolic. Maybe it was fate, definitely

2020 04 09 Retrieve

[Divock Origi on Neco Williams] That’s Neco. He’s very consistent in his behaviours, he doesn’t get too influenced by things that happen in games, good or bad. He keeps his focus really well. And though he always hid it well away from the pitch, where he could be very quiet and reserved, he’s got massive self-belief. He believes he’s good enough, and that can be seen in the way he plays

2020 05 03 Retrieve

[Divock Origi says he is improving under Klopp at Liverpool and not interested in move] I am a better player than last year. Klopp has given me the space to develop myself. I always listen to my instinct and continue to work. We have spoken with Liverpool and we have a nice course ahead of us. I just want to get better here. It is a project for me and I want to follow it. I don’t know how long I will do that. I feel that I am making progress, so it was a pity that the season stopped [due to coronavirus]

[Origi continues to revel in his goal against Spurs] I was able to connect with the supporters. I saw their facial expressions. It is a feeling that is very difficult to explain. [Andy] Robertson jumped on my back, Fabinho joined and Virgil [Van Dijk]. Unbelievable. The more days pass, the more I can enjoy it. It’s like wine, it matures with time