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Emerson Palmieri
Gender Male
Ethnic Italian
Job Italian Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Italy National Team
Club as Player Chelsea FC


Agent Luis Fernando Garcia

2019 04 24 Retrieve

[Emerson Palmieri prefers Chelsea stay over Inter move] It is true that in these last few months I have played a lot more, but I already felt I am a player who is well adapted to English football. There is a lot more intensity to the game here, both going forward and certainly in the defensive phase so, without having learned to be more intense as a player, you could not play in my role here in England. I feel I’m well adapted to that. Here, at times, the tactics are left behind, and it becomes about intensity and strength so, if you are that kind of player, it’s easier to adapt yourself to the game here

2019 05 25 Retrieve

[Emerson Palmieri believes winning the Europa League final against Arsenal would complete a ‘dream’ first season for Chelsea under Maurizio Sarri] It’s a derby and it’s a final, so we can’t calculate this like any game that we usually play. I expect an Arsenal that will be very aggressive from the beginning because they didn’t manage to get into the top four. We managed to get into the Champions League and to win the Europa League on top of that would make this year a dream come true. Let’s hope we can make it happen. For me personally it would be immensely satisfying. I played a lot of the games and to win a tournament like this makes you feel an important player.

[Emerson, a peripheral figure in the Premier League, has enjoyed more regular minutes in Europe and started both legs of the semi-final triumph over Bundesliga side Eintracht Frankfurt] I think I have managed to do really well. I have demonstrated I am mature enough to play at this level, in this type of competition. I played in it once when I was at Roma but we couldn’t make it past the last 16. Now we have got the chance to play the final. I really hope we can bring it home, for me personally, my team-mates, the club and the fans

2019 05 29 Retrieve

[Emerson Palmieri: I would owe Europa League title to my mum - she stopped me quitting football] My mother and father have been the most important people. They are everything for me. When I was six years old, my mum took me to training sessions every day. It took one hour each way every day because we lived on the opposite side of Santos. I was late to every training session. It was really far. I kept telling my mum that it was too far, we can’t keep doing this, we can’t keep being late. She said ‘No, you will see if you keep going. You will become a success from it’. Now, I can see why it was important for me to go.

My father was always working at the dock to help us live, my mum was feeding me and taking me to football. That’s why I owe my career to them. They helped me reach my dream of becoming a professional footballer. I supported my local team Santos - it was important that I managed to play for my local team. It was a special feeling. I was at Santos since I was 10 years old, so it was vital for me to earn that contract. It was that day I said ‘I am good enough to be a professional’, then I focused on becoming an important player. I would say that the day I signed for Chelsea is just as important as Santos. It was great coming to Chelsea because my mum called me and she said ‘Hey, son - you made it, you did it’. It was a happy day because I understood how important it was for her. Chelsea, for me, are in the top 10 most important teams in the world. That’s why they think I have made it by signing here.

[Emerson says that his Brazilian football idols have pressured him into achieving excellence and it is perhaps Roberto Carlos who inspired him to become a left-back] Every single Brazilian like me is under pressure in their childhood because, when it comes to becoming a footballer in Brazil, people think you need to be like Ronaldinho or Ronaldo Fenomeno. You absorb this pressure. You also have Brazil and football. We are the biggest nation, so it is a good pressure to manage. We are crazy about the sport. I like to watch games, I learn from other players by watching them and I try to add what they do to my game. Ronaldo Fenomeno, Ronaldinho and Roberto Carlos were the three players I loved growing up. It is difficult for me to become like Roberto Carlos on free-kicks, he was a specialist with that powerful shot. I have tried to copy him, though, along with Marcelo at Real Madrid. They impress me as left-backs. I want to be a mix of them with my own personality as well

[David Luiz reaches out to help a lot of Brazilian talent around London] David Luiz helped me a lot since I got here. Also, Willian and Jorginho. Being Brazilian, our people are like that. People like to help each other and at the same time that they offered help to me, I want to help them as well. That’s the way that we like to be

