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Dusan Tadic
Gender Male
Ethnic Serbian
Job Serbian Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Serbia National Team
Club as Player Ajax FC

2019 03 09 Retrieve

[Dusan Tadic speculates the source of inspiration for his world-class performance against Real Madrid] Zinedine Zidane was always my favourite player. Maybe I was watching too many of his clips

2019 07 08 Retrieve

[Dusan Tadic has signed a new contract with Ajax that includes an agreement to stay on as a coach at the Dutch club after he retires] We have had a great season, but I have been very happy here from the moment I joined this special club. I think everything here is great. I have a good relationship with the fans, the staff, the players and everyone who works for the club. It’s great when a club offers you such a contract. It is a motivation for me to show even more. It also gives me more responsibility and I love that. I want to start as a coach after my career. We will see when that will be, we will do it step by step. At the moment I still feel great, that’s the most important thing.

One day I want to start my career as a coach at Ajax. I think there is no better place to start than here. I love the philosophy of Ajax and the way of thinking. That was also the reason for me to play football here. I think about football in the same way that I think about football. I hope that if I become a coach in a few years, my team will play as Ajax does

2019 11 06 Retrieve

[Ajax attacker Dusan Tadic believes his side were robbed of victory in their dramatic 4-4 draw with Chelsea due to referee Gianluca Rocchi’s ‘destructive’ performance] We were much better. We should just talk about our game because we had 4-1 and everything was under control and then one man steals everything from us. Big disappointment, because we should just talk about Ajax and how we play nice football, but we cannot because one guy came and stole everything. We saw a situation where there’s a foul on Daley Blind, then it’s not second yellow for Daley Blind, then it’s not second yellow for Joel Veltman, then it’s not a penalty. I have never in my life seen triple punishment, never. But everything starts with a foul on Daley Blind, he was tackled by [Christian] Pulisic I think. It’s a big disappointment. I don’t like to make excuses, I don’t like to talk about other people. We should just be talking about how Ajax played much better than Chelsea but we cannot because somebody destroyed our game

2019 12 14 Retrieve

[Ajax midfielder Dusan Tadic on happiness] I think money is not everything; happiness is something you cannot buy. Inside I feel rich