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Name Edinson Cavani
Gender Male
Ethnic Uruguayan
Job Uruguayan Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Uruguay National Team
Club as Player Paris Saint-Germain


Father Luis Cavani
Mother Berta Gomez
Brother & agent Walter Fernando

2018 01 06 Retrieve

[Edinson Cavani tells about what helps him have an eye for goal] Fishing gives me peace, tranquility. And also, as a forward player, it helps me, with my eyes. You have to wait for the moment to attack to catch the fish. And in football my position is basically the same. You have to wait for the precise moment to attack. I wait for the fish to catch them

2018 02 17 Retrieve

[Edinson Cavani on team-mate Kylian Mbappe] I believe there are some who are born with talent, who have been touched by God’s magic wand and who have class from a young age. And then there are other players who make it with lots of work. Both can turn out to be stars, but with different paths. Mbappe, for example, is a player who has an enormous potential and who is acquiring experience

2019 11 19 Retrieve

[Edinson Cavani Says Fighting Talk with Lionel Messi Is ‘Part of Football’] It’s part of football; Clasicos are like this. The truth is that it was at times a game that had friction. There were challenges and things that are part of football-especially of South American [football]. We take positives from our performance and the fact that we were able to score two goals. We still need to improve, but it’s good to end the year like this

2020 02 24 Retrieve

[PSG forward Edinson Cavani wanted to leave with Atletico, Chelsea and Manchester United interested] It’s the team-mates who give you the goals. It’s a very special moment after a difficult month in January, but I’m here to give my best and try to have a great season with the team

I’m like that, a little emotional. I looked at my family who is there, always behind me, pushing me, giving me love. In the end, that’s what makes you move on. It gives me a lot of emotion and that’s why I’m a little like that. We have to push again and I hope to continue to make beautiful things here