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Edgardo Bauza
Gender Male
Ethnic Argentinian
Job Argentinian Footballer
  Argentina Head coach
Desc xxxx


Org Argentina National Team

2016 08 27 Retrieve

[Argentina head coach Edgardo Bauza speaks about the team’s relationship with Lionel Messi on the pitch] Working with Messi has to do with the team. If you look at both the Copa America Centenario semi-final and final, you can see the difference: In one match he had a lot of options [to pass the ball and look for options on offence], in the other he didn’t. The team has to do that for him, they have to be sure that when they pass the ball to him, he must have choices to pass it back, because if there is one thing Messi has shown us, it is that he makes very good choices. We need to not be Messi-dependent. Yes, he is our MVP, but the rest of the team has to give us more depth as well

2016 11 05 Retrieve

[Edgardo Bauza speaks about the pressures of life as a national team coach] I don’t sleep, neither before or after the matches. Every day I sleep less and less, but that’s usual, I do a lot of thinking. Before and after the matches I analyse everything, but that’s normal. Unfortunately, I’m not reading as much as I’d like to. I’ve been sent some books on football, that, even though I’m already familiar with them, I give them a chance to see if I find something new. I’ve been sent books of Arrigo Sacchi, Valdano, Ancelotti. I read a couple of pages and then change the book. If I can take away some ideas from them, it works

2017 03 18 Retrieve

[Edgardo Bauza is not concerned about the recent history between his side and Chile ahead of Thursday’s crucial clash between the two South American rivals in 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia qualifying] I wouldn’t say that it’s a final, but it is a decisive match. I need to take the team away from the last two finals they played in. They didn’t lose them. They just lost on penalties. There’s always been rivalry with Chile, but we need to boil it down to this one game, which is an important one against a direct rival. The only thing that should be in our minds is that if we beat them, we overtake them