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Emma Hayes
Gender Female
Ethnic English
Job English Football Coach
Desc xxxx


Club as Coach Chelsea Women [Head Coach]

2018 03 31 Retrieve

[Emma Hayes, who is pregnant with twins, talks about facing Wolfsburg in the UEFA Women’s Champions League semi-finals with BBC Sport] I’m not afraid of Wolfsburg and I know my dressing room is not. Let’s bring it on and hopefully I don’t give birth pitchside

2019 06 08 Retrieve

[The progression of England Women team comes down to more than just Neville telling the players that they’re quite good] There has been an evolution in playing style. There is no doubt that Mark Sampson built a robust team. It was tournament-ready, but they fell just short for tactical reasons.

2019 06 18 Retrieve

[Chelsea manager Emma Hayes sparked discussion with a recent column in The Times saying that the dimensions should be altered for women’s football] There is one obvious reason why women play on the size of pitches and goals that we see now. That is what we were given. And maybe no one ever thought to question whether it makes sense. But if you look at some other sports, someone must have decided one day that, actually, it would be daft to get women - average height in the UK 5ft 3in compared with 5ft 9in for men - to run over the same sprint hurdles in the Olympics. The women’s hurdles were made to be nine inches shorter, 33in compared with 42

2019 07 02 Retrieve

[Phil Neville commented on the battle in his pre-match presser, excited about what is, in his words, probably the best right wing and left wing match-up in the tournament. Chelsea manager Emma Hayes shared his excitement] Crystal Dunn at left-back and Megan Rapinoe ahead of her face fascinating battles with Parris and Bronze; four top-quality players vying for dominance down one side. The outcome of those duels could be crucial in deciding who goes through to the final

2019 09 07 Retrieve

[Chelsea Women’s boss Emma Hayes has praised club owner Roman Abramovich as the Blues and the rest of the Women’s Super League prepare for a historic opening weekend] We have been taken to Israel by our own, who is extremely proud of us. He is determined to make sure he sells out the stadium. Not once, but more than once. We have a CEO (Guy Lawrence) who has driven the entire football club to make sure we promote a wonderful day to everyone involved, and a chairman (Bruce Buck) who is the driving force of the women’s football in this club and beyond. What more could I ask for? We are showing as a club that you can [progress] if you invest in it at the very top. I urge all the other clubs to be a driving force in their own way. That’s what makes the difference. [Back in] 2012 was the first time I felt the appetite from Bruce Buck and everyone inside the club to be a driving force in the game.

I think that’s side-by-side with Arsenal and Man City in particular. The three of us have continued to push the domestic game to the standards that it’s at. More have joined at differing levels of investment. You’ve had the Olympics alongside the relaunch of the Women’s Super League. Moving from a summer league to a winter league, which is completely the right transition, you have had a more hand-in-hand approach between the FA and those clubs. Plus, subsequent events of the Euros and the World Cup has demonstrated what you can do when the investment is there. I don’t just mean financial, I mean by being able to give it the right amount of broadcasting space, commercial space and marketing space. The realities are that women haven’t received equal access to all of those things. We have been deprived for more than 50 years and because of that, it has been suppressed. I feel even more certain that it isn’t about salary caps or containing our dreams. It is the opposite.

Do more, invest more, give more, find a bigger platform for exposure. This is a wonderful time for women in the game to not just have a career for themselves, but they can fulfil anything they need to in any capacity. There is even more growth to be had. I don’t think it is about being satisfied. More things are aligned than ever. Hopefully with the new board you will see the game driven to new heights in the next 12 months. Eventually, I suspect, the league will either become stand-alone, or go into the hands of the Premier League

2019 10 13 Retrieve

[Emma Hayes played down her match-winning substitutions in Sunday’s win over Arsenal, saying should the changes have backfired, they’d have been called ‘a pile of shte’]</b> I’ve learned a lot this weekend about the value of the whole. When you’ve got a top group of players picking 11 is really challenging because there’s world class talent sat on the bench.

