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Name Emile Heskey
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
Desc A hero to the fans, a joke to others; it is hard to imagine why then-manager Houllier chose to fork out £11 million for Emile Heskey way back in 2000. Sure, one might argue that his total goal return of 60 goals in 223 games is decent. But, many of those goals were down to the abilities of his strike partner Owen rather than his own brilliance. His best season came in the 2000-01 Treble season (FA Cup, League Cup and UEFA Cup) where he chipped in with 22 goals. The England national target man signed for Birmingham City in 2004


Org England National Team
Club as Player Birmingham City
  Liverpool FC


Agent Struan Marshall

2015 02 18 Retrieve

[Emile Heskey describe Walter Samuel] Internationally, it was Walter Samuel who was my toughest opponent. He was big, strong and quick. A real tough competitor

2020 04 09 Retrieve

[Everything gels for Liverpool when Firmino plays] I just think everything gels properly when he’s playing. He’s not necessarily worried about ‘this is my job and I need to do this’.

You see him chasing back and tackling, you see him playing left wing and chase the guy up and down the wing. Then you’ll see him up front, getting the ball and holding it up and bringing someone in. It’s just a different variety of stuff that he does, he’s not just focused on ‘I must score goals’.

I’m a forward, so I look at the runs he’s making, the space he’s creating. He seems to get space where nobody gets space. He creates his space, his first touch is brilliant because he takes it away from players, so he can have time to look around and assess what he’s got to do next. He’s great at that.

[Heskey was not as widely heralded back in his day as Firmino is in the present, but believes he actually had it easier as his outings for Liverpool and England often saw him paired alongside the likes of Michael Owen and] It was easier for us because we played with two strikers. As long as one of you were scoring, the other one could do all the other work

2020 06 14 Retrieve

[Emile Heskey says the current generation of young players, like Raheem Sterling, are breaking down barriers that currently exist for black footballers] The younger generation are not letting up. ey are going to keep going at it and keep breaking down barriers. It will see change because people are demanding it. The new generation is saying ‘can we afford to lose another 20 years and not move forward? Raheem wants to get to 38 and know that he has an opportunity if he wants to take it. We got to 38 and were told ‘go and do your badges’. For what?

You are talking about equality and there’s currently a glass ceiling for black players. That is where clubs need to say this is what we are putting in place, this is what we can do. We have got to drive change and that starts from within. You can go up and down any boardroom and look. It is very hard to see many black people in any of them. It is about control. We don’t have anyone in there so we cannot affect that. You can’t challenge that if there is no one in there