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Eric Dier
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Tottenham Hotspur

2018 10 07 Retrieve

[Tottenham can be a bit out of touch with reality] At times things haven’t felt very good at the beginning of this season. Maybe we’re a bit out of touch with reality sometimes. We always want to do better. Overall, we’ve had a really positive start. We wanted to start well. In recent years it may be one of the criticisms that we haven’t started so well. I think we can be happy where we are. We can always do better and now when we get back from international duty there’s a chance for us to keep improving

[He added on an outing against the Bluebirds which saw Spurs dominate possession and fire in 19 shots on goal] I thought we controlled the game throughout, created a lot of chances and the only negative is that we’ve only come away with one goal, I feel like it should have been a lot more. It would have been really disappointing if we’d conceded a goal. They had a chance from a set-piece where I think I should have done better myself and a few half-chances, but nothing very clear. For the most part and overall, we can be happy. We’ve got the clean sheet, we’ve won and we can go into the international break feeling positive

2019 07 14 Retrieve

[Eric Dier has been ruled out of Tottenham’s pre-season tour to Singapore and Shanghai having undergone an operation on an unspecified injury] Eric Dier has undergone a medical procedure to correct an issue detected during medical assessments on the first day of pre-season training. Following the successful procedure Eric will now undertake a short period of rehabilitation. He will therefore not travel on the club’s pre-season tour to Singapore and Shanghai

2019 09 10 Retrieve

[Tottenham midfielder Eric Dier also predicting his pace wouldn’t be properly represented when learning his new rating] I know mine’s going to be disrespectful - I know they’re going to disrespect my speed. I think people have a false perception of my speed. If yours is 74, I’m not looking forward to mine. My pace is 54 and my dribbling is 65 - it makes no sense

2019 10 07 Retrieve

[Dier admits Tottenham are in ‘crisis’ after Bayern and Brighton defeats] We are obviously going through a difficult period. Is saying it’s a crisis a bit too strong? No. If you lose like we’ve lost in these last two games, it’s normal. For us, this is the worst period we’ve been in, but we have to be all together and push through it. The stuff about the squad, I know that’s not the case, but it’s natural these things will come up now because of the situation we find ourselves in. It’s the first time that we’ve found ourselves in this position, we can’t back down from it. We’ve got to push through it

2019 10 16 Retrieve

[Tottenham midfielder Eric Dier believes that it’s a good thing for the club that losing two games in succession is considered a crisis] The main thing is we’ve been working all together - okay, some people have gone, some people have come in - but working all together over the last five years to get to the point where this is the conversation when you lose two games on the trot. We’ve wanted to get to the point where we are considered a team that if you lose two games like that, you come in for a lot of criticism. Now, we have to embrace the situation. We’ve got to this point and now we need to… as I said to the press after the Brighton game, we can’t back down, we need to push forward, push through it, fight through it, everyone together

[Dier is itching to get back in action after the disappointment of losing to Brighton, with a home match to follow against Watford on Saturday] To be honest, after Brighton, I wanted to play again the next day. It’s never nice going into an international break on that note and having to wait this long. At the same time, it gives you time to settle and put your emotions in the right place. Hopefully that’s what we’ll do, and we can all push through this as a club

2019 11 24 Retrieve

[Eric Dier believes Mourinho the ‘perfect’ manager to replace Pochettino at Tottenham] I think he’s the perfect person to have followed on from Pochettino - that’s the feeling I have. We’re really happy that if someone was to replace Pochettino, it was him. His record is unbelievable and he transmits that confidence. The way he speaks, you believe it, you feel it from him. I think for everyone, we’re very lucky to have played under Pochettino and now Mourinho. We couldn’t be luckier. I think he said to you guys, like he said to us, that he doesn’t want to come in and change everything two days before a game. I think it’s going to be something gradual that we move towards over time. He has his ways, he has his ideas and his mentality, so we’re just trying to adapt to that now

[Shockwaves reverberated across the football world on Tuesday night as Pochettino was sacked, and Mourinho was appointed just 11 hours later] It was a crazy few days. We found out that night through the club. There were a lot of emotions after being together for such a long time - that’s normal. Was I able to say goodbye? Yes, it was important for me and everyone. I think everyone did it in their own way. I spoke to him and the coaching staff and it was good

2020 03 03 Retrieve

[Eric Dier is hoping to reap the benefits of moving to a central defensive role at Tottenham, a position he claims is his strongest] As I’ve said, centre-back is a position where I see my future, where I think I can be the best I can be, but every opportunity I get to play I’m really happy with and I always try to show my qualities. Ultimately, though, it doesn’t really matter how well you play individually if you’re losing

This year I’ve been fine, I haven’t really had a problem health-wise, it’s just getting game time really - other than that, from a health point of view, I think I’ve been okay this season. That consistency of playing is what everyone wants but it’s up to us as individuals to perform in the right way to deserve it

Eric played very well. The thinking was Davinson [Sanchez] and [Japhet] Tanganga are the two fastest central defenders that we have. Eric is the one who by nature is a midfield player so playing in the middle between those centre backs is the one who is normally more comfortable to step up, he’s more comfortable with reading the game and passing

They played well, especially Eric was very, very good and sometimes you concede goals and you blame goalkeepers and defenders. Other times you concede goals and it is a global situation and I think it was when it comes from a transition. Sometimes when it comes from behind midfield I think it’s not about them

2020 03 06 Retrieve

[Is Eric Dier fan fracas a symptom of bigger issues?] What happened was clear. What happened… almost nothing. So I think he’s ready [against Burnley at the weekend]

2020 04 23 Retrieve

[Tottenham midfielder Eric Dier has been charged by the Football Association after he charged into the crowd to confront a supporter after their FA Cup defeat to Norwich City] Eric Dier has been charged with misconduct. It is alleged that the Tottenham Hotspur midfielder’s actions at the conclusion of the FA Cup fixture against Norwich City on Wednesday March 4 were improper and/or threatening