Managing that is even more difficult and I’m someone who thinks I manage it quite well. The realities are that to get into this Chelsea team means everybody has got to go up a notch. The second half we were totally dominant and I am so over the moon for Maria Thorisdottir and Ramona Bachmann because those two deserve to be in the team. But, so does everybody else. I know I can only pick 11, so when they trudged off from training extremely disappointed yesterday, I said to Paul Green [assistant manager], ‘No matter what, they’re coming in the game’ because their training performances were outstanding

[Thorisdottir came into holding midfield to change the game, despite naturally being a centre-back] If you get it right you’re an unbelievable manager, if you don’t you’re a pile of sh
te. I got it right today. That for me is what wisdom is about, you’ve got to get more right than not. I’ve got [Magdalena] Eriksson and Millie Bright at the back, how unlucky is Maria Thorisdottir? She’s an unbelievable player being kept out by unbelievable players. So you know what she’s going to have to adapt if she wants to get in the team. Is [her] goal unusual? No, if you’ve been in our training then you’ll see she does that all the time. She is a winner, like Ramona she is desperately unlucky not to be in the team. I can only pick 11

It’s not about not deserving [to play]. Sometimes you just select a team that you think is going to win a game. It’s not about proving managers wrong either, I don’t believe in that. What I think it actually is, is proving your team-mates right, your manager right, that you add great value. And in return, I have to make sure that I keep reminding them of their importance and their value

2019 10 17 Retrieve

[Chelsea boss Emma Hayes has urged everyone to look after Fran Kirby as she makes her way back to full fitness] I’ve spent a lot of time not saying much about Fran Kirby, because there is huge expectation on that player. I think it is important for everyone to know that she has made her way back from really, really critical injuries. She has, effectively, four kneecaps. You need to understand that. A very explosive player like she is might need more time to recover so it’s important we build her through this period. You can’t go from zero to 90 mins.

No, she isn’t anywhere near her best level yet, but she’s come through another game [against Arsenal]. I thought she grew in confidence and yes, you can leave Fran in the game, but I value her life and I value her career. I think it’s important to put that at the front of it and protect her because there’s not many talents like Fran Kirby, believe you me. [It’s important to] not overexpose her so she is injured, in the team, injured, in the team. No more. We need to manage her. I have a responsibility to do that and England have a responsibility to do that

[Erin Cuthbert is another who is working back to full fitness, having struggled with injuries after her World Cup campaign with Scotland - withdrawing from the national team squad in August] I don’t even think they are 75 per cent. Erin only started to train the week of the Tottenham game, Fran had two weeks and no training and then when she came back in the squad, only had a week under her belt. They don’t have enough pre-season so you have to take risks, I took risks with Erin [against Arsenal], but sometimes you have to do it.

I will do it less with Fran. We need to look after Fran. Everybody needs to look after Fran. We all have a collective responsibility to do that and recognise that she has had a really, really challenging time and she may not get there as quickly as everyone would want. It is important we get her back in the right amount of time

2019 10 18 Retrieve

[Chelsea boss Emma Hayes has called for the FA to ‘get rid’ of the Continental Cup and instead focus on ‘one fking league’]</b> I will say it again, get rid of the Continental Cup. Get rid of it, make more league fixtures. How are we going to get continuity? Play [each team] three times. If you want the Continental Cup, play it for [the Championship]. Sell the WSL. Why are we diluting our product? This competition, that competition … Boom, one fking league. It’s not difficult

2019 11 13 Retrieve

[Blues manager Emma Hayes is delighted to add Kerr to her already strong squad and believes the Australian’s decision to sign bodes well for the club] Sam has proved time and time again in the NWSL that she is a prolific goalscorer. She’s won the golden boot many times and she’s a player that can make things happen, but she’s also a fantastic team player. The fact she chose Chelsea when she could have gone to any club in the world is a testament to the players and the staff here because she saw this is the best place for her to grow and take the next step in her career. That’s a wonderful compliment to us all

2020 01 03 Retrieve

[Emma Hayes’s Chelsea having beaten Arsenal 2-1 at Kingsmeadow in October] This is a really tricky one because I don’t want to tell you how I did it because the manager is then going to read those comments and make sure he doesn’t do it again. But we did something and we said, we’re all going to do it together, or not at all, and that’s what I felt happened. One pressed, the other pressed. It’s not difficult. Football is not complicated

2020 01 05 Retrieve

[Blues boss Emma Hayes was equally impressed by the pair of Sam kerr and Beth England] Oh, what a backheel! A beautiful backheel for Beth. What didn’t help is they went down to 10 players and then they dropped deeper and then spaces were no longer there, so I made adjustments. I made adjustments in the first half just to give us a bit more width higher up the pitch but it’s exciting to see the pair of them together and I’m sure they’re happy to get the first one out the way.

