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Name Edwin van der Sar
Gender Male
Ethnic Dutch
Job Dutch Footballer
  Ajax chief executive
Desc A case can be made that the Dutchman was equal to any goalkeeper in the league’s history. After years of failure to find a successor to Peter Schmeichel, Sir Alex Ferguson stole Van der Sar for a meager £2m from Fulham, securing a key cog in four titles during his time at the club


Org Ajax
  Dutch National Team
Club as Player Juventus
  Manchester United
  Fulham FC


Son Joe van der Sar

2016 02 18 Retrieve

[on Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic’s Partnership] The sight of Ferdinand and Vidic marshaling the defense at Old Trafford will live long in the memory. I formed a really good triangle with Rio and Nemanja. They were in the prime of their career – I was at the end of mine [. . .]. When I said one word they did it and they trusted me. If I said left, right, come down or anything they would do it and I think we formed the backbone to a very successful Manchester United team

2019 06 03 Retrieve

[Ajax chief executive Edwin van der Sar on Ajax’s success this season] The core we have is the development of players and talents. Giving the opportunity, it doesn’t matter how young you are. If you are good enough then you play. Giving opportunities, giving possibilities, that is what this club is about

[Van der Sar uses an old picture of De Ligt he found from before his 2011 testimonial as an example. Aged 11, he was lining up in a youth side against Van der Sar’s son, who was representing Manchester United] That was eight years ago. He has been at the academy, he has seen others training at the same complex, eating at the same table. And now he is 19, he is the captain. Other players see him as an example and want to be like him

2020 04 24 Retrieve

[Ajax chief Van der Sar​: Missing out on Eredivisie title is ‘understandable’] As a player you want to become champion and you want to become champion on the pitch. We have been number one in the rankings all season so it’s a pity there’s no champion. But given the circumstances it’s very understandable. There are far more important issues than football, but as a player you always have the ambition to become champion

(Ajax technical director) Marc Overmars already spoke about an emergency fund and I feel the same way. We are the biggest club in the Netherlands and we should help the other clubs to survive. But unfortunately we take hits too. A major part of our income comes from the home matches and they are cancelled. We are speaking about dozens of millions

2020 04 25 Retrieve

[Van der Sar has also revealed why he wore number 19 when he joined Manchester United in 2005] Tim Howard had been in goal during the previous season and they brought me in as first goalkeeper. But I didn’t want to take his number away from him. My spot between the sticks was most important

2020 05 08 Retrieve

[Manchester United, Chelsea, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and any other clubs sniffing around the likes of Andre Onana and Donny van de Beek have been warned by Edwin van der Sar, Ajax’s chief executive, that there will be no ‘50 per cent discount’ handed out by the Dutch side] In January last year, people said we were going to lose seven or eight players but we lost only two key members. The big clubs such as Bayern Munich have said the benchmark fee will go down in the next few transfer windows, but it’s easier for them to say because they are the buyers. Of course, the €150 to 200 million transfers are gone, but I think there is still a lot of value for players who come from Ajax. Well educated, experienced in winning and playing European football. Last year, we made verbal agreements with Onana, [Nicolas] Tagliafico, Van de Beek to stay another season and then we look to help each other and find the next step in their careers. Nothing has changed. There won’t be a 50% discount. The clubs can forget about that

2020 05 12 Retrieve

[Van der Sar hopes ‘two or three’ new Man Utd signings will ensure they can compete with Liverpool] The honeymoon period [under Solskjaer] was great. Then they hit a rocky patch and I think the last seven, eight, nine weeks, they’ve been playing better football. The points were coming in. They had some good results against good teams also. Of course, for them, I hope that the league is going to resume because they probably will need those Champions League places. I think the main thing for them is to focus on the next season and hopefully, with two or three additions, they’ll be competitive again to Liverpool and Manchester City

Consistency, a winning mentality. Maybe they can solve what’s going to happen with Paul [Pogba], is he going to stay? I’m sure that with [David] De Gea, with [Harry] Maguire, with Fernandes, with [Marcus] Rashford, with [Anthony] Martial, they have a good line, I think, in the middle. And besides that, they’ve also a lot of young players developing as always at United, so in that way, I’m positive for next season for them.

In my view, with the type of football they played and the points they are ahead, it would be extremely harsh. The Premier League is a well-run league and of course there are big interests on the financial side, the commercial sides. But I’m sure they will make a wise decision if they keep on playing or if the league stops, what the results will be depending on Champions League places, relegation or awarding a title to Liverpool. If the league doesn’t resume, I presume everybody will be OK if Liverpool wins the title

2020 06 08 Retrieve

[Van der Sar insists coronavirus won’t force club’s hand amid Van de Beek links] We know players have an ambition to leave for a better competition after a few years, but this will only happen on the conditions of Marc Overmars and Ajax. There will always be some who benefit from a crisis and some clubs will have to sell for less, but I think we’re in a fortunate position thanks to our strong financial policy. Therefore we don’t have to sell, but we made agreements with the players. These won’t go below a certain price level. We won’t let go of our players for sale prices. We prefer to keep them here.

2020 06 13 Retrieve

[Donny van de Beek: Why is the Ajax star such an in-demand transfer target?] Last year, we made verbal agreements with [Andre] Onana, [Nicolas] Tagliafico and Van de Beek to stay another season, and then we look to help each other and find the next step in their careers. Nothing has changed. There won’t be a 50 per cent discount. The clubs can forget about that