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Djibril Cisse
Gender Male
Ethnic French
Job French Footballer
Desc Djibril Cisse was born on 12 August 1981 in France. He followed Islam till the year 2007 and converted to Christianity. Cisse’s conversion to Christianity is believed to be under the influence of Jude Litter who was his wife at that point of time


Org France National Team
Club as Player JS Saint-Pierroise
  Bastia FC
  Kuban Krasnodar
  Al Gharafa [Loan]
  Queens Park Rangers
  Sunderland [Loan]
  Marseille [Loan]
  Liverpool FC
  Auxerre FC


Son Cassius Cisse

2015 10 13 Retrieve

[The progamme showed Ms Cisse, who celebrated her divorce with a party and three-tiered cake depicting a headless groom, shopping for a Porsche. Cisse was particularly angry that his former partner had allowed their three children to be filmed] Omg u go crying that u dont have enought money to raise the kids and u go flasing on cars f……. Joke u r a disgrace. Dont worry i will tell my side of the story u cant full people like this u punk. Showing off the kids on national tv what a joke this is a f….. Disgrace i will not accept this c***

2017 02 11 Retrieve

[Djibril Cisse announces his post-football career plans] I have loved being a footballer. Up until now, the ball was my whole life. I’m going to give myself, body and soul to my career as a DJ, a producer, and as a pundit, as well as develop my line of clothing. Thank you for all your support. The adventure continues, another life begins. A lion never dies

2017 03 04 Retrieve

[Djibril Cisse tells that Steven Gerrard will make a great manager] It’s in his DNA, he was talking to us, trying to make us feel like we could give our best. I think he will be a great manager. I don’t know if that’s what he wants to do, but he’s at the academy and it’s a great start for him and I see him as a manager. At half-time, Rafa did a speech. He tried to boost and tried to put us back in the game. He was really optimistic. But what really changed the game was Stevie’s speech. He asked nicely to the staff to be alone with the players and he said that he is a Liverpool kid, always been his club, he didn’t want to see his club being like this, being humiliated and he said if we scored in the first 15 minutes, we would win the game and he’s the guy who scored the first goal. He gave the best captain’s speech I ever heard in my career. He asked everyone to leave, including Rafa, he just asked to be with the players. That’s what gave us the power to go and win the game. You need to have some balls to do this

2020 05 07 Retrieve

[Djibril Cisse says he would play for free if a Ligue 1 side would sign him in order to reach 100 goals in the division] You know how it is with goalscorers. We love goals, we love hitting milestones; 25, 50, 75 … for me, it’s the landmark of 100 that haunts me, I’ve been stuck on 96 since I stopped. I am missing four goals and it gets to me, it drives me crazy! I want to come back to Ligue 1 to get them. If a club takes me, I can get them in two or three months. I’m pretty stubborn; when I have a goal, I do everything to reach it. I’m ready to come back and play for free, without pay, so there isn’t much of a risk for them. For the moment, I’m not in advanced talks with anybody but I hope that clubs will appear

2020 05 13 Retrieve

[Djibril Cisse compares Liverpool’s 2006 FA Cup final win to Champions League comeback] We were 1-0 down and then 2-0 down … Carra [Jamie Carragher] scored an own goal, I remember well! We reduced it, I scored and then it went 3-2, then Stevie did something special again and we managed to win on penalties. It was another Istanbul, maybe on a lower level, but still it was crazy. When I saw the ball coming out of the box, I watched him [Gerrard] - his position and his desire to hit the ball as hard as possible, and if possible on target - I was like … [puffs cheeks]. As soon as I heard the ball, I was like, ‘this is trouble for the goalkeeper’, and it went in. I think he was the only player on the pitch able to do something like this

No, at the time I didn’t know. We were happy, we were celebrating, then I went to the national team and I broke my leg. No, I don’t think it was the plan. The plan was to go to the World Cup and be as good as possible, and if a player is good, you don’t have the need to sell him. It was not the cause of me leaving but I think it helped because after this [Fernando] Torres came. If I went to the World Cup and played in the starting XI and scored goals and played well, you don’t need to sell the player. That’s football - you have to take the chance when you have the chance, but I got injured and that’s how it is

2020 05 13b Retrieve

[Djibril Cisse has reiterated that he still hopes to come out of retirement to reach 100 Ligue 1 goals] At the start, it was almost a joke. But little by little, it really became a wish. I have always said that passing the 100-goal mark was something very important to me. Being four goals away bothers me. If it doesn’t happen, at least I would have tried and I could close the book of 100 goals, but until I try everything, I won’t be at peace

You have to see this as a bet, as an additional player in the workforce and not as an element that can play 90 minutes. Even I can’t lie to myself to that extent, but I can still contribute