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Dzsenifer Marozsan
Gender Female
Ethnic German
Job German Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org German Women National Team

2017 07 16 Retrieve

[Germany face Sweden as title defense campaign begins] We’ll see which team will win this fight. It’s always a battle against Sweden. Women’s soccer is getting tighter, there are more teams, so it will be really hard [to defend the title]

2019 06 11 Retrieve

[Dzsenifer Marozsan has won the Champions League title four times - once with Frankfurt and on three occasions with Lyon - and previously captained her country] A lot of teams are able to play for the title. But our claim is to stay in the tournament until the end. We definitely have the potential, but everyone who has played an international tournament knows you need to achieve much more than having the potential to be successful

2019 12 02 Retrieve

[When Dzsenifer Marozsan makes the short journey to Paris on Monday night for the Ballon d’Or ceremony, she’s not expecting to leave with the trophy in hand] You know me, I will never say [myself]! I’m happy we have six players from Lyon [nominated] and I just hope it’s one of us

In terms of football talent and ability, you rarely see players like that. You’ve not seen the best of her because she got injured in the first 10 minutes in the first game and struggled to get back to fitness to play against Sweden. She’s someone that I’m really good friends with and I’m gutted for her

The toe was broken. Normally, it’s not possible, but I took the risk. We decided together [that I would play] and I would do it again. We lost the game, but it’s not because of that, it’s a lot of things. We have to continue and stay positive. I think we can learn a lot from this World Cup. We have a good team. We know that. I have never been lucky with the World Cup. All the time, I have injuries when the World Cup is starting. It’s like this, but I continue and hopefully [for] the next World Cup I will be fine. [Injuries are] hard, but that’s football

[Reflecting on the moment in which she discovered she had a pulmonary embolism in her leg] It was really hard with my sickness, for sure. It was a scary moment for me. But I was sure I would come back and I just took my time and listened to the doctors

For me, [my role model] was always my brother because he was really talented, but also he was always calm. He also never forgot where he was from. That’s really important because even if you win a lot of things, you should never forget where you are from. That’s my way, that’s how I think, that’s why he was [my role model]. Also, my father, he was a professional football player and that’s what he showed me. That’s how I live my career now.

[Although Marozsan has been capped 97 times by Germany, she was born in Budapest, Hungary - the location of this year’s European final] I said to my team-mates everyday, ‘Please, girls, just this year, we have to do it again. Please!’ - and they did exactly that, with Marozsan herself breaking the deadlock in Lyon’s 4-1 win over Barcelona. It was unbelievable. It was the most amazing moment in my life. I will never forget it. It was so special for me, for sure that we won it, but the most important [thing] for me was that my family could be in the stadium for the first time ever. That was so amazing

[while Bronze may have spent the summer dismissing Neville’s claims that the England star should win it, Marozsan is backing the coach on this instance, not her close friend] For me, it’s Lucy Bronze, the best player, the best defender in the world - and she knows that as well