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Erik Lamela
Gender Male
Ethnic Argentinian
Job Argentinian Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Argentina National Team
Club as Player Tottenham

2018 10 06 Retrieve

[Erik Lamela heaps praise on Lionel Messi after Barcelona defeated Tottenham Hotspur] Lionel Messi is incredible, he proves this in every game, not just here. It was a very difficult game for us, they have world-class attacking players and they control possession, there is so much quality. In that situation, they make you run a lot and it can be draining when it is on this level

2019 05 28 Retrieve

[Erik Lamela says he is ready to put an injury-ravaged season behind him and make history with Tottenham by lifting the Champions League trophy in Madrid] I’m feeling good. I still have a few more days to train after tomorrow to arrive in the best condition. We’ve prepared well. We’ve trained hard and we are ready mentally and physically. It’s been good for the team. It’s been a difficult [season]. When I pick up a new injury, with everything that I’ve lived through in my career now with the injuries, it’s difficult. It’s part of the game no? Sometimes it happens to me, sometimes to other players. I hope now to enjoy this game because it’s like a present I’ve been given after such a difficult period I’ve been through. I’m preparing myself to give my best. The last two months I’ve finished the season with just the last two games and it’s been hard. The last part of the season is the most important, no? But now it’s an opportunity we need to take. We talk among ourselves that it’s a great opportunity to be in the history of this club and that’s what we want. We’re trying to arrive in the best condition, the best feeling and I think I am confident we’re going to play a very good game.

[Lamela thinks it is the indomitable belief of the players that has carried the team to Madrid] Of course, we always believed. This team always fights and all the players believe. Now in the final, we believe more than ever

2019 07 14 Retrieve

[Erik Lamela thinks his Tottenham teammate Juan Foyth proved his character with Argentina at the Copa America this summer] He’s a young player who always wants to train hard and play. He always shows very good character and I’m so happy for him - what a way to finish the season! It’s important for him. He’s young and developing well. He still has a lot of time. I’m so happy for him and will always try to help him as much as I can. To be there, the pressure is big in Argentina. The team always has to win. Juan has big character and I believe in him. He is a player who is always confident, I can see that in every training session, in every game. I hope it’s the start of his career in the national team

2020 07 18 Retrieve

[Erik Lamela interview: Tottenham midfielder is the last of the magnificent seven] Honestly, I did not think I would stay this many years. But now I feel very good. I am enjoying it, I feel motivated and I feel part of the team here. I love the people at the training ground. I am almost one of the longest players to be here, no? We know that we have to play in the Europa League. It is very important for the club, for the fans and for the players. For everyone here