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Name Don Garber
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job MLS commissioner
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Org Major League Soccer

2015 12 05 Retrieve

[Major League Soccer commissioner Don Garber ahead of the league’s Cup final] We believe we have one of the most competitive leagues in the world. I embrace the fact that two of our smallest markets are in the MLS Cup because it validates this idea that in our world every fan should believe that their team has the chance to win the MLS Cup. It is not a league of haves and have-nots. It’s a league that if you’re smart, you get rewarded. And if you’re not smart, you get penalised. That’s something that I think is empowering to fans and, frankly, should be something that has everybody around the league feeling good about

2020 06 11 Retrieve

[American soccer has long lived in the shadow of basketball, baseball, American football and ice hockey but it will be the only show in town on July 8. It’s not often that Major League Soccer commands attention in the American sports landscape. MLS commissioner Don Garber would have liked to have come back even sooner] It’s very important. It’s why we were in such close and at times challenging discussions with the players related to an agreement for the work rules this year, and we lost some time. We had hoped to be out way earlier than we were able to finalize with a July 8 start. We had, frankly, hoped to be able to start at the latter part of June, and we are just not able to do that. So, getting out early is important, and it’s not necessarily getting out first, because you’ve got to get it right. Getting out there and ensuring that we have the certainty to play games is crucial to the future success of the league. With no certainty as to when we are going to get back into our home markets, we knew that should we be able to manage the medical protocols, reach agreement with Disney, reach agreement with our players, that we would be able to get out and get games started in July. Without the concept of a tournament, we’d still be sitting here waiting like other leagues are to determine whether or not we’d be receiving the approvals to be able to have enough stadia open to be able to have a schedule of games, regular-season games, in home markets

[They chose the latter option, coming up with a tournament that will not only give MLS a chance to win the public relations battle but also give the league a chance to recoup some of the money lost through a lack of ticket sales] The first focus is to retain some of the revenue that we have planned for in our agreements with sponsors and broadcasters. Being able to have a tournament like this, that has will have as many as three games a day, will allow us to fulfil some of our obligations to our media partners and sponsors, both nationally and locally, and that’s important

[for one brief moment, MLS will be the center of attention in a world where the league is so used to being left on the outside] It starts by getting back. We’ll be playing games before many other leagues in this country, albeit not by as much as we had previously hoped. More importantly, though, we wanted to continue the momentum that we have and continue our relationship with our fans, who translate into viewers. So, getting back, getting back in a unique format, getting our fans engaged and getting some momentum back into the league are things that I’m sure will help MLS

2020 06 13 Retrieve

[Ahead of the MLS’ return next month, the competition’s bosses have also confirmed there will be no national anthem played at games] We won’t be playing the anthem, and you hit it on the head. There’s not going to be any fans in the stands, so we didn’t see that it would be appropriate. And I feel today no different than I felt then, which is if a player is looking to express their right to kneel during the national anthem, they should have the right to do so. I would hope that they would stand, but if they opt not to, that’s their prerogative and we will support that