[Emerson admits that Chelsea are not yet as good as the top of the table duo, but is confident they can be soon] Liverpool. I say Liverpool were the most difficult because when we faced Man City our gameplan has worked. We held them in the right way. It was still a hard game for us, but then when we played against Liverpool and tried to prepare in the same way, they were more direct. From defence to offence. We couldn’t get the clean sheet. I believe that Liverpool are the most difficult team. For sure we can catch them, we are not talking about only losses against them. We have beaten them as well. We need consistency to catch them but I believe that Chelsea will arrive at their level soon

[He had also just recovered from a knee injury when he signed for the club in January last year and Emerson thinks that he has yet to reach his top level for the Blues] It is hard for me to say that people have seen the best of me, but I can say that I have played many games really well. I am trying to learn from my mistakes too, I am still only 24 years old so I have a lot to learn. It is hard to say I have reached my peak. I am training every day to get the best for the fans. Of course, if I could, I would play in every game but I know that Chelsea has 22 important players. The reason why I consider this trophy more important is because I am playing more now. I think we are still missing a game that we can say is at the highest level in this competition. Maybe that’s the next one

2019 05 29b Retrieve

[Emerson Palmieri has hailed his former Roma team-mate Daniele De Rossi] De Rossi has shown that he is one of the best captains that Roma has ever had, but also the best in Italy. He helped me since the first day that I went to Roma, until the last day. He didn’t want me to leave Roma, he was saying ‘no, don’t go’. I wish him all the best as he is still an important person to me. I have a lot of memories from De Rossi. The most important one was when I would look at him in the locker room, I remember him having pain and he wasn’t at 100 per cent to play. I could look at him and see that he loves to play football and he still would always try to get out and play. It is the thing that he loves doing and I got that from him, he showed me to enjoy every moment. I wish him the best in his next step for the future.

2019 06 03 Retrieve

[Emerson Palmieri also feels Maurizio Sarri should stay in London for a second season] It’s difficult to talk about that. I think he had - and we had - a good season. It’s not been easy, but he has to stay at Chelsea. Never say never in football, though. We have to keep on doing our job.

2019 09 08 Retrieve

[Chelsea have begun talks over a new contract for left-back Emerson Palmieri following an impressive start to the season] I think it’s the best period of my career. I’m very happy at Chelsea, just as I was last season, but obviously a player is always happier when he plays regularly

2019 09 09 Retrieve

[Roberto Mancini replaced Emerson Palmieri with Alessandro Florenzi and later confirmed the move was largely for precautionary reasons] It’s nothing serious. He came off to avoid making it any worse

2019 09 09b Tweet

[Emerson Palmieri delivered positive news on his injury status after limping off in the early stages of Italy’s win over Finland on Sunday] Very important victory today guys. Unfortunately I had a small injury, but nothing serious. Let’s continue like this!

2020 04 03 Retrieve

[Roberto Mancini on Emerson Palmieri] It would be nice if Emerson Palmieri, who hasn’t played much for Chelsea, could come and play in Italy

2020 05 21 Retrieve

[Emerson Palmieri said he could return to Serie A] I was very happy in Serie A, including with the culture, which is also why I chose to play for Italy. A return to Serie A could happen, but I have a contract with Chelsea and I’m in no rush to go anywhere. It has been a wonderful experience at Chelsea, as first there was [Antonio] Conte, so obviously it was easier to deal with an Italian coach. As for [Maurizio] Sarri, I’ve no words for what a marvellous year we had, as we finished third in the Premier League, reached the Carabao Cup final and won the Europa League. We can’t complain!

I learned a lot from Conte, he proved himself to be a fantastic coach, but I think for the time we worked together and the results we achieved, I got even more from Sarri. [Luciano] Spalletti at Roma is more of a friend or a father figure, he talks to you every day, asks about your family, makes sure you’re happy. Sarri is more focused on the pitch, but you can tell he’s got a gigantic heart, even if he doesn’t speak as much. They are quite similar, although Sarri is more tactical and focused, while Spalletti leaves a little more room for fun in his training sessions. Sarri definitely got angrier!

[Emerson has been impressed by Chelsea boss Frank Lampard] He is very intelligent, he is young and he knows how to communicate with the players. He was an idol here at Chelsea; he will grow a lot. All the fans are in love with him. Every day I try to listen to him, he was a fantastic player, I’ve never seen a midfielder capable of 400 goals. Before, I only saw him in video games, working with him gives you a wonderful feeling