I don’t think I can ask any more [of Kerr today]. She’s rusty. It’s her first time here, there’s a lot of expectation on her. She’s humble. Hardworking. Honest. Thoughtful. An unbelievable team player, she cares about what the team think of her and she will work and do her job for the team at any point. You have top players but to have a top player who is a top person? Happy days

2020 01 18 Retrieve

[Leading 1-0 early in the game, things were suddenly turned on their head in the second half when Hayes’ side bounced back to a 2-1 win] This is a really tricky one because I don’t want to tell you how I did it, because the manager is then going to read those comments and make sure he doesn’t do it again. But I did something. That’s for you to analyse

2020 01 19 Retrieve

[Emma Hayes out-thought Joe Montemurro with the Gunners struggling to adapt to a set-up not seen yet this season] Them getting the first goal made it that much more difficult but we should have been out of sight at half-time and the lack of efficiency in front of goal is the reason why I’m talking about a draw and not three points. You have to remember the starting objective was to not be out of the title hunt and I don’t think we are. We’re unbeaten, we’ve got new signings coming in and I’ll take the positives up until now at this point of the season and who knows if it’s a point gained or two points dropped - we’ll only know at the end

[Hayes will be very aware of what sort of an impact Sam Kerr absence will have] Who can you pick out as a top player today when there was so many of them? and Ji So-yun was unbelievable

I’ve got Magda Eriksson and Millie Bright at the back, how unlucky is Maria Thorisdottir? She’s an unbelievable player being kept out by unbelievable players. So you know what she’s going to have to adapt if she wants to get in the team. She is a winner, like Ramona she is desperately unlucky not to be in the team. I can only pick eleven

2020 01 19b Retrieve

[Chelsea boss Emma Hayes has urged Phil Neville to make Sophie Ingle a central figure in his Team] I don’t know what Sophie Ingle had for breakfast this morning, I’ve rarely seen that in training from her! But she is such a good player - someone told me she got player of the match. She’s so clever, such a great leader and - I’ve said it before - Team GB should be building a team around her

[The frustration for the Blues is that they have now done the double over the Gunners] We could have been further away, but we’re not. There will be no gloating [after this result], no over the top reaction. Why should there be? This is just three points. It is a bit frustrating but teams like Liverpool and Brighton obviously set up differently and it’s hard to break them down.

It’s not as easy as people think on the outside. When they put 11 players behind the ball, it’s different to when you’re playing Arsenal and they’re coming out at you. We have a lot of chances in those games as well without putting them away. As you’ve seen today, we can score really good goals so why can’t we do it against the other teams? We need to be better against those type of teams, but all that matters is that we got the three points now and we’re back in the title race

2020 01 30 Retrieve

[Semi-final heartbreaks have turned Chelsea into a winning machine - even when they’re terrible] To think we can win while being awful and make a final […] I’m so happy, I’m so happy for the fans that have travelled up. They make such a difference for us. I think most people would say winning teams have to have all sides [to them], and I think we showed another side to us tonight. I’m proud of the players for that. I think there’s a really good togetherness in the squad - they’ve always been a good bunch, but right now there’s a calmness, a composure to the team

There’s a hunger in our group this year that wasn’t there last year. There’s a stronger mentality in the group. Setbacks create that

2020 02 29 Retrieve

[The female Brian Clough: How no-nonsense Hayes is inspiring Chelsea towards success] I’m a huge fan of Brian Clough. I might be his female equivalent, but I’m quite happy with that! I love Brian Clough. I grew up in a household that loved Brian Clough so to go to his home will honestly be a really special moment for me as a manager

[After that win over the Gunners] If you get it right you’re an unbelievable manager, if you don’t you’re a pile of shte. One pressed, the other pressed. It’s not difficult. Football is not complicated

[When it was revealed that Fran Kirby has been suffering with illness] While winning football matches is important, it is not more important than her health. Good health is the priority in our culture, and her good health matters above and beyond anything else

[After Sophie Ingle’s masterclass away at Arsenal in January] She’s so clever, such a great leader and - I’ve said it before - Team GB should be building a team around her

