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Edgar Davids
Spelling The Pitbull
Gender Male
Ethnic Dutch
Job Dutch Footballer
Desc Given how hellish his time at AC Milan had been, it’s hardly surprising that the Dutchman describes his subsequent move to Juventus as ‘like a gift from heaven’. He had arrived at San Siro as one of the stars of the Ajax side that had conquered Europe but the tough-tackling midfielder, whom Louis van Gaal had nicknamed ‘The Pitbull’, never really got going again after an early leg break


Org Dutch National Team
Club as Player Barnet FC
  Crystal Palace
  Tottenham Hotspur
  Inter Milan
  Barcelona FC
  AC Milan
2004 01 17
Atletico Club arrived at the Camp Nou for Edgar Davids’s debut for Barcelona. The result is a 1-1 draw
2010 08 20
Edgar Davids Signs on a pay-as-you-play deal For Crystal Palace. However after six laboured appearances, Davids parted company with the Eagles
2012 10
Edgar Davids Signs For Barnet FC

2013 11 05 Retrieve

[Edgar Davids on Paul Scholes] Every one of us (midfielders) is just trying to become as good as him. Everyone can learn from Paul Scholes

2014 03 01 Retrieve

[Edgar Davids on the current Juventus team] The level of this team is so high that the Davids of times gone by wouldn’t even have been on the bench. There’s a great balance in this group: players like [Arturo] Vidal and [Paul] Pogba make a fine contribution

2016 07 15 Retrieve

[When signing For Barnet FC, Edgar Davids announces his intentions to save English football] When I look at the English team and I see them play, I’m not a great fan … it needs a lot of work

[Following his latest red, Davids lasted just three more weeks before announcing his desire to walk away from his responsibilities at Barnet. He left the club via mutual consent] I am a target, but it is okay. I don’t think I am going to play anymore. because [the referees] are taking away the fun. If you look at the red cards, some are definitely red cards and some are exaggerated. It is hard to complete our tasks when a lot of decisions are against you

2018 07 11 Retrieve

[Edgar Davids on Marcello Lippi] We both understood football on the same level. But a lot of it was down to [coach Marcello] Lippi. He had confidence in me

2018 05 10 Retrieve

[Edgar Davids comments about Juventus tour against best players in MLS] I think it’s a good opportunity for both sides. It would be a great chance for fans to watch the best players from Italy, and Top 5 in the world, play in the U.S. [And for Juventus] It’s nice to keep the fitness, and also to test the atmosphere here in the U.S. I think for them it’s always nice to be in the U.S. And also showcase what they can do and also what level of quality they stand for

[Davids comment on the venue stadium: Benz of Atlanta United] This is a nice stadium. I like the concept how it opens as well. If it was in Europe, in would be in the top. This one is definitely in the top category

[Davids talks about the level of play in the U.S. and MLS] If you see that a lot of players want to have a career or want to go to MLS, that’s a good sign. And you see it now, the game is quicker, tactically they are much better than before. And it also comes that you get better coaches like [Atlanta United Manager] Tata Martino. He is a good coach, he was at Barcelona. That is what they need now, is good coaching to really build onto the structures, and train them tactically

2018 08 25 Retrieve

[Edgar Davids joins two fans in car journey to Juventus game] I’m here with these boys, we’re on the way to the stadium and they bring me! Because club love, that’s forever!

2018 08 30 Retrieve

[Edgar Davids talks about his combo with Zidane at Juventus] It was about trust and about energy. If you have this connection with someone then you know what’s going to happen. It’s about feelings, about knowing football on a certain level, and we both understood football on the same level

[Edgar Davids talks about Zinedine Zidane] Simply watching Zidane train inspires me. He is one of the best players in the world. He thinks in one second and does it the next. He is a special player, one who is original and exceptional. He creates space where there is none. Only the very best players can do that. No matter where he gets the ball or how it comes to him, Zidane can get out of trouble. His imagination and his technique are amazing

2019 06 01 Retrieve

[Edgar Davids believes Liverpool are favourites to lift the Champions League and is delighted with the role Virgil van Dijk has played in their progress to the final] I think Spurs can win, but if you see the Premier League, I think Liverpool are favourites. They have a solid base and are dynamite in attack. Tottenham did very well against Ajax with a new system, but I am not sure that it will work for them in the final. They will have to work hard.

I love him, he has done very well. He has managed to take the pressure to be the most expensive defender in the world and has become the best player in the Premier League. I hope he can continue to do so well with Liverpool and, especially, with Netherlands

[Davids believes the former Ajax man Frenkie de Jong has what it takes to succeed at Camp Nou] He is quite talented, sure. But to do well in Barcelona is already another level. The pressure that you have to endure in the club and in each game is different from that of Ajax. He’s a very focused guy, and the most important thing, from what I know of him, is that he has a great personality. It is strong and very balanced. He can adapt to Spanish culture and be great value for Barcelona.

2019 07 07 Retrieve

[Asked if Cristiano Ronaldo’s Juventus is the greatest crop of players seen at the Bianconeri through the years] Did he reach the Champions league final? No. But I hope they can make it next year. It is becoming an obsession for Juventus. When you want to be the best it has to be an obsession

[Edgar Davids has his reservations about annointing his countryman Matthijs de Ligt as one of the best in the game just yet] He has only played one season at the highest level. I don’t think we have to exaggerate his evaluation