[When Hayes called for the FA to scrap the Conti Cup] Why are we diluting our product? This competition, that competition … Boom! One f
cking league. It’s not difficult

2020 03 23 Retrieve

[Chelsea boss Emma Hayes Melanie Leupolz] Melanie has the right qualities that we look for in players at Chelsea. She’s got international experience, been the captain of Bayern Munich and her best years are yet to come. It’s a real statement of intent that she chose Chelsea and it shows just how far we’ve come as a football club. Melanie is versatile, she’s got wonderful qualities in the midfield areas and she will provide much-needed depth - I’m looking forward to welcoming her to the club

2020 06 06 Retrieve

[Guro Reiten: The selfless superstar at the heart of Chelsea’s victorious WSL season] She is growing in stature and I don’t think anyone who knows her as a player will think it’s a surprise. I think she is a top talent. She is a consistent performer and we have to be patient with her because she is still adapting to English football

2020 06 07 Retrieve

[Manager Emma Hayes says WSL champions Chelsea are here to stay due to Abramovich backing] Yes, [Abramovich has congratulated us], I have received some messages from the whole board and the pride they have for the whole team. When we were in Israel with the owner, he spoke so openly about his growing knowledge of the women’s game and his interest in our team. I am extremely fortunate in all my meetings with the top people at Chelsea and the message is always clear that our owner is a big fan of the team, women’s football and he asks beyond our team what he can do for our game. I always ask him to keep supporting our club to the best of our abilities so we can be flag bearers where we can be. I think without what we achieved together, there wouldn’t be this success. Without this constant conversation or evolution, then we wouldn’t be able to win seven trophies in my time. I can only speak positively for what that relationship has done for the team. When I came into Chelsea in 2012, we were an amateur team and gone from there to where we are now which is a key reason we are in this position. Since I have worked with this football club, with an owner who is so supportive of the drive to win. I think there is a perfect marriage of Chelsea and myself for these reasons. I am grateful I have an owner who gets me and while I am here I will always do my best to win trophies for him. I celebrated with the players on a Zoom call, then I sat in the family with my garden and I hadn’t seen the majority of them which was nice. A low-key celebration with the people that mattered most to me. Knowing my team, when we get back, it will be business as usual. I am sure we will do something together when it is appropriate but already after the call we are talking about what’s next for us. When you aspire to something, once you get it, I take it in a lot more as an older person than the players who are like what’s next. They don’t want to spend time celebrating. They want to progress and get to the next level. My captain will put her hands on the trophy first and mine will be on it last.

It is extremely hard to win back-to-back titles in any profession and I have never done that. Watching the Last Dance, I am in awe of Phil [Jackson] and his team. It isn’t easy to win back-to-back and I won’t take it for granted. I learned from the Last Dance that top players drive the standards and behaviours. You need more of these players than not. The more you have working as a cohesive with the team at the epicentre of that and not the individual. That was the making of that team even though they had the best player in the world. I thought it was a remarkable sports series. We have so many leaders, that’s the beauty, I think of how to turn seven or eight of them into 12 or 13 and I have already spoken to my captain about how to draw it out further.

I think we are more joined-up than ever with the methodology and I am excited for Chelsea beyond my time as well

2020 06 10 Retrieve

[Chelsea Women donate £100,000 WSL prize money to charity. Manager Emma Hayes expressed her pride at the gesture] It’s a charity that’s close to the hearts and minds of the Women’s team, and is very important to our owner Mr [Roman] Abramovich and everyone at the club. It makes me proud our club is supporting those less fortunate in times of need. Up until now our involvement was about supporting the campaign publicly with a call to action but we all wanted to do more than that and if donating our prize money can ease some of the concerns and worries people have then it’s the least we can do. It’s an important message. It’s a campaign that’s really dear to us and the best way we can demonstrate our support further is by committing our prize money towards it and helping those in need.

2020 06 13 Retrieve

[Emma Hayes on Chelsea Women donating their £100,000 WSL prize money to domestic abuse charity] It’s an important message. It’s a campaign that’s really dear to us, and the best way we can demonstrate our support further is by committing our prize money towards it and helping those in need

2020 07 16 Retrieve

[Emma Hayes named Manager of the Season] I just want to say a big thank you to all of my staff and their contributions this season. This trophy is about the whole group so a big thank you to the players for stepping up another level and thanks once again to our fans for being the best in the world